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The robots carefully entered Mu Gen’s pheromone data into their systems. From then on, Mu Gen was their master.

“Oh oh oh~ we will be a family from now on!” Mu Gen said happily while sucking on his pierced finger.

Alpha told him that the previous step was the “claim” process. Mu Gen hadn’t learned that word yet. Fortunately, he had a Children’s Literacy Book. With the help of this book, he quickly found the word.

The “book” says that claim meant identifying and getting something. In addition, several example sentences were included, like: Xiao Ming went to the school library to “claim” a book; Xiao Mei “claimed” the lost student ID from the police uncle; Xiao Hong’s mother “claimed” Xiao Hong’s corpse from the morgue (←something seems off with this one...)

The word “claim” didn’t sound very good~ Mu Gen thought to himself, and then cleverly found another word that looked a lot like this word——”adopt”!

The “book” explained the word adopt like this: Bring other people’s children and raise them as their own children.

The small hands closed the book and the light bulb in Mu Gen’s head lit up: That’s it~

Dad said that Mu Gen isn’t born from dad, so Mu Gen’s dad isn’t his real dad, then Mu Gen, who is someone else’s child, was picked up by dad and raised as his child, t-this, this is adoption!!!

The same can be said with Uncle and the others! Mu Gen picked up an uncle and wanted them to live with him and become his uncle, so this is also adoption!

After successfully persuading himself, Mu Gen contentedly put the Children’s Literacy Book back in place and hid it.

Must give a thumbs up for Mu Gen’s flexible understanding (≧▽≦).

Then he continued to squat by his Dad’s side. The little hand tightly held Dad’s hand on the ground and curiously watched how Eta repaired Dad’s body.

Robot A, which was filled with new energy, had woken up, and Eta was reassembling his body. From Eta’s view, A’s body is really too damaged! Let alone weird materials and weird structures, the oil used is also a completely unqualified product. In this case, for Robot A to still function was a fact beyond the scope of his logical operations!

“From your body, only the head is still the original.” After scanning A’s body, Eta recalled the design drawings of the first-generation robots from his database. After careful comparison, he told the results.

“Yes, I was attacked by a local beast a year ago and my body was destroyed.” A replied to Eta very calmly. Beside them, Mu Gen nodded nervously.

“You are a labor-type robot, and you can’t hunt. Hunting A-level beasts is an illogical and wrong behavior for you.” As there was nothing to do, Beta instinctively stopped next to his new owner, Mu Gen. He heard their conversation and as a combat robot, he gave his professional opinion.

“It’s all Mu Gen’s fault. Mu Gen wants to eat meat when he’s hungry, so Dad got hurt.”

“it’s not your fault, it’s Dad that’s too useless.” The body has been separated into pieces by Eta, and only the left arm was still attached to the body. Robot A used the movable left arm to gently stroke the child’s head. Although his voice was still very mechanical, it felt completely different from before.

A bit like a human being——Eta, who was sitting on the side, tilted his head.

Beta didn’t respond, but his screen flickered before calming down.

Then they continued to overhaul A.

Mu Gen was very concerned about his Dad’s body and will ask a question from time to time. For the master, Eta answered him seriously. And between this question and answer, Eta and the others discovered that the daily maintenance of Robot A was actually done by this child! And while talking, Alpha and the others also pieced together the life of A and Mu Gen.

Mu Gen is the child left by the immigrants on this planet. And A is one of the first batches of mining robots that the immigrants brought out from Earth.

The planet called Earth started to deteriorate a long time ago. They got the help of an advanced civilization so the Earthlings began to explore ways to immigrate to other planets. With the help of the aviation technology of the aliens, they began to send out exploratory teams one after another. Some of these exploration teams successfully settled on alien planets, and some disappeared in the vast universe. No news came back from then on.

This planet was where the exploratory team that has no news finally stopped.

“The environment here is not suitable for the people on Earth to settle down, and all the offspring produced have genetic defects. In the end, they chose to start a sperm bank and an egg bank to make test-tube babies.”

Mu Gen was a human baby born in this situation.

They don’t know who his father and mother is. Not long after he was born, the last human also died. Before he died, the human entrusted him to the robots at the base.

“We had 20 mining robots at the beginning, but now I’m the only one left.”

His companions disappeared one by one, some of them broke down in the process of protecting everyone, and some of them had their service life expire and directly shutting down…until in the end, there was only Robot A left.

“Before everyone left, they left me all the intact parts they had. Whenever the parts on my body was broken, I would replace them with the parts left by my companions.” A reminisced as he shared the contents of his hard disk with Alpha and his team of robots. Through the sharing of the contents of the disk, Alpha and the others also saw those companions who were originally only in A’s memory.

A group of extremely simple robots, without any human-like appearance, only a crude metal outer body, and having no intelligence. And when danger comes, they will only use the dumbest way——sacrificing themselves to preserve the final mission given to them by mankind.

Robot A didn’t have an image delivery function, so the memory in his hard disk wasn’t complete. However, Alpha and the others were different. They can put the scenes in their own “brain” in front of the others in a three-dimensional form. When they showed the images of other robots in the hard drive, Mu Gen jumped up.

“Ah!!!! This is Uncle B! Isn’t that E?” The little guy became excited. Facing the familiar robots in his memory, he rushed over and touched air. The little guy didn’t realize what was going on and fell to the ground. Stupidly, he approached the virtual images of the familiar robots and called out each of their names.

Most of this group of robots can’t even speak. They’re the lowest-level robots. They’re not so much like robots but more like machines.

However, such a group of robots has been remembered by others.

Their names are random alphabetic letters and that’s only for the convenience of recording, not for addressing them. Their names would only be mentioned several times in their lives, but there’s a human who firmly remembers all of them!

“Uncle Z often puts me in his belly, I like Uncle Z’s belly the best!” Facing the familiar image, Mu Gen smiled happily.

He’s very smart and has a much better memory than ordinary children. He remembered many childhood things clearly in his heart.

He’s still young and A, as a robot, will not teach him what death is. However, with how precocious he is, he understood something. After reminiscing, the little child suddenly became lonely, looking at the robots in the image with nostalgia. He slowly retreated to his Dad’s side and tightly held his Dad’s hand, his little eyes becoming red as if he’s about to cry. In the end, he didn’t cry.

He’s a strong child.

“…” Epsilon tilted his head, and finally threw the frustrated Mu Gen into his stomach without saying a word.

Epsilon also has a big and comfortable belly!

This is the only comfort he could think of.

The author has something to say:

The second day of celebrating the New Year~

TINA V0C005: Born For You
TINA V0C007: Terrible Promise

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