TINA V0C019: “So You Also Did It”

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The force pulled the spacecraft driven by Mu Gen in seven different directions!

After the spacecraft stood still for a second, the head slightly tilted to the right. With this undetectable deviation, the entire spacecraft swiftly sprinted to the right!

There seemed to be no obstacles in that direction, but Epsilon’s scanning system had already clearly scanned what’s in that direction: There’s a black asteroid that way! However, it’s not completely black. The surface of this planet was very hot, like a dark fire and its true contents hidden in the darkness. There are almost no fragmented meteoroids around this one as most of the meteoroids that got pulled in its direction was burned without waiting for them to approach.

“Warning! Warning! Please steer spacecraft away from this direction immediately!” Epsilon sounded the alarm and at the same time, he was ready to take over Mu Gen at any time.

However, in the 40th second after the alarm was issued, the spacecraft suddenly paused, the bow of the ship slightly slanted to the left, and then successfully went around this asteroid.

It was Mu Gen! He found the right direction and speed in time!

Epsilon temporarily interrupted the process of taking over.

Five minutes later, Mu Gen drove the spacecraft into the circular orbit of the next asteroid. This time, he did better than before. There were no awkward pauses and no deviation from the course. He also did the next one very smoothly, turning the bow of the boat in that direction before the next force field, then smoothly turned.

With this beginning, the next voyage was smooth and unusual. Mu Gen could always make an accurate deviation in time before arriving at the next force field, choosing the correct speed, and safely entering the next section. If those sitting in this spacecraft look out at this moment, they’d find that the meteoroids outside the window seemed to be still.

This meant that the speed of the spacecraft and the surrounding asteroids are the same!

Under Mu Gen’s control, the entire spacecraft sailed through the meteoroids outside like it’s nothing. It’s light and fast, shuttling safely through the most dangerous ocean in the universe.

Mu Gen was almost as good as a robot——the other robots commented on Mu Gen’s performance.

However, Mu Gen’s approach seemed different from a robot:

The robots will judge the route and speed according to the collected data and fly strictly according to the results of the analysis, but Mu Gen can’t. Without a core brain, his brain can’t deal with so much data at the same time. In fact, when he was about to crash into that dark asteroid, he had completely ignored whatever kind of data on the screen. He relied on his instinct and chose the direction and speed. The results told him: He chose the right one!

The flight carried out completely according to the data was awkward, but the flight chosen out of instinct was much smoother. So in the next voyage, Mu Gen began to ignore the data and rely solely on his own instincts for the next flight.

13 speed is like this…14 speed is a bit faster…at 17, the tail of the spacecraft will tremble slightly…

If driving on land, an experienced driver can roughly estimate its speed when seeing another car, but in space, this feeling was difficult to establish. For space flight, speed was the most difficult thing to judge by personal feelings. There’s no reference in the dark universe, and judging the speed was extremely complicated. The numbers displayed on the screen are the only thing the pilots can trust. The ability to predict the route in space through instinct can only be done by military pilots——this is the perception of most people today.

Until now, one of the exams in military academies was their spatial and speed judgment in space. Talents who can get 3 out of 10 are eligible to apply for specific majors. Those who get 5 points and more can directly select and enter certain specialties.

These people will go through various training to hone their abilities. 80% can increase this score to 7 in the graduation exam, but no matter how high their score, it can only be done by a very rare group of people.

Mu Gen didn’t realize how difficult this was. On the contrary, he had nothing on his mind right now. He seriously felt the subtle changes of the spacecraft through the connector and focused on driving the spacecraft.

Mu Gen felt that he had become Uncle Epsilon right now. Everything that Uncle Epsilon felt was faithfully transferred to him. He knew his current speed and direction, and he can control it!

Now, he’s not driving the spacecraft forward, but he himself was moving forward!

Mu Gen closed his eyes.

He’s now in the vast universe, surrounded by dangerous meteoroids but he can control himself and carefully pass through the danger. The gravity from the asteroids is very terrible and he might be sucked in at any time, but after going forward for a period of time, he felt that this gravity was no longer as terrible as it was in the beginning. Mu Gen even thought that these gravitational forces are also a good thing. With the help of gravity, he can enter the next place he wanted to go more effortlessly. This feeling was indescribable, just like the feeling of running with Sigma in the wilderness before leaving his home planet. There are many terrible places that he can’t go to. It’s not that Mu Gen never encountered danger, but with his good physical strength and precise judgment, he could always dodge danger all the time.

What he’s feeling right now is the same as it was then, so Mu Gen slowly became excited.

After repeated trials, he became more and more aware of what he could do, so he let go.

The next flight was almost like a performance. In this chaotic and sinister asteroid formation, the spacecraft driven by Mu Gen flew in unimaginable routes while extremely relaxed.

“Epsilon, you let Mu Gen play SuperSpeed in private.” Seeing Mu Gen so excited, Alpha’s dark screen turned to Epsilon. This was an affirmative sentence. Alpha recognized that there are parts similar to driving a SuperSpeed car in Mu Gen’s current proficiency.

“…Eta, you let Mu Gen play Super Dodgeball.” Without answering Alpha, Epsilon turned his head to question Eta. Being able to avoid so perfectly, only the training game developed by Eta——Super Dodgeball, can do it.

“The antique game of Super Mario is only available in Pi’s hard drive.” Beta said coldly from the side: The flying mode of Mu Gen flying around is very similar to a character in this antique game.

Okay, not just some of them, but everyone secretly took little Mu Gen to play a game. (≧▽≦)

From the beginning to the present, Mu Gen had been driving a spacecraft alone for three and a half hours!

Just when Alpha scolded his companions and prepared to let Mu Gen finish the flight and rest for a while, Mu Gen suddenly yelled.

“First Uncle look! Doesn’t that thing in the distance look like Kan Mengmeng?” Mu Gen was so excited that you wouldn’t understand his explanation, so he immediately called out again: “It’s like the little chicken in “Super Mengmeng”! The one in the game you played with me!”

The calm straight line on the dark screens suddenly fluctuated. When Alpha calmly turned his head, he faced the colorful screens of his companions:




“Did it.”

Those four words simultaneously appeared on his companions’ screens.

The author has something to say:

Mu Gen, a professional at digging pits for his uncles ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Uncle, I’m showing off your secret!

Today, the author ate glutinous rice balls without the filling, it was terrible!

What about everyone? Have you had any delicious glutinous rice balls?

I wish you all a happy Lantern Festival! Mwah!

TINA V0C018: Countdown
TINA V1C020: Break The Stars For You

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