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On this planet, the only one here is Mu Gen, which is also the name of an edible plant.

Its appearance is not good with the leaves thin, short and yellow. This plant was accidentally brought to this planet by the Earthlings back then. It was among the other plants and almost no one noticed it.

At that time, did this yellow grass even have a name?

However, it was this nameless plant that later became a lifesaver that saved all the people on this planet!

Hundreds of years ago, the terrible constellation explosion plunged the entire galaxy into long darkness. When the surviving humans crawled out of the base, they were shocked.

The planet they found before that they thought could replace Earth as their second habitat for mankind had become completely unrecognizable. A large amount of stardust from the explosion enveloped the entire atmosphere, no light reached the ground, the air became abnormally turbid, the water on the surface is no longer drinkable, and the originally thriving green color has completely disappeared from the surface.

The plants they brought from Earth began to die in large numbers. Following the extinction of plants, a large number of plant-eating animals also died in large numbers. As a result, the number of carnivorous beasts that feed on plant-eating animals decreased.

During that long period of darkness, mankind fell into a terrible famine.

Until one day, someone discovered “Mugen”.

In the harsh environment where there’s no light nor water, the little yellow grass that didn’t have a name quietly sprouted. When digging down the roots of the yellow grass, people were shocked: It’s completely different from the short leaves that stick out of the ground! This small yellow grass has a very strong root system. The thin, long roots dug deep into the soil, collecting the surrounding water drop by drop, inhaling it to its main roots which finally formed a huge, strong, and plump tuber.

The tubers that grew under one square meter of the small yellow grass could supply adults with water and food for a day——when this was discovered, the surviving humans on the entire planet was excited.

They carefully named this strong plant “gen (root)” and prefixed it with the last name of the human who discovered it. Finally, they named it “Mugen”.

For the people on Earth who now live on different planets, this “root” represents their hometown and also symbolizes their tenacious vitality.

It could be said that in this era with the worst external environment, all humans and animals on this planet survived on the tiny “Mugen”. During this time, the most popular name for mankind was “mugen” which symbolized an era.

And today’s Mu Gen was the last survivor of an entire era.

He’s already the last human on this planet.

Reading ancient textbooks, eating horned beast meat and “Mugen” grass every day for more than a decade, he couldn’t see any hope. This sounded like a desperate life for anyone, but Mu Gen is still working hard.

He’s well-educated by his robot parents.

Just like Mu Gen’s name, even if the conditions are poor and the hope of survival was slim, he still lives very seriously, planting Mugen grass diligently, and even raising a few horned beasts. Since the food is the same every day, he changed his way of cooking every time.

Moreover, Mu Gen also tirelessly absorbed all kinds of knowledge taught to him by his robot parents. Even if this knowledge was completely useless in this barren land, it has formed a strong and full root system in his heart. As long as he is given an opportunity, he can sprout or even blossom at any time.

Now, Mu Gen realized that he truly had such an opportunity.

His dad and uncles told him: Outside this planet, there is another bigger and wider world! Moreover, the door to the new world has been opened to him——

“Sigma, in the new world, I must find better materials to make you better butt and legs.” After writing the last word on the paper, Mu Gen cautiously tilted his head, his eyes sparkling as he showed a big smile at Sigma next to him.

Sigma’s dark screen then revealed an equally big smiley symbol.

With an infinite yearning for a new life, the brothers quickly completed the work they had at hand. When they walked outside again, they were instantly dazzled by the tall spaceship.

“It’s so cool!” He hadn’t seen a real spaceship since he was born, and the boy Mu Gen was shocked.

“Sigma’s…butt…” Sigma was also stunned, looking at an abrupt silver patch on the wall of the spaceship, then immediately lifted his whole body.

“Mu Gen, the spacecraft is ready and will take off in five minutes. A already put enough food and water in it, so check if there are any missing items.” Alpha now only has his core brain and without the strength to lift Sigma, so he simply ignored him. The teenager who had only reached his waist was now much taller than him. It’s the first time he looked up at the human being he’d watched grow up from such an angle, and Alpha felt a strange feeling.

It’s a feeling like he’s about to break which was very uncomfortable.

Alpha wondered if he damaged himself too hard during dismantling and hit a line that shouldn’t be touched. But it didn’t matter. He already completed the most important mission.

As long as they can send Mu Gen out, it doesn’t matter what happened to them.

This is a much better place than the “Robot Maintenance and Regeneration Center” (←Robot Graveyard). They don’t have to worry about being injured and forcibly sealed up, nor worry about their parts being removed indiscriminately and used on other machinery during the sealing process. They had their best life experience on this planet.

“I have many pictures of Mu Gen in my mind. When they leave, as long as there’s energy, I can show them to you at any time.” Suddenly, he received such a message in his mind. It was Eta secretly speaking to him.

“I have a video here.” Beta, who was stingy with words, also “opened” his mouth.

“I got a few when Mu Gen is making a butt for Sigma.” This time, it was the seemingly honest Epsilon.

Then these robots became happy again.

Look, even though they don’t have a body and powerful strength, they still have so many precious things. For them, the most precious things exist in their brains. As long as they’re not destroyed by others, it will accompany them from beginning to end.

They did everything they can and their companion will accompany Mu Gen on the next road. Sigma was brought out by them before he was even started. There’s no record of his “brain”, so he can go anywhere. In these 13 years, they have instilled all the knowledge they have into Sigma’s “brain”. Together with A, they can definitely take care of Mu Gen.

Alpha watched Mu Gen and Sigma quickly get into the spacecraft, and when he came out again, there was an unconcealable smile on his face:

“Uncle Alpha, this is the most handsome spacecraft I have ever seen!”

“The spacecraft will take off in one minute and thirty seconds, please get on board.” His screen flashed a soft green light, but Alpha’s voice was as cold as ever: “Please proceed to the last round of luggage inspection.”

The five dark screens stared firmly at the figure of the young man in the spacecraft. This was the last time they could look at him.

They watched Mu Gen check his luggage again, and probably forgot something. When the spacecraft was about to take off, several robots (the big heads) watched Mu Gen quickly jump off the spacecraft.

Did he forget something? The robots thought.

“The spacecraft has a countdown to take off…45 seconds…44 seconds…” But with Alpha’s countdown reminder, Mu Gen ran towards them.

He ran at a flying speed then Mu Gen picked up Eta without hesitation.

“You’re wrong, we are not luggage…” Eta couldn’t help but remind him.

“How can you be luggage, you are my most important family!” Picking up the five big heads and holding them in his arms at the fastest speed, Mu Gen ran toward the spacecraft at a faster speed.

The few robots then remembered: It seems that from start to finish…none of them explicitly told Mu Gen that they couldn’t go.

Because they didn’t want to separate in their “hearts”, none of them said it. They took it for granted that Mu Gen, as a human, should understand it.

But Mu Gen also took them for granted.

“W-we’re wanted…” This time, even Alpha, who had always been calm and composed, stuttered.

“I know! Sigma told me at the beginning, and Sigma also said: At the beginning, the tomatoes and eggs he brought were given to you by the people who hunted you~”

Sigma, you pig teammate ← the five big bald heads reached a high level of resonance at this moment.

“The Imperial Criminal Law that I have seen these days said: The guardians of minors are protected by law. Before I reach adulthood, you will be fine. There’s still a long time before I reach adulthood. Before that, I will definitely think of a way.” Holding the five big heads in his arms, Mu Gen took three steps and quickly climbed the steps of the spacecraft.

“I will protect you.”

The robots heard Mu Gen say this.

Once upon a time, they held the child in their arms every day, but now, it’s time for them to be held in the arms of the child.

He said he would protect them.

The relationship between the protector and the protected person suddenly reversed. The young Mu Gen’s arms aren’t wide at all, but they felt safe lying inside.

Alpha allowed himself to be taken away by Mu Gen.

Just at this moment, he didn’t want to do any analysis. Lying quietly in Mu Gen’s arms was the only thing he wanted to experience at this moment.

His companions were the same.

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