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“As a transport robot, my driving method is not complicated. It’s very close to the game SuperSpeed. Since Mu Gen’s SuperSpeed scores are very good, you must be able to grasp my driving style immediately.”

Epsilon’s next words made Mu Gen even more relieved: Since childhood, SuperSpeed was Mu Gen’s favorite game to play! He grew up playing this game and whenever he passed a level, Uncle Epsilon will advance the operation method by one level and until now, he had passed Level 9!

With that thought in his mind, when Mu Gen lowered his head and looked at the console, he found: The distribution of buttons on the current console is actually very similar to that of the SuperSpeed cars~ It’s just that the distribution positions and color have changed, and there are more buttons.

If the operation method is similar to SuperSpeed cars, then maybe…he can drive this spacecraft. (≧▽≦)

Mu Gen was more confident.


The simple and honest Epsilon once again successfully blinded Alpha and the others.

He blocked the words he just said ( ⊙- ⊙).

It’s slightly different from what he said to Mu Gen: Epsilon is a transport robot, but he’s not an ordinary transport robot. Epsilon is a strategic transport super robot that represents top technology. By the way, the word “military” should be added to all that prefix.

The Mechanical City, where the most advanced technology in the universe gathered, joined forces with the super tycoon Sumei Keqiang, costing him 30 billion farads and 15 years. After countless failures, such a robot was finally produced.

Due to the high cost, this super robot was destined to not be mass-produced. It’s directly incorporated into the Alphabet Series Robots and got his own name in the same year——Epsilon.

The longest voyage Epsilon made in its complete state was 90,000 light-years, and its theoretical weight capacity was 980 tons (most of the weight is from the energy cabin). The width of the cargo compartment can take two “Cruiser” transport ships (a kind of very large transport ships currently in widespread use) side by side, or three “Armored Veyron” which are armed combat ships. So far, Epsilon was the best-known transportation robot.

But now, to make Mu Gen safer, Epsilon thickened his own deck and used more metal for outer wall protection. His big belly where two “Cruiser” transport ships could have been displayed can now only hold a few things.

At this moment, his comrades (Alpha and their bodies are also heavy) and Mu Gen is in his thick belly, while the rest are the luggage prepared for little Mu Gen: The paper books that Mu Gen regards as precious, Mu Gen’s childhood transcripts (?!), the gadgets in Mu Gen’s room…

In addition to food and water, the robot parents brought everything they consider important. These things filled the “capable and big-bellied” Epsilon.

Outsiders would definitely curse that it’s a “waste” when they see it, but these robots don’t think so at all. Especially Epsilon, he’s very happy that he can do something for Mu Gen.

The first time he put this child in his belly, Epsilon liked doing it. Of course, he didn’t know what “like” was at that time. He just thought that doing this and seeing the kid’s happy little face made him…

Really want to put this child in his belly.

Forgive Epsilon for being just a robot, so he can’t express too many human emotions.

Obviously Alpha issued an order to ban Mu Gen from playing video games, but Epsilon sneakily violated it. As a top transport ship, to avoid anti-reconnaissance and prevent enemy attacks, Epsilon is equipped with the most powerful space radar detection system and physical shielding system, which were originally used to deal with the enemy. After Epsilon participated in raising Mu Gen, it became a means to deal with Alpha and the others.

Put Mu Gen in the belly → turn on the shielding system → turn on the radar detection system at the same time → then you can secretly play games with Mu Gen happily. (≧▽≦)

Epsilon can drive autonomously and any companion can also operate him, but Epsilon still hopes that Mu Gen can become his own driver in the future.

So he used a program to simulate the scene of Mu Gen driving himself to the universe to perform missions, and it felt…it felt…

It felt like he really wanted to put Mu Gen in his belly! (≧▽≦)

And so, the game SuperSpeed was born.

The game was still the same, but apart from the same name, everything else has been tampered with by Epsilon and replaced with its own operating system step by step. Although some adjustments are made to cover it up, Epsilon actually began to secretly teach Mu Gen how to “drive” a long time ago.

The scene he stimulated countless times finally happened, so Epsilon was a little excited. However, Mu Gen was already in his stomach so there’s no other way for him to express his excitement. Epsilon had no choice but to sneakily flash the signal light outside the spacecraft (←of course, this waste of energy was done after blocking Alpha).

It’s not surprising that Mu Gen can drive him, so what Epsilon needed to do was to give him the important points:

“There are two kinds of energy in the universe, one is kinetic energy and the other is gravitational energy.

(T/N: For a moment here, I thought this would be a physics class. Reads on…Oh God, this really is straight from a physics textbook. Or not? It’s been a long time since I read a textbook.)

As mentioned in a textbook, only when the speed reached the first escape velocity can people escape the Earth’s gravity and reach outer space. If they reached the second escape velocity, they can break away from the solar system’s gravity…in other words, different speeds can get rid of different gravitational forces.

The biggest obstacle in the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb is the meteoroids (planets) since there are complex force fields between them. If their speed is not enough, they’ll attract a meteoroid, and if they went too fast, they’d leave the gravity too fast and be repelled by the force field next to it.

Therefore, the most important point in sailing the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb is balancing gravity and speed.”

Epsilon spoke neither fast nor slow. On the one hand, through the imaging system of the connector, he directly simulated the range of the meteoroid force fields around the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb and the speed required to pass them.

Different force fields can easily be passed as long as they used different speeds, so Mu Gen can drive a spaceship as long as he masters this——the robots don’t think there’s anything wrong with this.

But they overlooked the most important thing——Mu Gen is not a robot, but a human.

Whether he can remember this data was one thing, whether he can react quickly is another thing!

However, as rational robots, they naturally have a backup method. Once Mu Gen fails to drive, Epsilon will immediately take over the operation!

However, since Epsilon knew Mu Gen’s driving ability, he presumed that Mu Gen can drive alone for at least ten minutes.

After ten minutes, it happened that they’d be out of the current meteoroid star’s force field and about to enter the next force field. At that time, Mu Gen has a 50% chance of successfully adjusting his driving speed and entering the next force field smoothly.

“Then I’ll give up control and you can do it alone.”

In this way, with the encouragement of his Uncles’ “love”, Mu Gen, full of self-confidence, finally began to operate alone.

The author has something to say:

Alternative chapter title: Inspired from A’Yu.

Finally started to operate independently 囧rz

The title for this chapter was where the little gong will appear, why didn’t he appear…

Rolls around.

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  1. You know what that makes me think of? Every heard of that game Cut the Rope? It reminds me kind of that, where you need to cut the rope at the right time or else you’ll lose all momentum and fail. But Epsilon is so cute wanting Mu Gen to be his driver and created games for him! So cute! Thank you for the chapter!

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