TINA V1C023: For Our First Meeting, Nice To Meet You!

TINA V1C022: Kan Mengmeng's Cry
TINA V1C024: Formidable Mu Gen

“The current military models are too shameful.” Alpha commented plainly.

“A meaningless word like a chirp, I don’t understand why it should be typed.” Eta agreed.

“The Arufa Code didn’t have the chirp word. To input this signal, it used two additional signals which is a waste of resources.” Beta, a big energy user, is particularly frugal.

Together, they all automatically ignored their wasting energy to play games for little Mu Gen (≧▽≦), and they also forgot how they applauded to encourage Mu Gen to learn.

Just as the robots criticized the other spacecraft, Mu Gen’s excited voice suddenly went over their heads:

“Kan Mengmeng! Dad, Uncles, it’s Kan Mengmeng, Kan Mengmeng! He chirped like in the cartoon!”

All the robots went silent.

Some useless things have unexpected effects on humans as they learned from Mu Gen.

But although Mu Gen was happy, he was stunned. Even though he wanted Kan Mengmeng to come over, he didn’t forget to ask his parents for their opinions:

“Dad, Uncles, can I invite Kan Mengmeng over?”

His gaze stayed on Alpha’s screen the longest. Children are most able to perceive words and expressions. Mu Gen clearly knew in his heart: Uncle Alpha is the decision-maker in this family!

“…” Faced with such a face, Alpha couldn’t say anything to refuse. Besides, he had other plans. They didn’t know if the energy onboard was enough…

Thinking of this, Alpha began to give instructions: “Epsilon, ask if there are anyone on the other spacecraft and how many people. If the number is less than three, open the docking channel for them.”

“Yes.” Upon receiving the instruction, Epsilon took full control of the spacecraft again. Then the following matters are between him and the opposing spacecraft’s intelligent system.

Mu Gen was stunned for a moment.

“People?” He carefully raised Alpha’s head and asked him, “You mean, there might be people inside?”

“Yes, the other party is not a drone type. The act of smashing asteroids in the asteroid belt is obviously not done by a spacecraft performing its mission. Based on comprehensive analysis, the probability that there’s someone inside the spacecraft is 80%.” Alpha stiffly narrated his own inference, but Mu Gen was stunned.

After swallowing his saliva, Mu Gen suddenly became a little nervous: Ever since he could remember, he had never seen a living person~

At this moment, Epsilon signaled what he wanted to ask.

“Hello, how many people are in your spacecraft? Our spacecraft has insufficient space and can only take up to three people.”

A message flashed back from the opponent’s ship:

“Hello, there’s only one human and one robot in our spacecraft. My owner’s name is Olivia, and I’m a robot called Mengmeng.”

“Permitted to board the ship, please open the passage within three minutes to prepare for boarding.” Making the final confirmation with the other party, Epsilon also began to prepare to accept them.

A “person” is coming? Mu Gen was stunned again. Although he’s a little nervous, he didn’t mess up. On the contrary, he also began to prepare.

Hospitality preparations.

He desperately recalled the limited content on the textbooks related to entertaining guests: When entertaining guests, the first thing to do is clean, right? Then he has to prepare tea or drinks, but he didn’t know what tea is, so white water should be fine, right?

Arranging the steps one by one in his mind, Mu Gen began to prepare nervously.

But he didn’t know that his uncles are also preparing——

“Once the other party shows any dangerous intentions, Epsilon, please immediately open the hatch on the bottom of the ship to expel them. At that time, Beta, please use the laser cannon to further eliminate the danger.”



After the robots used their brain waves to make a final confirmation, Epsilon also completed his preparations to dock the other party’s spacecraft. With the other party’s footsteps, the spacecraft finally ushered in the second human other than Mu Gen.

Olivia is a girl’s name, and for girls, no matter their age, they should be happy to accept being called Miss——

By The Complete List of Human Names provided by Uncle Alpha + The Complete List of Human Social Etiquette provided by Uncle Beta.

Mu Gen, who scored perfectly in both courses, smiled confidently:

“Welcome to my humble dwelling, Miss Olivia.”


Shoo——with that sound, something flew over. Mu Gen reflexively caught it and opened his palm to look, only to find a food named “lollipop” that he’d seen in the cartoon.

A small light bulb in his head lit up, and Mu Gen immediately understood:

“Thank you for your present, Miss Olivia——”

His words stopped the moment he looked up and saw the other party.

Mu Gen was stunned: Why does the other party…look like a man?!

The visitor looked about his own age, with highly transparent golden eyes and thin platinum blonde hair. He’s tall and thin, wearing clothes that Mu Gen can’t identify. Everything was fine, except for the other’s pants——

There are many big holes in it.

Mu Gen, who didn’t have a human being’s sense of fashion, completed the entire scan of the first human being he saw.

To confirm the gender of the other party, Mu Gen tried his best to look at the opponent’s chest a few more times. Confirming that it’s flatter than his, Mu Gen finally judged that the other party’s gender was male.

“Have you seen enough? Haven’t you ever seen another person?” The owner of this spacecraft was guilty of his biggest taboo as soon as he opened his mouth, then his second taboo when he looked him over, so Olivia’s tone immediately became bad.

This is an extremely provocative tone and Olivia was ready to fight the other party. He just had to win and take over the ownership of the spacecraft, then he can drive it back.

Unfortunately, Olivia miscalculated.

Because the person he provoked this time was Mu Gen——

“I…really haven’t seen another person.” Lowering his head shyly, Mu Gen answered him timidly.

“Mr. Olivia, you’re the first person I have ever met~ For our first meeting, it’s nice to meet you! Thank you for the lollipop you gave me!”

After speaking the first sentence, Mu Gen’s response became more natural. The hospitality etiquette that he’d learned from books many years ago came to mind, and he smoothly uttered the greetings for the first time. Mu Gen, who has a good memory, didn’t forget the supporting actions with the greetings.

Taking the initiative to stretch out his hand, Mu Gen tilted the corner of his mouth and gave Olivia a brilliant smile.

The author has something to say:

When I opened today’s comment section ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿


In space

Mu Gen greeted: Hello ~\\(≧▽≦)/~

Olivia: Roll!

Mu Gen obediently rolled away.

The next moment, “pa”, an asteroid quickly hit Olivia on the spot.

Olivia: …


In the school canteen

Mu Gen greets: Hello ~\\(≧▽≦)/~

Olivia: Roll!

Mu Gen obediently rolled away.

The next moment, “pa” a piece of hot pie quickly hit Olivia on the spot.

Olivia: …


In the water room

Mu Gen greets: Hello ~\\(≧▽≦)/~

Olivia: Roll, now!

Mu Gen obediently rolled away.

The next moment, “pa” a full thermos hit Olivia on the spot.

Olivia: …



Mu Gen: Olivia is a really good child who sacrifices himself to save others. The cartoons didn’t deceive me at all! ~\\(≧▽≦)/~

Mengmeng: …chirp, that’s right!

Olivia: …

Uncles: …

Call me Young Master: En (⊙_⊙), Olivia is such a good child, chirp ~\\(≧▽≦)/~

TINA V1C022: Kan Mengmeng's Cry
TINA V1C024: Formidable Mu Gen

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  1. The lollipop… Wah! It must be coated with salva 😭 hahahaha.
    I love the uncles preparing for the immediate elimination of any possible threat and Mu Gen being like: Does he like his coffee with sugar of with honey?

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