TINA V0C002: Cheeky Little Boy

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“Human?” As a robot with a built-in super-brain, Alpha completed the speech recognition action in only 0.0000001 seconds.

He quickly changed his voice to the Ancient Earth language used by the little boy then Alpha picked up the little boy with two fingers.

The weight of the boy was almost negligible for Alpha. Alpha carried him high in front of his eyes, and the little guy’s big red eyes met Alpha’s dark screen.

With no nervousness or fear in his eyes, the little guy didn’t care about his suspended body at all. Instead, because of Alpha’s movements, he was very happy to find that he was closer to Alpha. He stretched out a dry little hand then tightly hugged Alpha’s head…

At that moment, Alpha had no idea that what he received was a hug.

The head was a very important position for Alpha so he instinctively threw the little guy. Although he didn’t use much strength, the little boy still fell hard. Alpha didn’t move, and the robots behind him also stood motionless.

The little boy was thrown out just like this.

Alpha’s lightest strength was still too much for him, and all the robots heard the grunt when he landed. The tiny body rolled several times on the ground, before lying still.

“Is he dead?” Eta tilted his head.

“No, he didn’t die, but he’s bleeding. For a juvenile human of this size, his current bleeding volume has exceeded the 2.35% range of minor injuries.” As a reconnaissance model, robot Pi still gave an accurate report even though he’s far away.

Then, they continued to remain silent.

As the alphabet series robots are created as combat models, they knew all the ways to kill humans, so they didn’t have the common sense to save humans.

The little boy laid motionless on the ground while the robots motionlessly watched him. The two sides confronted each other in this strange posture for a long time.

Until the little boy finally woke up.

When he got up from the ground, the little guy saw a big hole in the knee of his trousers. He held the trousers distressedly for a long time, then found that he was dizzy and blankly reached out. He touched his forehead with a small hand and when he saw the blood staining his hand, he was stunned for a moment before crying loudly.

He cried very aggrievedly while looking in the direction of Alpha and the others. After a long while and discovering that they’re still indifferent, he actually took a few steps in their direction!

What the hell is this human being doing? ←The robots didn’t understand what the little boy was thinking at this moment.

Actually, the little boy just instinctively behaved as he would to an adult.

Why didn’t they pick him up?

The little guy’s heart was very wronged~

After a long while, Sigma was the first to move. As soon as he got out of the spacecraft, he went through a series of changes. He still hadn’t had time to remove his legs from the spacecraft! Without his legs, he had to “walk” in front of the child with his arms.

Cautiously approaching the human being flooded with tears, Sigma gently poked the human body with his finger.

So soft...this is a first for Sigma.

Then he was surrounded by a lump of softness.

After someone finally approached him, the little boy twisted and his little body fell on Sigma.

Sigma’s dark screen quickly flashed through layer after layer of blue lights. It wasn’t long since he was created and his mind hadn’t been instilled with the information he should know, so he had no way of finding out the correct response to the current situation from his “brain”.

“What should I do?” Turning his head, Sigma asked.

“Wa——” The little boy’s cry abruptly stopped. With snot hanging off his nose, the little boy’s red and swollen eyes met Sigma’s dark screen and very seriously told Sigma: “At this time, you have to hug me!”

He opened his soft little arms, showing Sigma the correct hugging movement.

“In addition to hugging, you also have to say——” He strenuously held Sigma. Not only did he demonstrate the movements, but the little guy also told him the words that matched the movements! “Good boy, you’re a man, so don’t cry!”

And so, like a robot that had just been turned on, Sigma got his first instruction from a human.

“Good boy, you’re a man, so don’t cry!” He awkwardly raised his robotic arms and carefully calculated the strength that can hold the other person without hurting him. Sigma then gave the little boy a very solemn “hug.”

The little boy also accepted Sigma’s hug very solemnly. With his thin arms resting on Sigma’s cold arms, he sucked his nose, then said the following line smoothly, “En, Mu Gen is a good baby, Mu Gen doesn’t cry!”

He used the dirty back of his hands to wipe his eyes, his dirty face becoming even dirtier, but also brighter without the tears.

The little boy then gave Sigma a big smile.

Then he stood up.

He patted the dirt on his butt and looked back at the similarly dirty Sigma, so he also helped Sigma pat the dirt.

“Dad! Mu Gen’s belly is so hungry!” Not minding the wound on his forehead at all, the little boy just asked Sigma to blow on the wound and that would get rid of it.

Although he’s thin and dirty, his physical strength was obviously good. The most important thing was that his skin was very thick and being thrown away didn’t make him afraid of Alpha at all. On the contrary, it didn’t take long before he stood up and ran back to Alpha again, tiptoeing and stuffing his little hand between Alpha’s fingers, then saying his request boldly.

“…” After meeting this human, Alpha felt that his hard drive wasn’t enough.

Uh, hungry, meaning he wanted to eat.

The meaning of this sentence was probably the same as when they needed to recharge when they run out of energy…right?

Alpha immediately called up the relevant information from his “brain”.

It’s a pity that he’s not a domestic robot. He knew how to make a machine for producing energy in emergencies, but he didn’t know how to charge humans.

Grasped by the little hand, Alpha gave orders to his companion without looking back.

“Eta, you will feed this human.”

Alpha, who was manufactured as a leader, instinctively handed over the problems that he could not solve to his companions.

So this time, it was Eta’s turn to freeze.

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The author has something to say:

Came back late after working overtime.

Too late to update.

I hope everyone saw this chapter after waking up.

TINA V0C001: Dead Sea Emperor's Tomb
TINA V0C003: Sigma's Collection

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