TINA V1C021: First Encounter

TINA V1C020: Break The Stars For You
TINA V1C022: Kan Mengmeng's Cry

When his long, gleaming platinum hair was roughly pushed behind his ears, a row of earrings was exposed. But his hair wasn’t that obedient. Not long after being pushed, it fell back to his cheek.

The owner of the hair simply didn’t care anymore as he took a lollipop from his pocket, and put it in his mouth as he started playing games.

It’s obviously just a stand-alone game, but he was very devoted and while playing, he consumed ten lollipops. He didn’t throw away the game controller until he couldn’t get past a certain level.

Getting up from the pilot’s seat, he walked for a while in the spacecraft and stretched his waist. When his eyes casually fell on the rear window, he was stunned:

“Is that an angler?”

An unfamiliar spacecraft got stuck behind his spacecraft’s buttocks at some point. In the dark space, that ship had its signal lights on top of the ship, looking like an angler from a distance.

But it’s not the time to think about what that spacecraft looks like!

When did this ship follow behind him, why didn’t the intelligent system tell him? Unless——

The scanning system on his spacecraft didn’t find the other side at all!

Then the opponent must be a military model equipped with the highest level of anti-detection equipment!

The person who was watching seriously immediately adjusted his posture to prepare for battle. He jumped back to the driver’s seat in two steps and issued a combat command to the spacecraft’s intelligent system: “Mengmeng, ready the interstellar cruise missile.”

“Yes.” The stiff mechanical sound of the intelligent system answered him.

“Interesting, do you want to fight?” The bored person suddenly became excited.

“Come on!” As the red bar representing the completion of the missile’s energy storage filled up, he grinned with a bloodthirsty smile.

Then, at this moment, the “angler” lantern of the opposite side began to randomly flash.

“What are they doing?” He frowned.

“This is the Arufa Code, which was introduced in the course three years ago. Olivia, you skipped class again.” The intelligent system loyally answered his question.

“…leave me alone! Just tell me what the other person is saying.”

“They are saying [Hello].”

“Huh?” He wrinkled his eyebrows.


“The word [Hello] in the Arufa Code is typed like this, right?” Unsure if he inputted the right signal into the system, Mu Gen cautiously consulted Eta next to him.

“Correct, you have completely mastered the Arufa Code.” After answering Mu Gen’s question affirmatively, Eta finally realized the inconvenience of not having a body: There’s no way to applaud little Mu Gen!

“Thank you, Uncle Eta.” Even if they’re family members, he still had to express his gratitude after being helped——Mu Gen thanked his uncle for helping him as usual, and then typed the greeting again using the Arufa Code.

It’s hard to express his gratitude and excitement with only the signal light greeting. If possible, Mu Gen would like to add an emoji!

(≧▽≦)←the only way he can express his current mood!

Mu Gen hit [Hello!] three times.

Then, the other party replied to him.


Reading the other party’s signal, Mu Gen was stunned.

Then he rolled away immediately. As a novice driver, he was very unskilled in rolling, but he rolled out of the opponent’s course as soon as the opponent gave instructions.

Then, something terrible happened——


Not long after Mu Gen rolled away, from where he was just now, a dark asteroid fragment suddenly galloped from behind him and slammed into Kan Mengmeng’s belly in front of him.

“Oh, God!” Sitting safely in Uncle Epsilon’s belly, Mu Gen was stunned.

Olivia, who was hit by the strong impact and bounced off the driver’s seat, was also stunned.

“This, this, this…” After a few “this”, he got up from the ground in disbelief.

“This is the consequence of not wearing a seatbelt.” The intelligent system complained about him again.

‘Shut up!” Sitting back in the driver’s seat, Olivia viciously said, but even so, he still put on the seatbelt that he’d never used before.

The author has something to say:

In the first encounter, before seeing each other, Kan Mengmeng already lost.

So vulnerable…

It’s a little less, but I’m too sleepy~

Please enjoy the brainless theater from a moon rabbit:

When parents sneakily let their children play games——

Yesterday, Uncle Epsilon took Mu Gen to play Super Speed, so happy!

Epsilon secretly hid in the sun to replenish energy…

The next day, Pi also joined the sunbathing team…

Epsilon: What a coincidence, also basking in the sun?

Pi: Yeah! Recently, Alpha ordered a lot of work so energy consumption is fast…

Since then, the number of members of the sunbathing team continued to increase.

Everyone: The environment on this planet is really bad. Look, the workload arranged by Alpha has increased!

Alpha: Finally they’re gone, I can finally enjoy the sun quietly! (←Author: Turns out you also don’t have enough energy to play games. (≧▽≦))

TINA V1C020: Break The Stars For You
TINA V1C022: Kan Mengmeng's Cry

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