TINA V1C024: Formidable Mu Gen

TINA V1C023: For Our First Meeting, Nice To Meet You!
TINA V1C025: "Vegetarian" Olivia

This time, it was Olivia’s turn to be stunned.

The lollipop dropped from his open mouth and Mengmeng quickly grabbed it from the ground then stuffed it back into his mouth (hey!).

With a lollipop that had slightly cooled from the fall, Olivia looked directly at the owner of the spacecraft for the first time. With a glance, he almost spat out the lollipop in his mouth again!

Although Olivia looked ultra-modern as a whole, he’s actually very conservative. He calls the holes in his pants having a personality, but he absolutely can’t accept pure nudity as a fashion statement.

At this moment, Mu Gen, who smiled brightly at him, was undoubtedly naked:

The toned upper body had nothing, and the sun-baked natural honey-colored skin was boldly presented to Olivia. Compared with the upper body, the lower body, which is slightly whiter, is not bare but surrounded by a small piece of leather. The leather was so small that it’s better not to wear anything.

“S-so…so ridiculous!”

Lips trembling, Olivia finally turned to face Mengmeng:

“Give him a suit.”

Mengmeng, who had been staying at his feet, immediately took out a set of clothes from its belly, raised his head, then looked at Mu Gen with the clothes on his mouth.

One thing must be mentioned here: The moment Olivia landed on the spacecraft, Mengmeng immediately folded the Kan Mengmeng and put it in his stomach. Right now, he didn’t have that huge body but a small one that only reached Mu Gen’s calf.

Just now, he was thinking about seeing his first human so only then did Mu Gen noticed Mengmeng by Olivia’s feet. Mu Gen widened his eyes upon seeing him.

“Kan Mengmeng!” He immediately recognized who Mengmeng is!

“Nice to meet you, I am Mengmeng.” With a wing stretched out, Mengmeng gestured to Mu Gen to politely hold his wing.

And so, Mu Gen’s hand which was directed at Olivia went straight down.

Crouching down, Mu Gen cautiously stared at Mengmeng.

Although the eyes are big and bright, there’s no liveliness to them. Looking closely, you’ll find that Mengmeng’s eyes are composed of the same material from his Uncle’s screens, so it’s a robot chicken.

But it didn’t matter to Mu Gen. Gently holding Mengmeng’s cold little wings, he very cautiously shook hands with him.

“Nice to meet you, I am Mu Gen.”

Mengmeng tilted his head as if jammed, but he quickly returned to normal.

With a soft chirp, he tried to move the clothes in his mouth toward Mu Gen.

“Is this…clothes?” Mu Gen’s eyes were filled with curiosity as he gently touched the soft material.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen it before?” Olivia, who was standing aside, turned his head and couldn’t help but curiously ask.

“En, Dad said, the diapers I used when I was a kid were made of leather. Because they’re not breathable, I had a lot of rashes on my butt.” Mu Gen seriously said.

“…” With the lollipop making a big bulge on his right cheek, Olivia’s eyes involuntarily floated to Mu Gen.

He originally wanted to look at Mu Gen’s ass, but when he turned his head, he saw the other party’s black eyes. Those shiny eyes curved, looking at him with a smile.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Olivia.” Mu Gen once again stretched out his right hand toward Olivia, this time, calling him correctly.

Looking at those bright black eyes, Olivia slightly coughed then finally stretched out his right hand a little stiffly.

This was the first time Mu Gen shook hands with a human. He didn’t know: This was actually the first time Olivia shook hands with someone else.


“This is my Dad, First Uncle, Second Uncle, Third Uncle, Fourth Uncle…the last one is my brother Sigma.” Mu Gen seriously introduced his family to his guest.

Olivia: 囧! Why is your father a robot? How could your Uncles be robot…heads? Also, why is there only half of your brother left!? Where’s the other half?

“These are my friends, Olivia and Mengmeng.” After introducing his family, Mu Gen introduced Olivia and Mengmeng.

Olivia: 囧! When did I become your friend?!

And so, after “picking up” a dad, five uncles, and a younger brother in his childhood, Mu Gen was lucky enough to “pick up” two friends.

Have to say: His self-acquaintance is a truly terrible ability!

Sitting obediently next to Olivia, Mengmeng looked up at Mu Gen in admiration: Olivia is so terrible but there’s actually someone who’d rush to be his friend, truly amazing!

The author has something to say:

Aside from the dad, uncles, younger brother, and friends, even the horned beasts they’re raising were also picked up by him~

PS. Changed the cover, it’s not that horrible, right? The man on the cover before is my ideal Olivia~

TINA V1C023: For Our First Meeting, Nice To Meet You!
TINA V1C025: "Vegetarian" Olivia

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