TINA V1C025: “Vegetarian” Olivia

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There were no tables or chairs so everyone just sat on the floor.

Right now, there are several plates in front of Olivia: A plate of grilled meat, a plate of boiled meat, a pot of yellow vegetables, a boiled potato, and raw tomato. Finally, Mu Gen brought a glass of water.

Barbecue——is burnt;

Boiled meat——probably undercooked;

Vegetables——forget it, is this grass?

The above-mentioned foods made people lose their appetite. In the end, Olivia chose the boiled potatoes and raw tomatoes.

“Why not try the barbecue? The boiled meat is also good!” Without noticing Olivia’s slightly stiff face, Mu Gen enthusiastically recommended his barbecue.

“No.” Olivia bluntly refused.

Mu Gen was stunned.

Worried that Olivia’s attitude might annoy the owner of the spacecraft, Mengmeng felt that it’s time to save his owner again, so he walked up to Mu Gen and whispered:

“Please don’t mind Olivia. It’s not that he doesn’t like the food you prepared, it’s just that Olivia is a vegetarian. Chirp~”

Different from the other honest robots, Mengmeng acquired the “lying” skill. With wide-open eyes, he can tell lies.

God knows that Olivia is a pure carnivore!

As a standard otaku, what Olivia does every day is play games and watch cartoons at home. The only time he went out was probably to eat meat.

Olivia’s dream was to eat all kinds of meat in the universe. Now, this dream has been realized for the most part, but there’s only one thing he hasn’t tried. That is the ultimate pursuit of every carnivore gourmet, the ultimate ingredient——Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon!

The meat, bone, skin, and scales can all be eaten. Each part has a particular cooking method and each part is delicious. This kind of dragon is born to make people drool!

Due to its delicious meat and precious materials, the Crescent Moon Dragon became extinct a thousand years ago. A few years ago, Olivia paid a lot of money on the black market just for a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon’s horn and used it to make soup. After that, he completely fell for the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon.

The reason why he came to such a remote place this time was that he heard from the grapevine that there’s a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon on a certain planet here, so Olivia ran here on a wild goose chase from the Imperial Capital.

“I see. Then…sorry for taking the liberty.” After listening to Mengmeng’s explanation, Mu Gen immediately thought of several types of people who didn’t eat meat described in the book. Olivia must be that legendary religious believer, right? To let a vegetarian person eat meat is truly discourteous!

Sure enough, his hospitality experience was still insufficient. Before entertaining the guests, he should first ask the guests what they can’t eat——the good student Mu Gen secretly took notes in his heart.

“Please don’t blame yourself. The main reason is that Olivia’s stomach is not good, so eating meat can easily cause a stomach ache, chirp~” Blinking his big eyes, Mengmeng continued to talk nonsense.

God knew that after the soup with the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon was cooked, Olivia poured the whole pot into his mouth because the soup was too delicious →inside was naturally half of the dragon’s horn.

Aside from being the best ingredient, the horns are also used in forging auxiliary materials since it’s extremely hard and can penetrate things deeply. As soon as Olivia swallowed the dragon’s horn, everyone was in turmoil, and Mengmeng immediately lifted him to the doctor.

At that time, Mengmeng was ready to slice up Olivia, who knew——

“There’s nothing, it should have been digested.” The doctor said at that time.

Mengmeng crashed and God knew: At that time, Olivia was still a young chicken!

“In short, it’s not that he didn’t want to eat meat, but that he easily has diarrhea when he eats meat, so please don’t take it to heart.” The screen shaped like big eyes flickered, and Mengmeng even gave a free “chirp” at the end!

Mu Gen had never eaten alone. While Mu Gen was eating, a group of robots would also charge up nearby. Although Alpha and the others only had their heads right now, Mu Gen carefully manufactured a charger for them to use and recharged their heads.

So what Mengmeng just said to Mu Gen was heard by these robots.

“I really want to throw him out of the spacecraft. What’s this feeling?” Hearing that “chirp”, Eta asked his companions.

“If you want to expel the stomach content from your mouth, the term corresponding to this symptom in the human dictionary is vomiting.” Beta answered him coldly.

“I want to vomit too.”

“Me too…”

In a word, the robots were disgusted by Mengmeng again.

However, Olivia was the first human that Mu Gen had ever seen. Since he’s about to enter school and will have to deal with humans sooner or later, there’s now a way to practice interacting with humans in advance. The robot parents thought this was good, so they decided to temporarily tolerate Mengmeng in Epsilon’s belly.

The feeling of wanting to vomit but having to swallow it back…felt even more disgusting orz.

After dinner, it was time for Mu Gen to sleep. He diligently wiped the floor clean, then Mu Gen took out two big beddings and gave one to Olivia and Mengmeng. He then happily hugged the shut down Sigma and fell asleep on the other one.

Mu Gen’s sleep quality had always been good since he was a child. Basically, as long as he fell asleep, he wouldn’t wake up even if there’s a loud noise. So naturally, he didn’t know that Olivia hadn’t slept all night.

Under the gaze of Robot A and the four big heads, Olivia stayed in the toilet all night.


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TINA V1C024: Formidable Mu Gen
TINA V1C026: Art And Reality

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