TINA V1C020: Break The Stars For You

TINA V0C019: "So You Also Did It"
TINA V1C021: First Encounter

Robot A is just the simplest first-generation mining robot. To put it simply, it’s a robot that does hard labor. Such a robot’s hard disk is not big enough, so there’s nothing he can do regarding entertainment. Before Alpha and the others arrived, the books with pictures were the most precious treasure for little Mu Gen. He did not know things such as video games and cartoons.

Until Alpha and the others arrived.

Although every day was filled with all kinds of homework, Mu Gen also has cartoons to watch~

The Alphabet Series Robots that performed many espionage missions have a pile of “junk” in their hard drive, so the cartoons that Mu Gen watched are picked out from this pile of “junk”.

According to their data, humans like to watch cartoons in their early childhood, which is in line with human psychological needs.

Don’t know where he saw this sentence, but Alpha searched his disk’s trash bin一一and found a cartoon. This is an old one called “The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng”. The protagonist is a chick called Kan Mengmeng, who has a fluffy body and a tender yellow mouth like a bird, with small baby teeth inside! In addition, Kan Mengmeng also has a fat butt and thin long legs… (T/N: Do chicks have teeth?)

People say that aesthetic consciousness comes from childhood memories. From a young age of watching the adventures of Kan Mengmeng, Mu Gen’s aesthetic enlightenment is this little chicken.

After lunch every day, when the other robots go to the sun to recharge, Alpha will always play an episode of The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng for little Mu Gen. This cartoon that has 400 episodes has been watched over and over again by Mu Gen at least 12 times!

For Mu Gen, who only has Sigma as a little brother, Kan Mengmeng is another small partner who accompanied him when he grew up.

“Super Mengmeng” is a game adapted from “The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng”. The one called Super Mengmeng was a superalloy steel armored mechanical chicken! Super Mengmeng’s objective was to use the eyes and mouth to launch laser cannons as it galloped through the endless universe to punish good and evil, and help everyone solve all kinds of difficulties——this is a very righteous chicken!

At this moment, what appeared in front of Mu Gen was Super Mengmeng’s head.

It’s a very incredible sight: In the distant universe, layers of meteoroids couldn’t hide this chubby figure. Mu Gen saw a little yellow chicken showing half of its body among the stars with an innocent look. It’s so huge that Mu Gen no longer needed the imaging tools since he can directly see it through the window.

Super Mengmeng floating in the universe was truly a very strange scene.

But soon, Mu Gen no longer had the time to look at Kan Mengmeng.

Mu Gen suddenly lost focus for five seconds and the originally smooth flight abruptly stopped. As soon as his voice fell, the spacecraft was hit hard the next second! The huge impact forced Mu Gen to lean heavily on the backrest, his shoulder hurting from the hit. Fortunately, the seatbelt around his waist firmly fixed Mu Gen, otherwise, he would have fallen out!

In the meteoroid belt, all kinds of accidents can happen in one second, not to mention five seconds! Even if Epsilon took over in time, something beyond the robot’s expectations still happened——

A huge asteroid that shouldn’t have appeared on their route at this moment deviated from its original course and went in their direction!

“Defense missile in place! Aim! Fire——” Beta immediately took over the weapon defense system of the spacecraft. When building the spacecraft, he installed all the weapons he had in the spacecraft’s weapon bay. He had consumed most of the weapons when they fled before, so he only has four “Blaster”-ER missiles in his inventory.

The power of three “Blaster”-ER missiles can destroy a small star with a diameter of 2,000 meters! But now, the diameter of the asteroid approaching them has exceeded three kilometers!

It came too suddenly that the flying distance of the missile launched was too short, which meant that even if the missile was launched, it wouldn’t reach the power that it should theoretically achieve.

Beta launched four missiles at the same time.

As a combat robot, he’s very aware of the results of launching these four missiles: Completely powerless to resist, unable to confront asteroid head-on. Beta chose a very clever landing point and fired the four missiles at a very deviated angle, trying to use the impact of the missiles to influence the asteroid’s course!

Upon seeing the four missiles hit the expected position at the same time, but didn’t shake the target at all, Beta coldly announced:

“Mission failed.”

“What should we do after the mission fails?” Mu Gen asked anxiously when he heard his Uncle Beta’s usual voice.

“Can’t calculate.” The screen flashed for a long time, and all the robots tilted their heads. This is the disadvantage of robots: They’re not good at dealing with emergencies.

Mu Gen was dumbfounded.

“Sorry, Mu Gen, you might not be able to go to school.” Alpha suddenly spoke, lying still on the console with his big bald head, trying to turn his screen toward Mu Gen.

Mu Gen was startled, but he quickly laughed.

He jumped off the console and let Sigma lay on his shoulders. Mu Gen then held all the big heads on the console in his arms and then he leaned in his dad’s cold arms.

Looking towards the window in front of the console, Mu Gen quietly waited for the arrival of their last moment.

The scourge symbolizing death hurled toward their direction at an unstoppable pace!

The asteroid blocking their course approached, and he watched as it’s about to hit his spacecraft…

Mu Gen can even see the stone surface on the surface!

At this moment, an even more incredible scene appeared: The moment the asteroid was about to hit the spaceship, a burst of bright light suddenly appeared behind it, and then…

The asteroid disappeared.

No…not disappeared! It turned into black dust in an instant! That light turned that huge star into ashes!

The sudden mysterious light cleared out the asteroid in front of Mu Gen. Through the console window, Mu Gen once again saw Super Mengmeng he’d just seen before.

At this time, a strong light was slowly retracting from its eyes. Seeing this scene, only one sentence from the cartoon was left in Mu Gen’s mind:

“You can use your eyes and mouth to launch laser cannons, gallop through the endless universe to punish good and evil, and help everyone solve all kinds of difficulties. He’s the partner of justice——Kan Mengmeng!”

Quickly taking over the control of the spaceship again, Mu Gen drove the spacecraft and flew to Kan Mengmeng!


At this time, Kan Mengmeng floating in space has just recovered the laser weapon.

“Smashed a total of 103 stars, Olivia, you wasted the Empire’s assets again.” A deep voice sounded in the huge space.

No one replied.

Still, not long after that, the speaker was turned on and heavy metal music instantly filled the entire space.

“It’s just a few stones, also…isn’t playing with rocks a hobby unique to Kantas cubs?” While leaning the upper body comfortably in the driver’s seat, slender legs rested on the console. The only person in that space一一a human, showed a violent smile.

The author has something to say:

I arrived home at 11 o’clock and I was dragged by my friend to talk about life for a few hours…

After that, I tried to update

But OCD, can’t explain orz

I don’t think it’s good, so I’ll fix it later.

Sure enough, I woke up late and fixed the bugs in the other chapters.

Translator’s Note:

Update: July 9, 2021

Sorry,  he didn’t lose consciousness, he just lost focus because he became too excited at seeing Kan Mengmeng.

TINA V0C019: "So You Also Did It"
TINA V1C021: First Encounter

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  1. I wonder why he lost consciousness out of nowhere? That seemed so random xD the author didn’t even explain why, like maybe sth along the lines of “operating the spaceship and concentrating for so long has put a lot of strain on his consciousness” or sth. Nah, he just randomly went out for a bit xD

  2. Let me tell you, chickens do not have teeth, no matter their age. Is this the ML? He seems very powerful, a worthy ally! Thank you for the chapter!

  3. So the moral of the story is: Never get distracted by a real life Kan Mengmeng when you’re fleeing from an asteroids belt with your robotic family

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