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In the end, Olivia put on those no longer artistic pants.

This time, when Mu Gen asked him if he wanted to eat, Olivia decisively refused. To get rid of Mu Gen’s meddling, he turned his gaze to the light screen in front of him. The light screen that was originally used to observe the sailing situation became a TV set, and a cartoon was playing on it.

Originally, Olivia was just taking a casual glance, but when he saw the content, his gaze couldn’t move away. After following the plot for a while, he suddenly yelled!

“This, this, this is The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng!!!” His voice was so loud that Mu Gen was taken aback.

He carefully glanced at the screen. At this moment, the cartoon playing on the light screen was exactly Mu Gen’s only animation, The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng, but…

“Are there any problems?” Mu Gen scratched his head.

“The problem is big!!!!!!!” With a raised voice, Olivia moved his eyes away from the screen with difficulty, and he immediately approached Mu Gen. Mu Gen was forced back two steps, then he couldn’t move since Olivia held him firmly with both hands.

“This episode is something I haven’t watched at all! Which episode is this?” Olivia asked Mu Gen very seriously.

Mu Gen was stunned and turned his head slightly to look at the screen. Recalling the content of the animation, Mu Gen immediately answered Olivia’s question: “This is Episode 205.”

While Olivia was sleeping, Mu Gen was afraid that Mengmeng would be bored so he showed him “The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng”. Mengmeng said that he already watched it, so this time, he started from Episode 201. When he saw Olivia woke up, it’s just in time for the fifth episode.

“What!!!!!!” Olivia howled again! This time, not only Mu Gen but also the Uncles, who were right in front of the light screen, turned around.

“Tell me! How many episodes of “The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng” do you have here? I mean——I mean after Episode 200?!” Olivia was so excited that a little blush appeared on his pale face.

Mu Gen scratched his head again.

“400 episodes~ Isn’t “The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng” a total of 400 episodes?” Having watched it nearly 20 times, Mu Gen was very familiar with this cartoon, but every time he saw the word “The End” after the 400th episode, he always felt excited, just like the first time he saw it.

Olivia was stunned——

“The final ending song was very different~ For 400 episodes, only the ending credits of that episode are different from other episodes. Every time I hear it, I feel excited again.” This series was very beautiful from beginning to end, and the last episode brought out all its essence. Even people like Mu Gen, who have no musical cells, are attracted by the ending song, which is titled “Always Mengmeng” and became the only song that he could sing.

“Oh my God…you actually know that song…this seems…true…” Olivia, who’s still in a state of overexcitement, was not in the right state. His voice was trembling as he gazed at Mu Gen without blinking. In the end, as if making an important decision, he released his grip on Mu Gen and said with a straight face: “I want to buy all the video materials from Episodes 201 to 400 of [The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng]. You can name the price.”

His tone was particularly cool and domineering.

Then, Mengmeng’s voice came dimly from the side——

“Olivia, you forgot one thing: You bought out the lollipops from 15 candy stores and energy cards from 20 energy stations before you set off. You have no money.”

Olivia suddenly turned his head and menacingly stared at Mengmeng, trying to make a final confirmation with him.

“Chirp~ It’s true~” With his big eyes open, Mengmeng responded with certainty.

The long-distance travel of these two gluttons could really burn money~

Olivia’s shoulders collapsed.

He felt so embarrassed.

He just boasted that the other party could name any price, but in the blink of an eye, he found that his wallet was empty. This felt truly uncomfortable.

How about…robbing him?

Evil comes from the guts, and this idea suddenly appeared in Olivia’s mind.

The moment he thought so, Olivia lowered his head and his expression became very scary in a place where Mu Gen couldn’t see.

At this moment, a pair of warm palms suddenly fell on his shoulders.

“I’ll give it to you!”

He raised his head and fell straight into Mu Gen’s hearty smile.

“This…” Olivia was stunned.

In his opinion, everything in this world needs to be exchanged with money. He has to pay money to buy lollipops, energy cards, and all kinds of things that he wanted.

Since childhood, Olivia had never received anything for “free”.

Even if it’s something that others don’t want, no one will give it to him “for free”.

From childhood to adulthood, he made money to buy what he wanted, and when the money wasn’t enough, he would grab it. This has become his rule of thumb in his short life.

And now——

“Mengmeng can directly ask for it from Uncle Alpha. The full set of 400 episodes of “The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng” is in his head~ Uncle also has the final MV!”

“What!!!! Are you talking about the MV in which the singer Snowflake appeared in person?” Olivia was still immersed in unknown emotions, but Mu Gen’s revelation suddenly diverted his attention. His eyes were wide open, and he had an unbelievable expression!

“Uh…singer Snowflake? But the entire MV only has the animated version of Kan Mengmeng and a tree…” Mu Gen recalled again: “Forget it, just see it for yourself.”

Mu Gen told Olivia with a smile.

“…” Olivia didn’t know what to say this time. He lowered his head and after a long while, he raised his head again. With imperceptible caution in his voice, he asked Mu Gen in a low voice: “Excuse me, are you really going to give me such an important cartoon for free?”

He especially emphasized the word “free”.

“En, truly. Aren’t you my friend? Dad said that it’s only right for friends to share~” Although Mu Gen never had friends, his father explained the word friend to him.

Unlike robots, humans will encounter countless people and experience countless emotions in their short lifetime. They will meet relatives, lovers, friends, passers-by, and enemies in their journey through life. They will experience family affection, love, friendship, moral affection, and hatred because of these people. The robots can’t understand these emotions all their lives, but they thought that this was something Mu Gen must experience in the future, so they racked their brains. They rummaged through all the books telling about feelings and summarized these feelings to Mu Gen.

Friend, when there’s only one horned beast egg in your pocket, you’re still willing to give half of it to him——this is what Robot A told Mu Gen.

Olivia’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Okay, from now on, you’ll be my friend.” His tone became extremely solemn, and this time, Olivia reached out to Mu Gen.

“En.” Reaching out to hold Olivia’s hand, Mu Gen smiled foolishly.

At this moment, he had no idea what a rare friendship he had gained.

A friendship with a villain whose future will be judged as a brutal dictator and lifelong loneliness.

And that “villain” also grasped the opportunity to change his future destiny.

And the cause of all this was just the 200 episodes of “The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng” cartoon.

The author has something to say:

Olivia is in the most important early stage of his life.

It’s the most important stage of his character formation.

His personality is sensitive, delicate, and complex.

It’s easy to learn bad things.

But he’s also very smart.

His future should have been to become a villain, but now, he could be regarded as being saved.

Just giving you a little background.

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

No more spoilers.

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