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“…3…2…1! Control released.”

Mu Gen heard his Uncle Epsilon count down three seconds, and with the word “released”, he felt his body suddenly sink. The meteoroids that were originally quietly suspended around him seemed to suddenly wake up from their sleep and moved!

The spacecraft was like a wild horse and about to slam in the direction of the huge meteoroid ahead!

This is bad! These meteoroids are actually moving at high speed! The illusion that they’re stationary just now was actually because the speed of the spacecraft was basically equal to them! Now that his Uncle Epsilon left the operations to him, Mu Gen failed to keep up with the meteoroids’ flight speed in time. As a result, the spacecraft he’s driving became a lamb that strayed into a pack of wolves!

From a distance, the spacecraft driven by Mu Gen had probably become the only stationary existence in this area.

The originally still meteoroids began to move at a speed that frightened Mu Gen, and several even hit him! Mu Gen, who could perceive the entire spacecraft, felt that the tail part was hit by two meteoroids one after another. Fortunately, those two were not enough to cause damage to the spacecraft made from Uncle Epsilon’s body. But even so, it shocked him.

“Warning! Warning! Please increase the flight speed to 17 immediately.” Epsilon reminded him in time. Following his Uncle’s prompt, Mu Gen immediately pressed the speed-up button. When the speed on display read 17, the spacecraft finally stopped. Just when he thought he could relax, the spaceship suddenly swayed and then uncontrollably swayed to the right.

“There’s a large obstacle on the right. Please follow the on-screen instructions to select the correct speed.” This time, Epsilon no longer gave specific prompts. Instead, the flashing numbers on the console suddenly had a red highlight. On the black background screen, these red numbers stood out from the other cyan-colored data, so Mu Gen immediately noticed them.

The gravitational constant of the meteoroids…the distance from the surface to the center of mass…the inferred radius…

If it were other people, they’d be confused, but for Mu Gen who grew up in a strict exam-oriented education, he understood the meaning of the numbers next to these symbols at once.

Faced with these questions, most people would already become very numb during the exam, while well-trained people would calm down when they see this paper.

Let me do two sets of questions to calm down ←I’m talking about this kind of person.

There’s no doubt that Mu Gen is of this kind.

The moment he saw these familiar symbols, Mu Gen immediately calmed down. The spacecraft has its own large computing system and naturally didn’t need him to calculate. These numbers are automatically calculated by the system so one number after another jumped out. These numbers are actually the right half of the gravitational potential energy speed correspondence table that Mu Gen studied.

What Mu Gen needed to do now is to find the speed and direction that can get rid of the planet’s gravitational energy.

Just like when manually driving an antique car, you need to choose different gears to change the speed. But right now, the spacecraft that Mu Gen is driving is for long-distance voyages, so the road conditions are many times more complicated than the antique cars recorded in history books. Even more complicated was that he’s now sailing on his own judgment!

In the current era when intelligent brains and robots are popular, there aren’t many people who can drive large-scale flying facilities solely on their own. Today’s flying facilities are all equipped with super brains, which can judge flight conditions and plan routes automatically so that humans can now basically rely on intelligent systems for navigation.

They rely so much on intelligent systems to replace them in complex calculations and judgments that if you let modern humans drive antique cars manually, maybe most of them can’t drive. They have lost a kind of judgment talent they once possessed, which is the most important thing.

A very terrible black hole collapse happened a hundred years ago. At that time, all 328 spacecrafts nearby disappeared. They got sucked into the terrible black hole and disappeared to a certain corner of the universe. A year later, just when the relevant departments had determined that they were all killed and were preparing to issue obituaries, one of the spacecraft came back.

The spacecraft was seriously damaged and the brain was 80% damaged. The pilot of this spacecraft actually flew back on his own!

According to the survivor, the brain on his spacecraft was damaged at the beginning, so he failed to keep up with the others. When other people were advancing according to the brain’s plan, he could only drive the spacecraft by himself. He avoided all disasters along the way with his own judgment and because there’s no sign of humans along the way, he could only save energy as much as possible and flew back tremblingly. When he flew back, the spacecraft’s energy compartment only had 2% energy left!

For a time, calls to get rid of intelligent systems and develop human potential brought waves. Although the teaching reform in this area has not yet been carried out in ordinary schools, all military schools have quietly added this training to their curriculum.

There’s no doubt that Mu Gen started this training unconsciously!

The intelligent system only provided him with gravitational energy and the distribution of obstacles. His job was to choose the direction and speed——this job seemed simple, but due to the extremely complicated driving environment at this time, this became extremely difficult.

In the beginning, Mu Gen just drove according to the data. The spacecraft flew fast and slow under his control, flying awkwardly and funnily past the meteoroids. This flight has never been seen in Epsilon’s flight records.

But one of the moves is very good for dodging, maybe he can program this move in the future ←Epsilon actually took this issue seriously.

 ̄▽ ̄

Although his flying is ugly, Mu Gen’s hit rate was very low. As someone who drove for the first time, his performance was already very good.

Alpha silently scored Mu Gen 30 points.

Note: Alpha’s scores are determined from professional drivers who have previously driven super robots.

It can’t be helped, he hadn’t been in contact with a few humans, so Alpha can only look for reference objects in his database orz.

“In one second, the next force field is coming soon, Epsilon, please be prepared to take over.” Similar to Epsilon’s judgment, Alpha’s judgment on Mu Gen’s initial voyage was also ten minutes.

In his opinion, Mu Gen was already very good at sailing in small force field environments. In the upcoming large force field environment, Alpha didn’t believe that Mu Gen can make accurate judgments in time.

In the next force field, due to the gravitational energy, the movement speed of the meteoroids is twenty times more than this one!

The author has something to say:

In the current polls, I found that George’s charm is greater than his uncles!!!

PS. Many readers responded yesterday that they couldn’t see the “Author has something to say” section.

In fact, yesterday, I invited everyone to vote on this author’s Weibo for extra chapters for the first book.

The current situation: Cute George is first, Uncle Luhua is second, and both protagonists… have no combat power…

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