TINA V0C008: The Worry of Young Mu Gen

TINA V0C007: Terrible Promise
TINA V0C009: Preparation Before Departure

After 13 years ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

………………︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿………………

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿………………………………

………………………………︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿



After hammering the last part, Mu Gen took a closer look at the finished product he had just processed: This is a mechanical leg, but only shaped like one. There’s no metallic luster and the texture looked weird. If you look closely at the powder filed by Mu Gen, you’ll find that this mechanical leg was actually made with bones, and some parts are even made of wood.

“Sigma, you come and try it!” With one pull, Mu Gen reached out and grabbed the mechanical leg on the ground. Those legs are so huge that Mu Gen’s figure was so small compared to it. If anyone saw this scene, they’d doubt how Mu Gen could grab those mechanical legs.

But at this time, the group of robots next to Mu Gen had no intention of helping. They continued to do their own things, and let the two brothers mess around.

Long gone from the three heads tall body, Mu Gen is now nine heads tall, a young man with a toned body. With a grasping motion, every muscle on his body tensed, his thin waist bent into the arc of a bow, and then he bounced back vigorously. Mu Gen’s movements were extremely coordinated, and without much effort, Mu Gen threw out the mechanical legs supported by his hands with ease.

But Mu Gen regretted it just after he threw it out when he saw Sigma in the distance. The two robotic arms were holding a few eggs steadily, and Sigma seemed to have no time to catch the robotic legs he threw over.

As expected——

“Ah?” Seeing the mechanical legs that went at him like a hidden weapon in the distance, Sigma was stunned and looked at the fragile eggs in his hand. He lowered his body and used it to protect the eggs in his hand.

Accompanied by a loud impact, Sigma was hit by the huge mechanical leg. Amidst the dust, Sigma’s voice smoothly came out.


“…” Mu Gen.

You didn’t receive it, you got hit, okay?

Though he thought so, Mu Gen quickly ran over and removed the barriers, revealing Sigma at the bottom.

He first handed the eggs in his arms for Mu Gen to put away. After confirming that all the eggs are in place, Sigma stretched out two robotic arms towards Mu Gen, and the two of them pulled. Sigma smoothly fixed his robotic arms to Mu Gen’s arm and let himself be picked up.

My younger brother…must be the heaviest younger brother in the world…

Mu Gen flushed while thinking that as he pulled out Sigma.

“..and so, too long legs and too huge ass are harmful to a robot, especially the too huge butt, which is simply a burden.” Looking at the embarrassed little brothers, Pi stood by and continued to thrust the knife.

“The correct direction of robot design should take into account the robot’s model and its type of work. For example, a scout robot like me has to sacrifice most of its defense functions so that everything is light and agile. I used a streamlined design with a shielding signal coating to achieve my missions most efficiently.”

Thirteen years have passed. Thanks to the joint efforts of the younger brothers, Sigma can’t be called the robot with the longest legs and the largest butt (←Epsilon’s legs and butt are larger than his, and has a balanced proportion), but he did have the most legs and butt. From the rough wooden butt that Mu Gen made for him, to the well-polished bone butt, Sigma can now change his butt every day, and it’d be different every time. (≧▽≦)

“A big butt is good. Fortunately, my butt is big enough so, at the last moment, my ass can block all the attacks for me.” Even if he’s unbalanced he won’t let it go. This thing was made by his older brother, so Sigma hid behind his brother and retorted.

After that, he shrank his whole person behind Mu Gen again.

“That…I also think that big butts are pretty…the book says that a big butt means that you can give birth easily…” Blushing, Mu Gen also weakly helped.

Then, all the robots were speechless.

Robots and humans having big butts and long legs ←the robots led by Alpha are beginning to worry about the aesthetics of the brothers.

After thirteen years of operation, a little bit of life has appeared on this planet. The green area on the entire planet wasn’t large, but it’s enough to feed Mu Gen’s vegetarian needs. Alpha and the others also caught a lot of the horned beasts and kept them in captivity, so Mu Gen can eat fresh eggs.

For Mu Gen, life was much better these past 13 years.

In the morning, he searched for new food and materials with Sigma. In the afternoon, he learned the necessary knowledge from his Uncles. In the evening, he could play games through his Uncle’s screens. Every day was fulfilling.

However, occassionally, Mu Gen would also ask a question: Is he the last human in the world?

According to the book, 0-10 years old is the infant period, 10-18 years old is the juvenile period, and then youth, middle-aged, old-aged…

A person’s life flies so quickly, so will he get old soon?

When he’s old and dead, but Dad, Uncle, and Sigma are still young. What would they do at that time?

This is the worry of young Mu Gen.

He didn’t know that at the same time, the troubles of his robot family are a lot more than his.

The author has something to say:

After a hurried code, I’ll go out soon.

It’s the fourth day, I wish you all happiness.

TINA V0C007: Terrible Promise
TINA V0C009: Preparation Before Departure

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