TINA V0C015: Unknown Talent

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After talking about history and geography, the meteorite belt of the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb they’re in right now was the key part of Beta’s explanation. The geography class took a full forty minutes. Seeing Mu Gen began to lose his concentration, Beta announced the end.

Mu Gen and Sigma immediately ran away.

The adults let them curiously explore the spacecraft and didn’t restrict their activities ← well, they’re now only five big heads. One of the heads was still sleeping while the others can’t limit the children’s activities orz.

However, because the spacecraft itself is not that big and with so many things inside, there aren’t many places where the children can play. To ensure that Mu Gen wouldn’t get hungry during the voyage, his dad and uncles prepared a lot of food for him and brought dozens of horned beasts eggs with them. They also brought a lot of Mugen grass roots and stems. In addition, two young horned beasts were also brought in. For a fixed source of food, Mu Gen and the others didn’t just plant Mugen grass on that barren star, they also raised several horned beasts in captivity.

As the strong horned beasts can live on the barren star, they’re very easy to raise. When there’s no food, they can even live by eating sand, grow fast, and save on food. They even have eggs, so the horned beasts are really the best choice for livestock.

Mu Gen and Sigma fed the horned beasts and cleaned their stools together. This is what they do every day so they’re very skilled. After that, the two brothers had nothing else to do, so they squeezed to the console again and looked out the window.

It’s a pity that it’s pitch black outside the window, and the light inside the spacecraft was the only light in front of Mu Gen.

If you think of the dark space as a dark seabed, the spacecraft he’s in, if looked from the outside…should be like…

An untimely angler, which he’d only seen in pictures, appeared in Mu Gen’s mind.

Only then did Mu Gen return to his uncles and dad.

Seeing the teenager sitting in front of the console with his chin propped on his hand, Alpha suddenly got worried.

Ancient research papers show that in a confined space, humans are likely to have autism and eventually become anorexic and weary of the world. If serious, it needed a long-term consultation of a psychologist.

So modern spacecrafts were equipped with a lot of entertainment. Of course, there’s none in a military spacecraft. Most of the people who operate military spacecrafts are soldiers or robots, the former has received good psychological counseling, while the latter has absolutely no worries in this regard.

Mu Gen was the first human being raised by robots. Without relevant information at all, they could only explore on their own, from the provision of food, clothing, shelter, and transportation to adolescent education, and from psychological research to ways of playing with children. These robots worked very hard.

It’s time to find something to divert Mu Gen’s attention.

“Want to learn how to fly a spacecraft?” Alpha actively engaged.

“Ah? Is that okay?” Sure enough, when he turned his face again, Mu Gen was full of interest.

“But, Uncle Alpha, didn’t you say that the spacecraft is automatically sailing according to the previously entered route and speed?” However, Mu Gen is not a person who’s easily confused. He didn’t plan to ruin other people’s plans because of him.

“Yes. While you’re driving, I will temporarily lift the auto navigation order.” Alpha still answered him: “This spacecraft is Epsilon itself. As the brain of the spacecraft, he will assist you throughout the process.”

Accompanied by Alpha’s mechanical voice, a chair slowly rose in front of Mu Gen’s eyes.

It was a chair that Mu Gen was very familiar with.

From childhood to adolescence, when the other uncles would carry him to study, Uncle Epsilon would secretly lead him to play games.

The uncle who likes to play with Mu Gen the most was actually Uncle Epsilon. Whenever Uncle Epsilon puts him in his stomach to play, he often pulled up this chair for him to sit on, then put something in his eyes and let him play games~

Of course, these things were done behind the other uncles’ backs. Worried that he might become short-sighted, Uncle Alpha forbids him from playing games, but it’s the nature of children to love to play, and life in the barren star was really boring. When he first learned the existence of game consoles from the book, little Mu Gen’s greedy look was probably too pitiful, so Uncle Epsilon secretly packed him into his stomach and made that chair so that Mu Gen can play the legendary video game for the first time!

Uncle Epsilon’s chair = play games!

This almost became an equation in Mu Gen’s mind.

So when the chair slowly rose from under the floor, the tall figure of Epsilon immediately appeared in Mu Gen’s mind. Familiarly sitting on the chair and with Alpha’s cold commentary, he found the connector in the same place and put it on.

There was darkness before his eyes. Mu Gen, who was familiar with the process, knew that it was time for the game scene to be uploaded.

He closed his eyes.

“The red lever at 10 o’clock on the left is the speed control button. The purple button at 12 o’clock is the gravity adjustment button. The green lever at 2 o’clock on the right is the direction control button…” The thick mechanical voice of Epsilon immediately rang in Mu Gen’s ears as he took over Alpha’s commentary. He began to detail the purpose of each button on the console.

This process was also very familiar to Mu Gen. During the uploading period, Uncle Epsilon will explain all the operating instructions to him. As long as he kept these instructions in mind, he can start the game!

This was something that Mu Gen knew.

What he didn’t know was: Since this process was very boring and complicated, basically no other players will listen to it from beginning to end.

Most players chose to learn through practice and directly enter the game. After a dozen times of “dying”, they’d basically master the game operations.

Though others can waste time like this, Mu Gen can’t. To play the game for an hour, Uncle Epsilon needs to be exposed to the sun for a long time. The energy on the planet was very scarce and the Uncles are willing to use precious energy, allowing him to learn and to play, so Mu Gen cherished every opportunity very much.

Therefore, no matter what he did, Mu Gen went all out to live on a barren planet with extremely scarce resources. He’s used to using all the resources allocated to him to the extreme. For example, Mu Gen knew that a paper book would be damaged if it was turned over too much, so he tried to read it once and then recite it. If he wanted to read it in the future, he just needs to read it in his mind.

When this habit became instinct, Mu Gen had become like a machine without even noticing it.

A very precise machine.

Mu Gen, who hadn’t even seen other humans, didn’t know that robots took these things for granted and wouldn’t make a fuss, so Mu Gen had no idea what amazing talent he had mastered.

A one in a million precious talent that can be praised as a genius!

And so, even though the buttons Epsilon showed him this time were ten times more complicated than before, he still remembered them all. He went through the functions of all the buttons in his heart, and when he was sure that he had mastered it completely, Mu Gen suddenly opened his eyes!

It’s no longer dark in front of his “eyes”. At this moment, he had no dead angle at 360 degrees. What’s presented in front of Mu Gen was the complete scene outside the spacecraft.

The author has something to say:

Still flying

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Our little gong should come out soon~

TINA V0C014: Beta's Teaching Time
TINA V0C016: Eager to Try

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