TINA V0C002: Cheeky Little Boy

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“Human?” As a robot with a built-in super brain, Alpha completed the action of language recognition in 0.0000001 seconds.

Swiftly converting his emitted voice to the ancient Earth language used by the little boy, Alpha picked up the little guy with two fingers.

The weight of the little boy was almost negligible for Alpha, who lifted him up high to his own eye level, the little boy’s red, big eyes directly meeting Alpha’s luminescent screen.

There was not a trace of nervousness or fear in his eyes. The little boy didn’t care about being suspended in the air; in fact, due to Alpha’s action, he was happy to find himself closer to Alpha. Stretching out his dry little palm, he actually hugged Alpha’s head tightly…

At that moment, Alpha didn’t understand that he was being embraced.

The head was an important part for Alpha, and instinctively, he threw the little boy away. Although he didn’t use much force, the little boy still fell hard. Alpha didn’t move, nor did the robots around him.

The little boy was thus thrown out.

Even Alpha’s lightest touch was terrifying for him, and the robots all heard the thud of his landing. The small body rolled several times on the ground and then lay still.

“Is he dead?” Eta cocked its head.

“No, he is not dead, but he is bleeding. For a juvenile human of his size, the amount of blood loss has exceeded the minor injury range by 2.35%.” As a scout robot, Pi, even from a distance, still provided an accurate report.

Then, they continued to maintain silence.

As combat robots created in the Alphabet series, they knew all the ways to kill humans but had no knowledge of how to aid them.

The little boy lay motionless on the ground, while the robots stood motionless beside him, both parties bizarrely confronting each other in this posture for a long time.

Until the little boy finally woke up.

Getting up from the ground, the little one immediately saw a big tear on the knee of his trousers, and clutching his pants with distress, he tried for a long time to close the tear but couldn’t. Feeling dizzy, the little boy reached out to touch his forehead and, seeing the blood on his hand, he was startled at first and then burst into loud crying.

He cried very pitifully, looking in the direction of Alpha and the others while crying, and after a while realizing that they remained indifferent, he even moved a few steps towards them!

What exactly is this human doing ← the robots couldn’t comprehend the little boy’s thoughts at the moment.

Actually, the little boy was instinctively seeking the comfort of an adult. 

Why won’t they pick him up already?

The little guy felt extremely wronged—

After a while, it was Sigma who moved first. He had been through a series of events as soon as he left the spaceship, and he hadn’t even had time to detach his legs from the ship! Without legs, he had to “walk” on his arms to the child.

Carefully approaching the human engulfed in a sea of tears, Sigma gently poked the human’s body with his finger.

So soft… that was Sigma’s first impression.

Then he was engulfed in softness.

Finally, someone was paying attention to him. The little boy twisted his body and plastered himself onto Sigma.

Sigma’s luminescent screen rapidly flashed through layers of blue light. Having just been born not long ago and not yet filled with the amount of information he was supposed to learn, he had no way to find the correct method to deal with the current situation from his “brain.”

“What should I do?” Tilting his head, Sigma voiced his question.

“Wuu—” The little boy’s crying stopped abruptly, and with a long string of snot, his swollen, red eyes met Sigma’s luminescent screen. Very seriously, he said to Sigma, “At this time, you should hug me!”

Opening his soft little arms, he demonstrated the correct way to hug for Sigma.

“In addition to hugging, you also have to say this—” Struggling to embrace Sigma, the little guy not only demonstrated the action but also the accompanying words. “Good baby, you are a brave boy, don’t cry!”

Thus, as a newly activated robot, Sigma finally learned his first command being imparted from a human.

“Good baby, you are a brave boy, don’t cry!” Clumsily lifting his mechanical arm and carefully calculating the force that could embrace the other party without harming him, Sigma gave the little boy a very solemn “hug.”

The little boy solemnly accepted Sigma’s embrace. His thin arms tried hard to rest on Sigma’s cold arms. He sniffed back his runny nose and then successfully delivered the next line, “Mm, Mu Gen is a good baby, Mu Gen won’t cry!”

With his dirty hands, he wiped his eyes fiercely, smearing his already unclean face even dirtier, but his eyes that had been washed by tears were brighter.

The little boy gave Sigma a big smile.

Then, he stood up.

Patting the dirt off his backside and looking back at the equally dirty Sigma, he even helped Sigma pat off some dirt.

“Daddy! Mu Gen is so hungry!” Not minding the bump on his forehead, the little boy only had Sigma blow on the wound and then quickly moved on.

He might be thin and dirty, but his energy was evidently good. Most importantly, his skin seemed quite thick; being thrown aside didn’t make him fearful of Alpha at all. Instead, shortly after standing up, he ran back to Alpha’s side, tiptoeing to stuff his little hand into Alpha’s fingers, and robustly stated his demand.

“…” Since encountering this human, Alpha felt his hard drive was not enough.

Hungry, feeling hunger in the stomach, wanting to eat.

The meaning of this phrase is probably similar to the principle that they need recharging when their energy is exhausted… right?

Alpha immediately called up relevant data from his “brain.”

Unfortunately, he was not a domestic robot; he knew how to make emergency mechanical energy sources, but he had no idea how to recharge humans.

Stiffly being held by the little hand, Alpha commanded his companions without turning back.

“Eta, you will feed this human.”

As the robot leader created to command, Alpha instinctively delegated the problem he couldn’t solve to his companion.

And so, it was Eta’s turn to freeze. ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

The author has something to say:

I came back from overtime work late

The update is also late

I hope that you are reading this after waking up

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