TINA V0C009: Preparation Before Departure

TINA V0C008: The Worry of Young Mu Gen
TINA V0C010: Parents Still Worry

While the brothers were doing their own things outside, Alpha gathered the other robots for a meeting.

These robots have no experience in raising humans, so as Mu Gen grew up, they’d have meetings like this from time to time. If there are any problems during Mu Gen’s growth, everyone will discuss and search for relevant experiences from their hard drives. They made progress together and improved together.

Their mission now was to train little Mu Gen to become a good young man with comprehensive development of “morality, intelligence, physical, beauty, and labor”. As for why this goal was set, Alpha said it was summed up from the human books in Mu Gen’s collection.

After recognizing Mu Gen as their master, letting their master grow up healthy and happy has become the only task for these robots at this stage. They have no information about educating humans in their “brains”, so they inferred relevant information from the existing information. Fortunately, the humans who migrated here had the goal of immigrating, so they brought a lot of books. The Earth version of human textbooks is available from kindergarten to a doctor’s degree. It took one hour to input these materials into their own “brains”, then these robots performed their duties.

Although Mu Gen is a bit “dumb” and his receptive ability isn’t very good, these robots are full of patience. With much fear and trepidation, it took them thirteen years to completely instill the human teaching materials from kindergarten to doctoral degree into Mu Gen’s mind.

At this moment, these robots are holding the exam papers that Mu Gen handed in yesterday, and they’re making the final judgment on his scores.

These robots are so successful at following the local customs! They actually managed to imitate the test system of the Earthlings!

If you think about it in another way, going to an alien planet and becoming the only one alive一一little Mu Gen, who still had to take exams, really had it tough.

“If he passes this exam, Mu Gen can graduate.” Holding a test paper, Eta’s dark screen flashed one big wave after another. Mu Gen’s mathematics scores are really not good. As his mathematics teacher, Eta was really tortured.

“Yes.” A wave also flashed across Beta’s dark screen. For Beta, who always had little emotional ups and downs, this was a manifestation of his emotions.

With their heads together, they looked at Mu Gen’s test papers and finally determined his test results.

“I announce that Mu Gen can finally graduate from kindergarten.” The head of the family and the principal——Alpha finally summarized.

Papapa, the robots clapped in relief.

In the process of educating Mu Gen, they also learned a lot of common sense about human beings. They should applaud when they’re excited. This is what they learned in the books of Earthlings.


Did Alpha say graduating from kindergarten? Didn’t the things they taught Mu Gen from the Earthlings’ textbooks from kindergarten to Ph.D.? Why did he graduate from kindergarten?! Alpha, there’s something wrong with your program!!!

The student’s parent——Robot A immediately objected to the Principal’s judgment.

“According to the results of me invading the intellectual brain behind the Imperial Ministry of Education these days, the textbooks for doctoral students of Earthlings are only equivalent to the kindergarten graduation level prescribed by the Imperial Ministry of Education.” Instead of Alpha, Pi answered A’s question: “Furthermore, based on Mu Gen’s test results, there’s no possibility of going to the next level of school.”

In short, the child has graduated, but his grades are too poor to go to elementary.

This is the most annoying problem for the robot parents present. ==////

The child has worked very hard, but his grades were still so poor. At this time, according to the remarks on the teaching materials for parents on Earth, it’s time for the parents to show their magic. ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

For example, take the exam for an art student~ Being an athlete has extra points~ And another example was stuffing money to the leader~

The above is the method that normal parents on Earth would think of at this point. Unfortunately, the group of parents right now was a bunch of robots with no common sense, so the method they could think of is:

“According to the information obtained from the intellectual brain behind the Imperial Ministry of Education, candidates from remote planets can get a chance for a recommendation.” Pi immediately shared the fruits of his labor after hacking the Imperial Ministry of Education with his anxious companions.

So the dark screens of all robots flashed at the same time: That’s it.

“As the only human on this planet, Mu Gen met this rule.” Beta came to a very domineering conclusion.

“However, this planet is in the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb, and it hasn’t been discovered by any galaxy…”

“That’s your job. Find a way to invade the Imperial Ministry of Land and Resources and enter the data on this planet.”

“Roger that.”

“For the planet owner, just put in Mu Gen.”

“Roger that.”

A group of robots stood in a circle. Supported by the strong desire of “I want my child to attend a prestigious school”, they hacked the brains of the Imperial Ministry of Education, then hacked the Imperial Ministry of Land and Resources. They didn’t know how the outside world reacted because of their actions. While lights flashed across their dark screens, they very carefully added Mu Gen’s name in an inconspicuous corner.

“The modification is complete.” After removing the last trace of intrusion, Pi cut off his network link with the outside world. “My brain is infected with the virus that the other party put in, so I need to rest for a while.”

Having completed the mission, Pi’s screen was in a chaotic state. After confessing to his companions, he was ready to shut down.

“Just take a good rest and leave the rest to us.”

They will let Mu Gen go to where he should go.

That soundless belief was passed among the group. Robot Pi quietly shut down, while the remaining robots began to make final preparations for Mu Gen’s departure.

Although Alpha and the others didn’t realize it, they have become more and more like human beings, willing to do anything to dedicate the best things to their most important child.

The author has something to say:

On the fifth day, Kung Hei Fat Choy/ Gongxi Facai.

TINA V0C008: The Worry of Young Mu Gen
TINA V0C010: Parents Still Worry

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  1. They’re such caring parents, Pi even has a virus because of hacking. I wonder if he’s actually really dumb compared to other kids or if that’s just the information?

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