TINA V1C026: Art And Reality

TINA V1C025: "Vegetarian" Olivia
TINA V1C027: Rare Friendship

Olivia, who played with asteroids like they’re just stones just yesterday, now has completely weak legs.

He looked really sick, completely different from Mu Gen, who ran around all year round. Olivia’s skin was sickly white, and when people first saw it, they couldn’t help but suspect if his blood was blue.

With Olivia like this as a reference, Mu Gen simply looked too healthy!

Mengmeng once again looked at the few big heads admiringly.

He’s also a nanny(←.←)robot. Why is it that when other robots take care of other human beings, they grew up so strong, but when he’s taking care of one, they grew up so sick?

There was an accident when he got out of his shell so Olivia was a very thin little chick when he was a child and even bald! Having a cold and fever just in three days, so to raise him, his elders named him Olivia, a girl’s name. Don’t know if it was a good name, but later, he finally got better. Unfortunately, he’s still much thinner than his peers of the same age.

Obviously, he’s a big foodie that can eat anything and never get fat which always made Mengmeng worry.

As soon as he woke up, he saw Olivia staring at him with two big dark circles under his eyes. Upon seeing him, Mu Gen was stunned at first, but then, he made a bright smile.

“Good morning!”


Good, my ass!

Before he could complete the sentence, Olivia’s stomach began to twitch again. Without a choice, he had to hold his stomach and ran to the toilet again.

“What’s wrong with Olivia?” Mu Gen asked in a puzzled manner, looking in the direction Olivia went to.

“He had diarrhea all night,” Mengmeng replied.

“Diarrhea? How come? Could it be from eating tomatoes just taken out of the refrigerator?”

“Probably not, Olivia likes cold drinks. When did you put the potatoes and tomatoes that Olivia ate yesterday in the refrigerator?” It’s important to understand the cause of diarrhea, so Mengmeng continued to ask Mu Gen.

“Thirteen years ago. I remember very clearly that the potato and tomato were gifts from Sigma.” Mu Gen didn’t want to eat such precious vegetables that he’d only seen in books, so he put them in the refrigerator. The refrigerators made by the Uncles were very useful, and things can be stored there for a long time.

So, it’s not that it didn’t thaw properly, but that it’s been there for too long…is that it?

Mengmeng crashed again.

You ate old tomatoes and potatoes that have been frozen for 13 years, he can’t tell Olivia such cruel news.

However, Mu Gen didn’t think anything was wrong at all. On his birthday a year ago, Sigma took a potato from the refrigerator and boiled it for him. Mu Gen was happy and moved, then the result was ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿.

Under Mu Gen’s caring gaze, Olivia finally crawled out of the toilet again. This time, he didn’t even have the strength to swear. He laid straight on the ground, closed his eyes, and directly fell asleep.

“Olivia must be uncomfortable, you can see his dark circles.” When he was asleep, he faintly heard the man named Mu Gen talking next to him.

“Olivia is truly uncomfortable but he already had dark circles before this.” That idiot Mengmeng. He’s obviously a robot, but why did he have so much nonsense? Just look, Mu Gen’s robots looked more like real robots, okay?

But…maybe he’s not to blame…

Since childhood, there had been many people around him, but whenever he was sick, there’s only Mengmeng with him. Perhaps because he’s afraid of being bored, or perhaps because he wanted to create a sense of excitement, Mengmeng would read to him every day.

Whether it be poems, fairy tales, jokes, all kinds of books that Mengmeng could find that humans would be interested in, Mengmeng would read to him. Don’t know if there were too many that over time, Mengmeng became like this.

“I bought Olivia an eye cream to remove the dark circles but he just doesn’t use it.” Mengmeng was still talking. Then, he felt something cold around his eyes. Olivia was annoyed and thought: That guy Mengmeng is secretly putting some eye cream on me again!

But as expected, he was tired. After a while, a warmer touch than Mengmeng’s cold mechanical wings touched his eyes. The feeling was too comfortable that it made him feel relieved. In seconds, Olivia could no longer hold on and fell asleep.


When Olivia woke up, he felt warm, relaxed, and comfortable.

The stomach that was so painful before was now quiet. Although a little deflated, he’s not hungry——seems like Mengmeng supplemented him with nutrients midway.

Slightly lifting his head, Olivia yawned and looked around: Mengmeng sat on the quilt and between his legs, the butt facing him. There are also a few big heads and a half-length robot standing upright beside him and they’re watching TV together;

Looking to the right: There was Mu Gen, who hadn’t had any good things since meeting him. At this moment, this catastrophe was sitting beside him, holding a piece of clothing in his hand, sewing, and mending.

This very peaceful scene stunned Olivia:

A poem immediately appeared in his mind——


One end of the thread is my armor;

The other end your heart;

Think of the thread as our love;

And I’ll return safely to your heart;

With a bouquet of flowers.


This poem described a man who participated in the war and was seriously injured and lying weakly on the bed. In a dream, he saw a scene in the candlelight where his lover shed tears to repair his armor.

Olivia decided to name this poem “Armor of Love”. He should go back and submit it to the 200th issue of “The Poet”.

This is the second result indirectly caused by the robot Mengmeng reading beside Olivia——Olivia has become a poetry lover and especially liked improvisational poetry.

→_→ especially the sentimental nonsense, a sensitive and romantic type that wouldn’t sell well.

Olivia, who looked like a degenerate in appearance, was actually delicate and sensitive in nature and have an extremely transparent artist heart!

Not long after Olivia woke up, Mu Gen noticed him.

He gathered the clothes in his hands and smiled brightly at Olivia.

“Woke up?”

Olivia nodded.

“You sweated a lot before, so I took your clothes off and washed them. I saw that it’s a bit torn, so I sewed it up for you.” Mu Gen said as he passed the clothes in his hands.

Mu Gen’s smile was too warn that Olivia felt a little dizzy.

His dizziness only lasted the moment he opened his pants——

“Motherf——” The moment he saw his pants, all the poetry, being moved, and dizziness were gone. Olivia cursed.

Mu Gen sewed all the big holes in his pants that represent art!

Sure enough, the ancestors said it well: Life’s daily necessities…are all enemies of art!

The author has something to say:

Changed the cover again.

No other way, I still miss Olivia’s sexy lips!

TINA V1C025: "Vegetarian" Olivia
TINA V1C027: Rare Friendship

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