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The moment he opened his eyes, Mu Gen went dizzy for a few seconds.

The connector he’s currently wearing was directly connected to Epsilon’s system. Since Epsilon opened all space radar permissions to him, all the scenes that Mu Gen is “seeing” right now was actually what Epsilon is “seeing” at this time.

It’s the first time that Mu Gen had the opportunity to see the world like this: It’s as if there are eyes all over his body and the view seen from each eye clearly appeared in his mind. The number of views received all at the same time was too overwhelming, far beyond what normal humans could react to, so Mu Gen was instantly overwhelmed.

But he quickly reacted.

With mental preparation, he opened his eyes again, and this time, he finally saw his surroundings clearly. The moment he did, Mu Gen fainted again.

If Mu Gen’s first dizziness was physical dizziness caused by information overload, then the dizziness at the moment was psychological dizziness caused by shock: There are meteoroids all around! Dense meteoroids!

At this moment, because of the shared vision, Mu Gen felt like the spacecraft itself. Before boarding, Mu Gen thought that this spacecraft was already very big, but compared to the surrounding meteoroids, the spacecraft was literally more petite.

These large meteoroids looked almost like a planet, and the small ones seemed less than the size of a fist. Countless meteoroids floated around the spacecraft, some static, some moving. From time to time, several meteoroids collided with each other, silently explode, and burst into smog before the ashes disappeared.

Whether it’s the top or the stern of the spacecraft, in a 360-degree multi-dimensional perspective, these meteoroids are distributed in all places that Mu Gen could see. There are so many of them that for a moment, Mu Gen, who had always boasted that he didn’t have any phobias, felt his scalp numb.

Could it be that when he and Sigma went out to feed the horned beasts and cleaned up their stools, they were already driving in this terrible meteoroid formation?

“Yes, we have entered the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb asteroid belt for one hour, forty minutes, and three seconds.” Even the slightest voice could not escape the “ears” of Epsilon. He promptly caught Mu Gen’s mumbled question, so Epsilon gave him a precise answer.

This answer deeply shocked Mu Gen!

He couldn’t imagine how Epsilon sailed in this situation! In such an area with dense obstacles, Epsilon can move forward, but what about him?

Mu Gen hesitated with his fingers on the console. At this moment, Epsilon’s thick voice rang in his mind again:

“I was made as a strategic military transportation robot and used to quickly deploy military supplies to major military bases or directly transport them to frontline bases and perform airdrop missions when necessary.

My mission completion rate was 97.2%, and the rate of additional inspections after returning was only 0.4%. When I was manufactured, the design team mainly considered reliability and low maintenance, so my body is very strong.

Don’t worry, I won’t crash.”

Perhaps feeling that just saying the above was not enough, Epsilon thought for a while. It’s always easier for humans to believe the facts when it already happened.

“Remember when you caught a horned beast for the first time when you were a kid? At that time, you weren’t afraid at all, and you really caught one.”

That was the first time Mu Gen caught food by himself, so on that day, this group of robots learned to clap for the first time. They collectively surrounded the short juvenile human and his prey that was several times his size and then clapped stiffly and jerkily. Then the little boy shyly smiled.

“At that time, Uncle Epsilon and Uncle Beta were by my side, so I wasn’t afraid,” Mu Gen said, thinking of what happened that day in a daze.

“And now, Beta and I are still with you, so please don’t be afraid.”

Epsilon’s voice sounded as reliable as his body. Hearing that voice, Mu Gen strangely no longer panicked.

Yes, there’s no need to be afraid.

Dad and Uncles are all by his side, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Moreover, making him drive in such a place meant that his uncles also believed in him very much, right?

Then he had to believe more in himself than his uncles believed in.

After figuring this out, Mu Gen became calm again. In the first place, he wasn’t the type to entangle himself so that moment of fear was nothing more than worrying if his actions would affect the safety of his family. Now that he had received trust and encouragement from his family, he felt that he’s somewhat trusted as an adult.


Actually, he’s thinking too much.

Epsilon saying that his body was very strong meant that he’s not afraid of collisions. That was the truth.

The meteoroid density of these meteoroids has long been detected by these robots. It’s clear that even if a meteoroid hit them during this journey, it wouldn’t cause fatal damage to Epsilon, so Alpha proposed to let Mu Gen try driving.

It had nothing to do with trust. The robot parents are simply used to indulging their children.

Even if he crashed, they would still spoil him.

“Next, I’ll give you a detailed introduction to the most important things in this voyage.” Feeling that Mu Gen’s heartbeat returned to normal, Epsilon calmly started the formal sailing course.

Their most important human was on board the spaceship, so the robots will never risk his life. Today’s automatic navigation route was carefully calculated by them. Over the past 13 years, more than a dozen space radars monitored the direction of the meteoroid group outside the atmosphere day and night. They already have a clear record of the speed and gravity of the meteoroids, so with these records plus the data they collected when they first came, the robots got unprecedented detailed data. After precise calculations, a road to leave the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb was formed in their “brains”.

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Probably within three, four, or five chapters

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TINA V0C015: Unknown Talent
TINA V0C017: Lovingly Put You In The Belly

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  1. Gracias por el capítulo,
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  2. I can just imagine the machines being: he’s a bit slow, but he’s adorable! And then the rest of the world is just: woah, so smart! Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Normal parents feeling proud of their sons’ achievements: You got the best grade in your class! I’m so proud of you •́ ‿ ,•̀
    Them feeling proud of their son’s achievements: You’ve learned to pilot a spaceship! We’re so proud of you •́ ‿ ,•̀

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