TINA V0C013: Set Sail

TINA V0C012: Mugen
TINA V0C014: Beta's Teaching Time

The spacecraft closed its doors as soon as Mu Gen jumped in.

Tightly holding his uncles in his arms, Mu Gen jumped to the console three steps at a time. At the same time, Robot A also carried Mu Gen’s bedding from the side and placed it on the console.

Then Mu Gen carefully put the five big heads on the soft bedding.

The spacecraft took off steadily.

This spacecraft assembled by the robots performed very well. Mu Gen didn’t even notice when they took off, so Sigma reminded him.

“Mu Gen! Mu Gen!” Red wavy lines spun around his screen as Sigma jumped over the console and his mechanical fingers gently pulled Mu Gen’s clothes to remind him to look out the window.

The moment he looked out the window, Mu Gen’s eyes suddenly widened!

An overwhelming yellow occupied the entire window. As the spacecraft continued to rise, arc-shaped darkness finally appeared above the yellow. Only then did Mu Gen realize that the yellow he’d been seeing was the hometown he just left.

Yes, for Mu Gen, who was born and grew up here, this planet was his hometown.

It’s completely different from the blue of Earth that he’d seen in the atlas. When viewed from space, this planet was a barren yellow. It’s also the color that Mu Gen saw every day when he opened his eyes.

The yellow dust formed a mist-like ribbon flowing slowly on the surface of the planet. They seem to flow extremely slowly, but Mu Gen knew that this terrible dust raged around his house every day.

On the ground, there are even terrifying monsters with speeds of up to 50m/s!

The reason why Mu Gen planted Mugen grass every day was also due to the weather. This kind of strong sandstorm can turn day into night in one minute or so and no animal or plant can survive wherever it goes. Mu Gen could only ensure that he has enough Mugen grass to eat by constantly replanting and planting everywhere.

Huge hurricanes and the violent sand…for Mu Gen, these are extremely terrifying things that made human beings powerless. Against natural phenomena, he could only fight and lose repeatedly. After repeated defeats, the tyranny of nature made Mu Gen feel extremely small.

But now, when Mu Gen looked down from space, the planet looked so docile.

She looks so quiet.

Yes, only this adjective appeared in Mu Gen’s mind.

The spacecraft continued to depart into space. During the whole process, Mu Gen had been engrossed in the yellow planet under his eyes. When the spacecraft rose to a certain height, he suddenly called out in surprise: “Dad, Sigma, Uncles, look! Green! There’s green!”

He couldn’t see it since they’re too close before, but now that he’s very far away, from this distance, Mu Gen was surprised to find a little bit of rare green amidst the patch of red and yellow!

For Mu Gen who grew up on this barren star, green was simply the rarest color in the world. Except for Mugen grass, there are no other plants on this planet, and as the only plant on this planet, Mugen grass is colored yellow and cyan which doesn’t look much different from mud.

“That’s Mugen grass.” Lying on the console and watching the barren star outside the window, Alpha calmly said: “It’s the Mugen grass that you planted over the years.”

“A piece of Mugen grass looks yellow, and a 100 square meter of Mugen grass will look yellow and cyan. However, when more Mugen grass come together, and you stand far away to look at them, it’ll look green like now.”

Alpha quietly said the first one, and after him, Eta added. Eta’s voice was still the same as always, without any ups and downs in tone, sounding very stiff.

However, with his explanation, the little green in front of Mu Gen’s eyes seem to gradually enlarge, and the green color boundlessly came into his eyes. He seemed to see the connected pieces of Mugen grass, those tiny plants growing close to the ground. In the face of the severe sandstorm, they weren’t discouraged, deeply rooting in the sand and working hard to grow towards the sky. Facing the sky, they fearlessly opened their tender yellow buds——

Those buds were so small that Mu Gen, who lives on it every day, ignored them until this time. Mu Gen was in space and in such a high position that those strong sandstorms that once made Mu Gen fear became misty understatements at the same time. Those Mugen grass that Mu Gen usually ignores caught Mu Gen’s eyes with its color.

At this time, Mu Gen suddenly remembered two sentences from some book he read.

“When you stand high enough and far enough, you’ll find that those who tortured you deeply and the troubles you have are not worth mentioning.”

“Smallness and greatness, never speak so lightly.”

When he thought about it, he finally understood the meaning of those sentences.

The young man, who hadn’t fully grown up was startled then reached out to the window.

His palm was thin and strong, not very big, but with such a hand, it seemed like he could grasp the planet outside the window with one hand.

The boy’s palm squeezed in the air and finally landed on the smooth and cold window. With his hands on the window, Mu Gen suddenly turned his head, facing the robots that were looking at the universe like him, and showed them a childish smile.

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Journey through the sea of stars

Modifying wind speed

TINA V0C012: Mugen
TINA V0C014: Beta's Teaching Time

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