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The family squeezed in front of the console and watched the yellow planet drift away. For a while, the spacecraft was quiet.

A little sad and a little excited but more satisfied since their family was still together. These feelings curled up on their chests, making them feel warm and soft.

Although they didn’t have a chest right now——Alpha, Eta, Beta, Epsilon thought at the same time.

With their heads next to each other, they subtly leaned back and tried to press the back of their heads to Mu Gen’s small chest which was very hot. Although they couldn’t feel any temperature, it didn’t prevent them from wanting to get closer to Mu Gen.

At this moment, though these robots weren’t aware of it, they vaguely understood the meaning of the word “romance” created by humans.

Except for only one person.

“Sigma is taller than you now!” With half of his body on Mu Gen’s back, Sigma successfully made a mechanical “laughing” sound.

Quickly jumping over Mu Gen’s head, Sigma dropped in front of the few large dark screens. Compared with Alpha and the others who only had their heads, Sigma, who had his entire upper body, looked unusually tall.

Their dark screens flickered, looking at Sigma opening the hidden space on his belly and rummaging through his collection. Then he took out five pairs of mechanical legs and…butt.

“This is the biggest butt and legs that Sigma has now, I’ll let you borrow it.”

Their hard drives got jammed at hearing Sigma’s heartbroken voice.

“I’ll lend Alpha, Beta, Pi, and Eta the legs and butt but you have to return it within 24 hours after landing. Epsilon must return it within an hour since your credit line balance is insufficient.”

Sigma also solemnly announced the return time.

“Thank you, I’ll return it now.” Quietly glancing at the collection that Sigma reluctantly lent, and seeing the plump…buttocks(?), Alpha refused without hesitation.

The other robots also said that they didn’t need it, so Sigma happily put away his precious legs and buttocks.

“Do you think it’s not big enough or long enough? It’s okay, I’ll make you a better one after landing~” Patting his chest, the boy Mu Gen swore very generously.

“…” The dark screens of these robots flashed at the same time: I always feel that their education seemed to have some deviation…

“No, when we arrive at the destination, we will disassemble the available parts from the spacecraft and rebuild our bodies. ” Alpha decisively rejected Mu Gen’s proposal.

Mu Gen, who thought that he could finally do something for his elders, didn’t want to give up. Just when he wanted to continue to persuade, Beta’s cold voice came from below:

“Even if you get the admission notice, you can’t be careless. In the next hour, we will start the preparatory teaching of the new textbook.”

Unable to say anything, Sigma and Mu Gen dropped their heads at the same time.

It didn’t matter if they didn’t have a body. All the textbooks have been entered into the teacher’s “brains”. With the existing textbooks, several robots began to teach.

“The spacecraft is now sailing according to the pre-entered route. The planet we left before is located in a famous meteorite belt. This is the tomb of an Emperor, so it’s also called the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb…”

There’s nothing more suitable as a textbook than everything outside the window. Beta started explaining to Mu Gen and Sigma their current position.

“…Louis Al Rodkram is the man who ended the interstellar war. During his reign, there were no other empires, so people unified and respected him as the sole Emperor…”

“…he only ruled for 32 years. When the Emperor was passing by the Milky Way, it coincided with the explosion of the star cluster, a rare occurrence in thousands of years, and the Emperor died.”

A person’s long life is just a few pages like this when written in a history book.

Even though he’s one of the greatest Emperors in history, only these pages are left for future generations to comment on.

Mu Gen honestly listened to the class. He wasn’t interested in the Emperor, but the place where the Emperor died attracted his full attention.

“The Milky Way? Is that the galaxy where Earth is?” The related knowledge of interstellar history was only recently shown to him by his uncles. There were no textbooks, but they’d enter all the textbook content on Sigma’s brain if he needed to read it. Sigma is responsible for showing the content to Mu Gen through his screen. Recently, you’d see the two brothers looking at each other nervously. Don’t think too much, they’re just reading and studying!

“Yes.” Beta gave Mu Gen an affirmative answer, always calm as he continued in a cold voice:

“Earth was affected by that explosion. So far, no one can go deep into this meteorite belt, so there’s no way to know the current situation of Earth. However, according to the analysis of scientists, there is 99.9% chance that Earth no longer exists.”

A very objective comment. Mu Gen knew that what he said was correct because the textbook mentioned Earth as well. As a very backward planet in a galaxy at a remote corner of the universe, Earth was originally not eligible to appear in the Empire’s history books.

But because it’s near the last place where the Emperor died, it occupied a small corner of the best-selling book in the universe. The huge explosion affected more than one galaxy and Earth couldn’t be the lucky one.

For other people in the universe, Earth is just a backward planet famous for its great men, but for Mu Gen, Earth is his hometown from the legends. The spacecraft set sail from Earth with the hope of reproduction and finally landed on a different planet. Generation after generation, their desire to return to their true hometown was inherited in their blood.

They’re not afraid of not going back, they’re afraid there’s nowhere to go back to.

This was the most frustrating thing.

“However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of Earth still surviving. Just like the planet we left, it could also be one that survived the disaster. Although no other planets have escaped, it’s not ruled out that there are still other lucky people in the whole galaxy.”

Seeing Mu Gen’s frustration, Epsilon began to find a way to comfort him. He had no big belly now and can’t put Mu Gen into his stomach, so he could only comfort him with words. This was the first time Epsilon, who had always been taciturn, said such a long sentence.

“The worst case was that everything went back to nothingness. With everything starting from scratch, the Earth can return to its original state again.”

“After you graduate, you can find a way to go back and have a look.” Finally, Epsilon said so.

Then Mu Gen cheered up.

“En, then it’s decided. When I grow up and graduate, I will find a way to go back to Earth and see!” Saying so, Mu Gen silently added another goal to his dream column.

Feeling the corners of his clothes being pulled slightly, Mu Gen lowered his head and his eyes immediately met Sigma’s flashing screen.

Sigma’s idea was clear and Mu Gen immediately smiled.

“Of course, I will never forget the agreement with Sigma!”

“Then, let’s continue the lesson.” Seeing that Mu Gen had regained his energy, Beta’s mechanical voice rang again. ^_^

The author has something to say:

Uh, in this chapter, although it looks like there’s no progress, it introduces part of the supplementary background

The reason why Mu Gen would live alone in a barren star will be revealed bit by bit.

Also, this chapter has another purpose, which is to explain the previous novel ——Primitive Once Again.

Because the gong has something to do with Emperor Louis.

Therefore, Louis will be the biggest backdrop for this story.

(About the Emperor passing by, I won’t explain)

The author likes to string all the stories I wrote into a whole story…

All the people I’ve written will be passing by or something like that in other stories too.

It kind of feels like even if the story is over, they’re still living their own lives.

That makes me happy.

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