TINA V0C003: Sigma’s Collection

TINA V0C002: Cheeky Little Boy
TINA V0C004: Strange Robot

Not knowing what to do with this miniature human, Alpha picked up the little boy and handed him to Sigma.

“Look after him.” He only said these words.

The little boy and Sigma nodded at the same time.

“…” Alpha went silent.

However, it seemed a better idea to let them take care of each other!

That’s all~

His “brain” quickly came to that conclusion as Alpha’s dark screen flickered.

For Alpha, there are obviously more important things to do. Why did this human appear here suddenly? Is this a gathering place for humans? What’s the specific situation of this planet...there were too many things for him to explore and analyze. With robots other than Eta, Alpha quickly evacuated.

“Epsilon, keep up.” Just as they left, Alpha commanded without turning his head. Just as his voice fell, the dilapidated spacecraft that’s parked on the ground suddenly deformed: the sleek hull quickly separated as countless mechanical parts got re-organized and re-constructed, turning into a huge robot!

“Yes.” The huge robot (still tattered ==///) replied muffledly, and then followed Alpha and the others with heavy steps.

( ⊙ o ⊙)←the little boy’s expression immediately changed to this.

( ⊙ o ⊙)←if possible, Sigma’s expression will probably be like this too.

“My legs…and buttocks.” With his arms propping his lower body, he chased Epsilon for two steps. Sigma wanted to immediately remove his embedded legs and buttocks from Epsilon, but he immediately thought of Alpha’s command.

Looking at the human behind him, this is Alpha’s second task for him!

His screen let out a frustrated flash, and when Sigma was about to “walk” back using his arms, he suddenly felt caught by something.

“Look after you!” A pair of big, glittering eyes looked at him. It was Mu Gen, who was equally dedicated to his task and came to arrest him.

So the two returned to looking after each other. →_→ ←_←

During this period, the groaning sound from Mu Gen’s stomach didn’t stop from beginning to end, but he’s obviously good at dealing with this situation. To divert his attention and feel less hungry, Mu Gen began to count how many grumbles his stomach made. For a kid of his age, he counted very well and accurately from one to fifty.

However, he can only count to fifty since his dad hadn’t taught him what comes after fifty.

When he counted halfway, Mu Gen heard the grumbling sounds more and more frequently, and he soon counted to fifty. He raised his head blankly. The little guy finally realized that the grumbling sound didn’t just come from his stomach, since there’s also a continuous rumbling sound from under Sigma’s belly. The sound was frequent and strange.

Not understanding that it was an urgent warning bell that represented the countdown phase of the self-destruct program, Mu Gen knelt under Sigma and approached two steps.

“What’s under your belly?” After all, he’s a child so Mu Gen was full of curiosity that he should have at this age.

Sigma’s answer was to lift his belly. ==///

A robot’s abdomen can be opened, and there’s foldable storage space inside. They’d put necessary items in it and in many cases, some special type robots will store body parts in it.

As Sigma was taken directly from the production line by his companions, his storage space was very empty and only had some interesting garbage he collected along the way.

It’s rubbish in the eyes of others but for Sigma, who didn’t understand anything, those are his unique treasures.

Hearing the little boy ask him, Sigma immediately took out his treasures.

There were three rocks, four tomatoes, and a few potatoes that looked similar to rocks. He dug them all out and after a while, Sigma actually took out three eggs from his stomach!

Mu Gen’s eyes looked straight at it!!!!!

The little guy immediately ran to a place not far away. He neatly dug a hole in the ground, took out a small box from below after a while, and quickly rummaged through the box, looking for something. He quickly found what he wanted.

That’s a book——

Cautiously holding the book in his arms, Mu Gen ran back again.

Kneeling again in front of Sigma, the little guy cautiously put the book on his knees. The book in his hand was very old, but obviously well protected. Apart from the traces left by time, there’s no other trace of damage.

After wiping his dirty hands on his clothes, the little boy opened the book in his lap. He was obviously familiar with the book as he turned to one of the pages then pointed at something on the page with his short finger. Mu Gen looked at Sigma with bright eyes.

“T-this is a tomato, right?”

Looking at where the little guy pointed, Sigma really saw a picture of a round tomato…in that book.

The book that the little guy thought of as a treasure was a children’s literacy book that’s full of pictures. The pictures also use various Earth letters to indicate the pronunciation and writing of the things in the picture.

Before this, Sigma had no idea what these things were, but with the little boy’s hint, he immediately found the corresponding information for “tomatoes” in his “brain”.

The content in Sigma’s brain was copied from his companions. The first time he used it, Sigma was a bit unskilled in rummaging through it, but fortunately, he still found the content he wanted.

In the Ancient Earth language, tomato (fanqie) and tomahto (xihongshi) both refer to a kind of red fruit or vegetable. There was a picture of this kind of food in his “brain” and after careful confirmation, Sigma nodded.

Learning new knowledge, Sigma was very happy.

“That! Is that a potato?” The little boy was happier than him. He quickly flipped through the literacy book in his hand, and when he turned to another page, he pointed it to Sigma again.

Potato (tudou), also known as potahto (malingshu) or peanut in some areas, is a very convenient food to grow.

Sigma immediately found the corresponding answer in his own “brain”.


The little boy looked at Sigma with admiration:

“You’re amazing!”

“…” Not knowing what to say at this time, Sigma could only tilt his head in a daze, then honestly said: “My companions and I met some humans on the way and they threw this at me.”

The news of the escape of several military robots was leaked as soon as it happened. People, controlled by public opinion, were full of fear and disgust towards these robots, so it didn’t take long for them to be discovered. Many angry human beings vented their anger against them.

Throwing eggs and tomatoes are still light since they even encountered armored shells.

Sigma was very careful and put away the things thrown at him, even putting them in his stomach.

He’d just been born into this world, so Sigma didn’t understand the insults in those humans’ actions. However, in front of him, this human named Mu Gen called him very powerful.

So what happened before must be a good thing, right?

And so, Sigma’s dark screen flashed a warm red.

The stomach of the human being in front of him continued to grumble, indicating that he’s “hungry”, so Sigma quickly found the relevant explanation in his “brain”.

Uh, hungry, need to eat.

Tomatoes, potatoes, eggs are all food.

So Sigma took his collection to Mu Gen.

“Give it to you.” Robots were meant to serve humans. Since the human in front of him was hungry, he had to provide him with food.

Even if that food was his precious collection.

Faced with the delivered delicious food, the hungry little guy finally couldn’t resist the temptation. He carefully picked the smallest tomato from Sigma, then gobbled it up.

When the little guy was eating the tomato, Sigma held the food in his hands and stood quietly while watching him eat.

The three-year-old young body, together with the half-length robot, whose legs and buttocks were taken away by his companion, had their height and atmosphere exceptionally harmonious.

The author has something to say:

We can say that the gong didn’t appear yet…

This time…I want to write something that I’ve never written before


TINA V0C002: Cheeky Little Boy
TINA V0C004: Strange Robot

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