TINA V0C010: Parents Still Worry

TINA V0C009: Preparation Before Departure
TINA V0C011: Alpha's Decision

To dedicate the best things to their most important child, they are willing to do anything.

Even if it’s hacking into systems that would scare the whole interstellar.

These tough (?) robots will naturally not tell these things to Mu Gen.

When Mu Gen and Sigma came back carrying a horned beast each, the others just handed the corrected test paper to Mu Gen then lightly said to him: Dear baby (←this call was also learned from the textbook, you must always let the child know that their parents love them orz), congratulations, you can graduate.”

Then there’s a collective sound of “papapa“.

Throwing the whole horned beast to the back, Mu Gen tremblingly accepted the thick pile of exam papers. Looking at the striking “pass” on it, he flipped through them one by one to confirm, and then happily threw the test papers in the sky:

“Hurray~ finally, no more exams!!!”

Although he’d been a good boy since he was a child and he didn’t hate studying, when thinking of days without homework and exams, even a good boy like him would be excited~

“Dad! Uncles! From now on, I will work hard to develop new energy so that you can eat every day!”

The book says that graduation is the beginning of a person’s social responsibility. Now that he has graduated, it means that he can take responsibility and support his family.

Even if he didn’t know how long he can stay with his dad and uncles, Mu Gen hopes that he can repay them sooner.

The air on this planet is very bad. Every day, it’s covered with thick haze. With the exam papers flying through the air, they submerged in the fog, never to be seen again, just like how Mu Gen’s carefree days are about to disappear——

Mu Gen thought with emotion.

He celebrated too early. =.=

“This is an admission notice. In the next ten days, you are going to report to a new school.” Alpha relentlessly interrupted the young Mu Gen’s imagination.

“( ⊙ o ⊙)!!!” Mu Gen was stunned.

Dust flew by and an exam paper that had been submerged in the fog was blown over by the wind and slammed onto Mu Gen’s face.


Teenager, you’re still young, and you have a lot to learn. Feeding the family is not something you should think about as someone who just graduated from kindergarten. Anyway, wait until you graduate from junior high school.

Pats head.

Sigma also got his exam papers. As Mu Gen’s younger brother, Sigma also accepted the relentless exam-oriented education for 13 years. Whenever Mu Gen takes an exam, he’s the unlucky ghost who’d sit behind Mu Gen and be on the same boat.

“Handing in blank papers in art and composition exams! You failed the exam.” As the teacher in art subjects, Beta announced coldly.

Still maintaining the posture of holding the horned beast with his two arms, Sigma’s dark screen showed waves of protest.

“Sigma’s papers are written carefully.”

“The content of the art and composition test papers are 100% identical to student Mu Gen. Conclusion: plagiarism. According to the seventh edition of the examination rules formulated by the school, plagiarized test papers are regarded as blank papers.” With the corresponding test rules uploaded into Sigma’s “brain”, Beta relentlessly threw the test papers on Sigma’s face.

And so, Sigma pitifully carried the horned beast and shrank behind Mu Gen.

“Ai, why are you so stupid? If you’re going to copy, at least change some words, you know?” Distressedly touching his younger brother’s frustrated dark screen, Mu Gen poked him in the head.

“Ji——” Shaking his head, Sigma hummed a mechanical sound.

As robots, they are inherently not good at invention and creative subjects. Sigma can complete the other subjects perfectly, but he has nothing to do with art and composition, which is a creative subject. He’ll be spanked if he fails the exam (←also obtained from the image data left by the people of Earth ^^).

And so, Sigma automatically evolved the talent called “cheating”.

It’s a pity that the invigilator is too high-end and the number of students too small. Sigma got caught almost every time orz.

Cheating persistently even though he was caught every time, Sigma is also hardworking.

While Sigma was struggling with the upcoming make-up exam, they also arranged a full learning cause for Mu Gen.

“Baby, you’re too dumb, so you can’t keep up with the students outside. This is the placement test paper that they sent you, do it in advance and strive to enter the key class.” When Mu Gen was doing the test papers, Robot A is just behind him. If the number of students was larger, the robots would be no different from human parents.

But…the exam papers used in the placement exams at the Imperial Academies…why give it to your child now? As parents, don’t you think you’re doing something terrible?

“Dad, I will work hard.” Completely ignoring the terrible things that his dad said, the boy Mu Gen clenched his fists and continued to hang his head while studying the exam papers.

This kind of thing is also cheating, no wonder Sigma…if the upper beam is not straight, then the lower bean is crooked, yo. orz

In the minds of parents, children only need to study hard when they’re in school. Anything aside from that was not something they should consider since that’s the parents’ job.

Leaving A to supervise the children’s study, the remaining robots got together again.

“The next thing we need to study is how to send them away.”

They got the admission notice and also the contents of the placement exams. The door to the top elite schools in the Empire has been opened to Mu Gen. The next most important thing was how to let the child go to school.

The technology on this planet is too backward, and the metal mineral content too low. The materials they extracted these 13 years are far from enough to build a spacecraft.

The author has something to say:

It’s the sixth day, and using vacation days in arrears——

TINA V0C009: Preparation Before Departure
TINA V0C011: Alpha's Decision

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  1. I’m kind of scared what else is left in this image data from ancient Earth…poor Sigma. They’re trying their best! Thank you for the chapter!

  2. I still find hilarious the fact Mo Gen has just graduated from Kindergarten.
    Sigma is the best lil’ bro, the other robots are quite dedicated too, to be honest

  3. why am I suddenly having a bad premonition?? They won’t use their body parts or sacrifice someone to make a spaceship or something right?


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