TINA V0C011: Alpha’s Decision

TINA V0C010: Parents Still Worry
TINA V0C012: Mugen

“Excuse me, why do you want to build a spacecraft?” Robot A spoke cautiously. Even though he’s the oldest here and everyone had lived together for so many years, his programming was fixed, so he’s still the dull and cautious robot at the beginning: “Aren’t we leaving with Mu Gen?”

The screens of the other five robots all turned to A.

“We are wanted criminals. Once we set foot on human territory, it will cause trouble for Mu Gen.” Being faced with their destruction was the secondary reason. The most important thing was that they don’t want to cause a bad influence on Mu Gen because of them.

The robots that raised him are wanted criminals, this was something they didn’t want Mu Gen to know.

Many of the remaining production equipment at the base have been scrapped one after another, and there’s no new source of metal. In recent years, to supply the only human on the planet——Mu Gen for a better life, many detachable parts of Epsilon’s body have been removed to make other tools.

One of the reasons why they wanted to escape at the expense of being wanted was because they didn’t want their bodies to be disassembled and used to manufacture other tools, but now, they’re willing to do so.

When the robots did these things, Mu Gen was still young. At first, Mu Gen was shocked when he discovered that Epsilon had become smaller.

“Uncle Epsilon, your big belly is very beautiful, you don’t need to lose weight~”

Whenever the little guy comforted Epsilon, Epsilon would always smile honestly and put Mu Gen in his stomach to play with him and let him forget about it.

However, Epsilon still slowly lost weight, leaving only his big belly. He’s now an ordinary tall robot.

“Epsilon’s body can only build a small spacecraft, and I will make up for the rest.” Without spending too much time, Alpha made a decision: As a solid offensive and defensive melee combat robot, Alpha has the largest size aside from Epsilon.

“Even if Alpha’s entire body is used, it would still not be enough. I’ll make up the rest.” Eta also stood up.

“Pi is fourth and I am fifth.” Beta, who had been silent, didn’t say anything else but took his place.

The sequence was completely determined according to their own material characteristics and models, which is a completely rational arrangement.

“Um…I have a large body and I don’t have much use in ordinary times, so I can contribute all of it.” After the few robots took up positions, robot A on the side finally had the opportunity to insert a sentence, but this proposal was immediately denied as soon as he spoke.

“Your materials are too bad to be used as spacecraft material.” Alpha’s screen flashed coldly: “At this moment, Robot A should be supervising Mu Gen and Sigma in their study. Tell me, why are you here now?”

Robot A immediately took an energy card from the side.

“Sigma said he lacks energy and needs to add some.” Electronic eyes stared at Alpha as he seriously reported.

“Sigma’s body is a new type of metal which can absorb external energy for his own use. Any energy shortage problems we might face will not appear on him.” A cold red light made a straight line on Alpha’s screen: “I told you this 3,561 times. Why are you still duped for the same reason?”

“Go back and perform your task, Sigma must have cheated again!”

Alpha gave an order and Robot A immediately left at his fastest speed. Even when he left, he didn’t forget the energy card.

Even though he was scolded by Alpha again, he still didn’t give up the idea of bringing an energy card for Sigma.

“The first generation of robots are truly unprincipled.” Staring coldly at A’s back for a while, Alpha turned around again: “The order is following what we previously agreed. Now, Epsilon, you can become a spaceship.”

Well, in spoiling children without principle, Alpha, you’re actually not much better than A~

In ancient times, people on Earth used to sacrifice everything they had to send their children to school, now, several robot parents are willing to dismantle themselves to make their children go to school.

Mu Gen and Sigma are going to school, so the spacecraft must have enough space for them; There’s no problem with A’s identity and he has to take care of Mu Gen, so he must have a place in the spacecraft; the food and water needed by Mu Gen during the flight should also have the corresponding storage space; taking into account the need to pay a tuition fee, they need a section to load some horned beasts’ eggs and it’s best to bring a pair of baby horned beasts…even if they carefully calculated the space, the spacecraft they needed was not small.

Epsilon’s entire body was used, and Alpha’s body was also used very quickly. Then Eta dismantled himself as well. After Beta dismantled the sleeping Pi and made part of the ship’s roof, he finally filled in the last gap with his body.

“It’s done.” Looking at the spaceship made of colorful metal, Alpha slowly said. Then, turning his screen with a little effort, he looked at his companions next to him.

The five robots that were tall, short, fat and thin, were now only left with their core brains.

In other words, they’re now five big bald heads.

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TINA V0C010: Parents Still Worry
TINA V0C012: Mugen

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  1. This really touched my heart 😭
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  2. Dang, they really just took themselves apart so that Mu Gen could go to school. If this isn’t love I don’t know what freaking is! Thank you for the chapter!

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