TINA V1C022: Kan Mengmeng’s Cry

TINA V1C021: First Encounter
TINA V1C023: For Our First Meeting, Nice To Meet You!

When the asteroid was about to hit him again, Kan Mengmeng opened fire on it. The missile flew out from the launch port under the left wing, almost perfect intercepting the impact from the asteroid.

But it’s only “almost”: The asteroid was too big to completely shatter when Kan Mengmeng shot it. Fortunately, at a critical juncture, he turned around in time and blocked the attack from the asteroid with his butt, protecting the most important head and abdomen.

Kan Mengmeng turned into a chick with a black butt.

Sacrificing himself just to protect others…this is the case with Kan Mengmeng in the cartoons. To help others, he’d often put himself at risk.

“What a good chicken!” Mu Gen was deeply moved at seeing Kan Mengmeng, who was hit by the asteroid but was still standing strong in the universe.

“Big butt is good,” Sigma confirmed this again.

(T/N: The butt jokes and reference in this novel is insane!)

But Mu Gen didn’t sigh for a long time. Seeing Kan Mengmeng motionless, Mu Gen suddenly became a little worried.

Mu Gen drove the spaceship a little closer and flew around him twice. He couldn’t help signaling the other party again.

“Are you okay?”

Mu Gen sent the same message three times in a row.

Then Olivia got angry:

I’m not fine at all!!!

Kan Mengmeng was hit——

After leaving the factory, Kan Mengmeng’s repair rate has been zero, and with Olivia, a master who’s so domineering and accustomed to making trouble, Kan Mengmeng has also become an interstellar tyrant: He hit a lot of things, so what about asteroids? So what if he got hit!

He even had the capital to be arrogant: Kan Mengmeng’s shell is all made of BQ-type liquid alloy, which is the hardest metal known today. The price of BQ-type alloy is not affordable for ordinary people. Generally, only military spacecrafts use it and it’ll be based on the budget. Generally, it’s only used in key parts, so there are not many spacecrafts in the universe that use this alloy in its entire body like Kan Mengmeng!

BQ alloy was used all over the body, and the butt part is also thick. It stands to reason that Kan Mengmeng’s alloy should be indestructible!

But now, Kan Mengmeng was damaged.

( ⊙.⊙)

“Olivia, how would you respond to the other party’s signal?” Despite Olivia being irritable, the intelligent system’s voice was as stable as ever.

“Let him roll!” Olivia replied without even thinking about it.

“Warning: The Kan Mengmeng is now unable to continue its flight. It takes seven days for the nearest space trailer to arrive here. This spacecraft is the only one nearby一一are you sure you want the other party to go?” Ignoring its master’s tone, the intelligent system continued to politely ask its host’s opinion.

“…” Olivia didn’t say a word. He then took out a lollipop and held it for a long time before finally calming down: “Let him come over, tell him we want to go to their spacecraft.”

“As you wish.”

After accepting his master’s instruction, the intelligent system loyally performed its task. With such an extremely bad-tempered owner with fluctuating moods, the intelligent system named Mengmeng automatically acquired a new skill, and that is——

“Hello, I am the intelligent system called Mengmeng. As you can see, I have just been attacked by an asteroid and can no longer fly. May I ask if I can get your assistance?”

After a long string of signals was sent out, Mengmeng felt that the tone was still not pitiful enough, so it added another word on its initiative.


As a robot, yes, although Mengmeng is the intelligent system of Kan Mengmeng, he’s also a robot, the detachable type like Epsilon. He can become a huge cute and adorable chicken when he travels between the stars. He’d usually put his body parts in the multi-dimensional space in his belly and look like the young Kan Mengmeng!

Okay, I’m digressing again, let’s continue the previous topic.

As a robot, because of having such an extremely bad-tempered owner with fluctuating moods, Mengmeng, who’s responsible for wiping his owner’s ass, is now a super cleaning expert. He mastered the profound art that only a part of human beings can possess, and that is:

The ultimate skill of selling meng!

His hard disk contains all the audio data of his owner when he was a child!


Imitating his owner, Mengmeng chirped again.

And this cry disgusted Alpha and the other robots.

The author has something to say:

Suffered a little injury, went to the hospital for an emergency


Turns out there’s also a line in the ER…

TINA V1C021: First Encounter
TINA V1C023: For Our First Meeting, Nice To Meet You!

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