TINA V0C005: Born For You

TINA V0C004: Strange Robot
TINA V0C006: A's Memories

“The only chance to live is the human named Mu Gen.” While rapidly moving, Alpha’s brain was also running at high speed, thinking about what the robot said before he ran out of oil.

He thought that the suggestion made by the robot was good.

However, humans ordinarily will only accept one robot. How to make the other party accept their group of robots at the same time has become Alpha’s top priority at this moment.

Suddenly, a huge ferocious beast appeared in front of them!

Covered with gray-black, rock-like thick and hard scales, a nose that has a sharp horn about two meters long, a dinosaur-like body, and the appearance of a rhinoceros, it’s the planet’s top predator they observed before!

More ferocious than it looks in the image, this beast didn’t appear out of thin air, but only appeared here to chase the prey ahead.

“Eta asks for help! Eta asks for help! Please cooperate with me to subdue this prey!” The “prey” running in front of the beast was the one ordered by Alpha to provide food to the young human.

Among the group, Eta’s abilities are relatively balanced, but his guardian function was more emphasized. Sacrificing firepower, he’s responsible for blocking as much enemy firepower as possible which is his core mission. Under the guidance of this design, Eta’s body was very sturdy and fast, but its firepower was slightly insufficient.

The information that Pi just shared was also sent to his “brain”. Eta, who was worrying about food, saw this beast at a glance. In a short period, he collected data from this beast, and the analysis system in his body told him that the flesh and blood of this beast can be provided as food for human consumption.

Eta immediately went to catch this beast as if he found a treasure.

It’s a pity that when he fought the other, he found himself in trouble:

The opponent’s skin was too thick and it didn’t run slower than him. The weapons equipped in Eta’s body could only hurt the opponent, but if he wanted to kill the opponent, his firepower’s too lacking.

He just realized this when the unknown beast also thought: Why is this guy’s skin so thick! Even if it’s strong, how can it run as fast as me? I bit the guy but the other party didn’t feel much pain, while my teeth hurt!

I can’t kill you, you can’t bite me. I can’t catch up to you and you can’t get rid of me...one person and one beast stood at a stalemate until Eta sent the information to his companions and led the unknown beast in front of his companions.

“Request received, Beta is ready to support. Epsilon, a 175mm direct anti-mecha laser cannon——” A stereotypical mechanical voice rang from behind Alpha. It was the mentioned Beta, who hadn’t said anything——he’s the core firepower output player of the team, and is proficient in the precise operation of all weapons. Beta is a mobile fort-like existence and two-thirds of the weight in Epsilon’s body was used to help him carry various weapon supplies!

The moment he said these words, a hole suddenly opened from Epsilon’s abdomen behind him and he quickly took out the weapon that Beta just ordered. Epsilon then handed it to Beta’s hand.

“The weapon is in place, and the hunt begins——”

Expressionlessly saying so, Beta put the laser cannon handed over by Epsilon on his shoulder. Against the backdrop of the huge barrel, Beta’s body became slimmer, but his hand was very stable. As the last syllable fell, he immediately activated the laser cannon on his shoulder!

A 175mm laser emitted straight from the barrel, and straight through the mouth of the unknown beast, going through its teeth and claws and burning a channel of the same thickness in its body.

The beast that had been chasing Eta for a long time died just like this.

“Weapon energy has been exhausted.” Unloading the laser cannon on his shoulders and handing it to Epsilon, Beta silently took a step back, and the small Beta was once again hidden behind the tall silhouettes of his companions.

“There is still one minute and fifty seconds left.” Touching his chest, Alpha lifted Eta who was sitting on the ground: “Take the food you found back to the human being.”

The hunting mission delayed their return, and also delayed the robots requesting the human to accept them. Now they only have a few dozen seconds left, and Alpha had given up resistance.

He didn’t want to blame Eta since Eta just performed his task. Compared to his own life, Eta chose to give priority to the task of “providing the human with food” that he issued.

This is where robots are stubborn and rigid.

As a species made for humans, perhaps robots are born to love and serve humans, right?

So Eta chose to perform his task first, and Beta also chose to perform his task first, and Epsilon chose to provide Beta with the weapon…

Even he…is the same, right?

So at the last moment of their lives, several robots dragged the giant unknown beast to the original place.

At the same time, Mu Gen just finished eating the little tomatoes. He still felt a little hungry, but he was embarrassed to ask Sigma for food again. While his stomach was still grumbling, several robots dragged the giant beast back, and the old robot dragged by Epsilon also came back with them.

“Dad!” Unsurprisingly, Mu Gen’s entire attention was on the tattered robot.

“He just has no energy. We filled him with new supplementary energy, which he had never used before, so after a period of adaptation, he will restart.” Explaining the situation of the robot to the young human, he found that the little boy didn’t take the initiative to grab his hand this time, and Alpha felt strangely disappointed.

That little hand that rightly grasped him before touched the left palm of the robot on the ground. When he noticed the letter A engraved on that palm, Alpha suddenly understood why this human thought he was his dad before.

This young human must have mistaken the “Alpha” in his hand for the letter “A”.

The robot in the ground was in tatters. He must have often went out to find new body materials. The materials used are different each time, so he had a different appearance every time he comes back. It’s no wonder this young human will use this symbol to identify his dad.

“I am Alpha, not A.” Before leaving, Alpha said such a sentence to the little boy. In fact, he didn’t need to explain, but at that moment, he wanted to say something.

He wanted to tell someone: I am unique and I have a name.

This feeling was probably the “feelings” that humans don’t want them to have, right?

After calling Sigma, who was idly standing by, Alpha led his group of robots to turn around and leave. He didn’t know what will happen after the self-destruct program starts, but he didn’t want this human to be harmed.

After cautiously placing the few tomatoes and potatoes at the feet of the little boy, Sigma quickly crawled in the direction of his companions.

However, at this moment, a clear young voice rang behind them.

“That…you are my Dad’s brother!”

“The book says, parents will give brothers similar names. Alpha, your name is so similar to my Dad’s name, so you must be brothers!”

Uh…Alpha had no way of understanding the thinking process of this young human being. That’s completely illogical!


“You are Dad’s brother, so why are you leaving?” The expectant tone on the young human made Alpha suddenly stop.

“Sigma said that you are homeless, so why not live with us?”

“Uncle, please stay!” Spontaneously calling Alpha by the call of a relative taught in the children’s literacy book, Mu Gen loudly retained Alpha and his party who were about to leave.

The self-destruct program that was about to officially start in one second came to an abrupt end.


You said there should be light, so the world has light.

At the moment when my world was crumbling and about to be destroyed, you are like the sun, bringing me new light.

From then on, my world is born for you——

The author has something to say:

Change of topic here~

The year of the goat is here, the author dropped the first update in the year of the goat

(While watching the Spring Festival Gala, the author has enough time to code)

I hope everyone is healthy and happy in the new year.

It’s also a new year in the world of fiction, so please bear with me ^^

Happy New Year of the Goat, everyone!

Translator’s Notes:

Okay, so we have six robots: Alpha, Beta, Pi, Eta, Epsilon, and Sigma. Plus the strange robot, so there’s seven in all.

TINA V0C004: Strange Robot
TINA V0C006: A's Memories

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  1. God I was so worried~ ε=o(´ロ`||) I didn’t know the “little brother” in the synopsis was referring to Sigma so I thought someone was bouta die =͟͟͞͞(꒪ᗜ꒪ ‧̣̥̇)

  2. I felt really sad, an identity is one of the most intangible yet important thing for a being to “exist”, at least as a concept. When I was a kid I remember the first right the teachers taught us we had was “The right to have an Identity”.
    So the fact Alpha felt that necessity to state his individuality, existence and identity is really heartbreaking, since they are so deprived of rights, they can’t even have a self, they don’t even own themselves.

  3. Glad nobody ‘died’ and the kid is not blind. Jk. 😅 Hmm.. So the self-destruct program stopped ‘cuz a human considered them all as family, is that it. 🤔🥰

    Now, I’m excited for the ML. 😍😘

    1. It stopped because they now have an owner. The self destruct program only started because there’s a law stating that all ownerless robots will be destroyed. Since they left the military, that means they don’t have an owner.

      1. Yups, I got the owner thing. But Alpha said it’s one human to one robot only, so is it that they’re considered as one family so it’s not one is to one. 🤔

      2. Good point. But considering that they just kept manufacturing robots with different functions, there must be the option of one owner having multiple robots.

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