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Pi is a scout-type robot whose main task was to search, detect, identify, and sneak attack enemy targets. Pi is small in size and uses a variety of stealth technologies and has a high level of invisibility when manufactured.

At this time, he’s walking at the forefront of the team. Although it seemed like he’s walking, the probe built into his body had spread out in corrugated layers with his body as the center of the circle. The terrain within a one-kilometer radius is presented three-dimensionally in Pi’s brain.

Pi simultaneously shared the image data he collected with his peers via the local area network.

All evidence proved a fact: This is an extremely desolate planet. The soil is barren and there are no traces of other human activities.

In this case, the appearance of that young human was even more abrupt.

Without any adults beside him, how did he survive the harsh environment on this planet alone? In the information sent by his companion, Alpha noticed the existence of a beast, a huge beast that exists outside of his database that’s living in groups on this planet and definitely carnivores.

Alpha’s dark screen shone a wavy blue light.

The increasingly rapid warning sound in his body ceased to remind him all the time. At this time, it was only 8 minutes and 4 seconds until the self-destruct program officially started.

At this moment, Pi suddenly said: “A suspicious target found 800 meters ahead at ten o’clock! The risk factor is 1! Do you need me to clear the suspicious target?”

“Let’s take a look.” Putting his doubts about the young human into the task queue for the time being, Alpha’s attention at the moment was completely attracted by the suspicious target discovered by the scout:

That’s a robot!

Alpha originally judged that this very backward planet had no advanced technology, but a robot suddenly appeared, so how could he not care?

The five robots immediately rushed to the target with the fastest speed.

From the moment the robot entered the explorable range, Pi immediately scanned it from top to bottom and from outside to inside.

“…target robot’s body is completely forged from stainless steel. This material is the mainstream material for the first generation of robots. It was abandoned as early as 780 years ago when the second generation was manufactured…”

“There’s no weapon or equipment inside or outside the robot. The possibility of the target being a combat robot is ruled out…the internal parts show serious wear and tear…”

While advancing at full speed, Pi reported the results of the second scan of the target robot. As a result, before they met the other party, Alpha and his team already had a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the situation of this strange robot.

However, when they actually saw it, they still crashed for 0.1 milliseconds.

Although they knew that this robot is an old antique, it’s a bit too antique.

It’s completely different from the Alphabet Series Robots, which had a uniform body color. There’s no metal of the same color on the whole body of this robot and it looked pieced together at first glance.

Even the mechanical arm was missing and don’t know who repaired it, but the missing arm was replaced with wooden material.


It’s completely beyond the scope of logical calculation——the robots headed by Alpha thought in unison.

At the feet of this strange pieced together junk that could hardly be called a robot, was a slightly new basket that rolled down with a large ball stuffed inside.

Its legs also fell. Although it was very old and torn, it could be seen that the reason for his leg falling off was not that it fell off while walking, but it was forcibly ripped off by an external force.

Not far away, they found the ripped limbs of the robot. Alpha carefully looked at the tooth marks on it and determined that the culprit was the large beast that appeared in the image sent earlier.

The robot was attacked by a beast, but the opponent soon discovered that the prey wasn’t delicious at all and threw him here.

“Let’s get out of here.” Throwing the mechanical stump in his hand to the ground, Alpha’s emotionless voice sounded again.

Even though they’re all robots, Alpha didn’t sympathize with it at all. Such primitive robots should not have any intelligence at all. They just exist as machines, so they can’t communicate at all.

However, something more outside the category of Alpha’s logic happened——

“Good day, hello.”

Just when Alpha and the others turned and left, an untimely greeting clearly came from their feet.

The unique voice of a robot came from this pieced-together robot!

Alpha stopped all of a sudden.

The model of this robot was too primitive. There’s no network on its body and it can’t communicate with other robots using brain waves, so it could only talk to its own kind through human means like speaking.

“Hello, may I ask if you’re also a robot?”

The broken limb didn’t make the robot feel pain, so his voice sounded calm.

“Yes.” Alpha turned around and looked down at the robot that’s almost falling apart on the ground. The part where the other party spoke was from the head. Compared to other parts of the body, the head of this robot was the most complete.

Alpha felt it’s a little strange.

He thought that a robot with no intelligence at all shouldn’t be able to actively communicate with him. This is very strange!

“Hello, my kind, I haven’t seen you here before. Did you just come here?” Not only was he actively communicating, but his logic was also very clear.

“Yes,” Alpha answered him truthfully.

“I have lived on this planet for five hundred years, and all the data here is stored in my mind. Since my hard disk is not large enough, only part of it was stored, while some of it was stored on another hard disk in other places.”

“I can give all this to you.”

He said something like that. Due to the unique bluntness of a robot’s voice, his words sounded plain, without a trace of emotion nor any inclinations.

But Alpha still heard the subtext.

“Giving me such precious information, what do you want in exchange?”

Epsilon and the others might not be able to hear it yet, but Alpha, who has dealt with humans the most, immediately heard that the other party wanted to ask something in exchange.

“I hope you can take care of a human being for me after I break down.” No matter how clever the words were, the other party was still a robot, so he spoke very honestly about his terms of exchange.

“A human named Mu Gen, four years, seven months, and three days old this year. You can retrieve his image data from my hard drive later. I hope you can take care of him after I break down.”

It’s still that cold mechanical sound, but it sounded different from the usual mechanical sound.

“He’s a very good human being and won’t waste a lot of your energy.”

“Did you come here with other humans? If so, please give Mu Gen to other humans. If not, surely you also need to find a human to be your master, right?”

“Mu Gen would be a good master. He’s the best human I’ve ever seen.”

The robot continued to speak, the noise in his voice increasing. If what he said at the beginning was very logical, then what he said next would be utterly illogical.

It’s simply something that only humans can say——Alpha tilted his head.

“Please.” He ended with that word and the tattered robot motionlessly looked at Alpha.

The red light disappeared from his eyes and he didn’t make any more sounds.

In human terms, he’s dead.

In robot terms, he’s broken.

“It just ran out of gas.” Picking up the broken robot and inspecting it, Alpha told Epsilon: “Take all the things on the ground then we’ll go back to the original place.”

“Yes,” Epsilon responded with a monotone voice, then dutifully put away all the parts of the strange robot on the ground, even putting away the basket beside it.

The four robots quickly returned.

At this time, there were only three minutes before the self-destruct program started.

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TINA V0C003: Sigma's Collection
TINA V0C005: Born For You

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  1. The robots seem nice!
    Imagine being left on a desert planet for so many centuries! I wonder if these robots’ settings allow them to “learn” to be human by interacting with the little boy.
    The robot who ran out of fuel seems nice :3 I hope he’s alright!

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