TINA V0C007: Terrible Promise

TINA V0C006: A's Memories
TINA V0C008: The Worry of Young Mu Gen

Mu Gen got out while screaming, not from fear but from happiness.

Epsilon’s belly was so big~ There were many things that Mu Gen hadn’t seen before, but before getting Epsilon’s permission, the little guy just looked around in awe, before finally crawling out of Epsilon’s belly reluctantly.

When he came out, several robots were sitting in a group with serious expressions (←how could you tell?). They seemed to be discussing some serious issues.

Little Mu Gen, who hadn’t received the “when adults talk, children stand aside” training, had been involved in anything robot-related since he was a child, so he took the initiative to sit between his Dad and Alpha. Looking up, he began to listen to what they were talking about.

“Human families are very orderly. Since we will be a family in the future, then——I’m the eldest.” With his dark screen flickering, Alpha announced. The reference in his hand was the Children’s Literacy Encyclopedia that Mu Gen regards as a treasure. When Mu Gen was crawling out of Epsilon’s belly, he turned to the introduction of family members in this book.

“But I’m 703 years old…” A weakly pointed out his own age.

“Then I’m the second.” Beta quickly followed.

“I’m 703 years old…” Thinking that everyone hadn’t heard it, A continued to emphasize.

“I’ll be third.” This time it was Epsilon. Although he’s huge, his reaction was very fast. After all, he’s a guard robot that uses his body to resist damage for Beta at any time~

“…seven hundred and three…”

“Pi and I are fourth and fifth.” After that, Eta grabbed a position for himself and Pi.

“Then you’re the sixth.” Alpha turned his screen to the short-circuited A and gave him a position: “According to the Children’s Literacy Encyclopedia, an only child environment is not conducive to the physical and mental growth of young humans. Therefore, we need to arrange someone to act as Mu Gen’s sibling.”

As a result, everyone’s dark screens all fell on Sigma, who tried to pull on Epsilon’s thigh, trying to climb up to get his buttocks and legs.

“Sigma, from now on, you are Mu Gen’s younger brother.”

( ⊙ o ⊙) ah?

A question mark appeared on Sigma’s screen. Before he could protest, Alpha immediately issued the instruction to “prepare dinner”. Immediately pulling him off his body, Epsilon and the other robots immediately prepared dinner for Mu Gen.

Only Sigma, without his legs and butt, was left there alone, with a happy Mu Gen beside him.

“Is your name Sigma? I will be your older brother from now on!” With glittering big eyes, Mu Gen hugged Sigma affectionately.

“What is an older brother?” Sigma asked blankly. As a robot that was pulled away just after he was turned on, he lacked common sense.

“Older brother…is the one that helps younger brothers fight back after being bullied.” After thinking about it for a long time, little Mu Gen finally remembered the explanation.

“Then, help me knock Epsilon down. I want my legs and butt back.” While tilting his head, Sigma spoke.

So this time, it was Mu Gen’s turn to be stunned.

Uncle Epsilon’s belly and head are so big…h-h-he can’t beat him, o(╯□╰)o.

But he just called himself the older brother. This way, he’d lose his prestige, which is not good!

The little head quickly spun around and little Mu Gen tried to dispel Sigma’s idea:

“Look, Uncle Epsilon is our family and families don’t fight. Fighting means you’re not a good boy, so…so…” He poked his finger in front of him and Mu Gen swallowed. He carefully proposed an alternative method he came up with: “In the future, this big brother will remake you a pair of legs and butt, okay?”

“…” His head tilted again, but Sigma still agreed: “Okay, Sigma wants the longest legs and the largest butt.”

“Okay! I’ll give you the longest legs and the biggest butt.”

And so, the two new brothers made their first promise.

A very…terrible promise.

You will both regret this in the future!

The author has something to say:

A harmonious family is born~

It wouldn’t stay long in early childhood. “Going to the city” is the main point.

A bit off-topic, my Dad complained that I’m always at the computer and not with everyone anymore, so after writing this chapter, I was very cautious and sat in the middle of the family gathering.

I’ll work harder later.

The third day of celebrating the New Year!

TINA V0C006: A's Memories
TINA V0C008: The Worry of Young Mu Gen

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  1. It feels like they’re bullying the poor A… A looks quite gentle, he’s a really caring father :3 I like him a lot!
    And I feel these two brothers will be a mess together hahahaha, I’m looking forward to their shenanigans if any!

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