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After shaking hands this time, the atmosphere between them was obviously different.

It’s easy for children to play together so the two teenagers, who are both Kan Mengmeng’s fans, excitedly watched the cartoons in front of the light screen ~(≧▽≦)~

Mu Gen had watched this cartoon nearly twenty times, and he had memorized every detail, but he didn’t expect Olivia to be better than him! Since Olivia only has the first 200 episodes in his collection, he has watched this series (the first 200 episodes) more than 40 times now!

Watching The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng again with Olivia like this, Mu Gen noticed a lot of foreshadowings that he didn’t notice before. Of course, it’s not that he didn’t see it, but he lacked the life experience to understand it.

Under Olivia’s explanation, Mu Gen began to have some understanding of the human world.

“You’re amazing! [The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng] has long gone missing. Everyone said that this anime only has 200 episodes! But if you watch it, you’ll know that the storyline is obviously not over, so there are rumors on the Internet that there are two hundred episodes more. Many people offered high rewards, but there’s no sign of it~” Of course, Olivia was the most excited: The coveted out-of-print animation is now available, isn’t that awesome? He wanted to go to a few planets and boast, you know?

“As of now, the two of you have watched this cartoon for more than four hours. It has exceeded the amount your eyes can handle. Please close your eyes and rest immediately.” While the two teenagers were excited, Alpha’s emotionless voice rang in their ears. Olivia hadn’t reacted yet when Mu Gen already pulled him away to rest.

There’s not much space in the spacecraft, so Mu Gen casually sat on the floor, closed his eyes, and pressed his fingers around his eyes.

“What are you doing?” Seeing him like this, Olivia was curious.

“Doing eye exercises to prevent myopia.”

“Oh-oh! Is that so? Then I will learn it as well.”

And so, Olivia also started doing eye exercises.

Mengmeng felt like he’s going to crash!

For this robot who always crashed his hard drive for Olivia, what happened today was simply terrifying!

He was forcibly interrupted while he was excited, but instead of getting angry, Olivia was enthusiastic about learning eye exercises with the other person?!

Olivia is a slacker who doesn’t even like using eye cream! (←Hey! Mengmeng, are you still sore about the eye cream!?)

They’re all robots and they taught children of about the same age, so why is Mu Gen so well-behaved while Olivia is so difficult to handle?

“Excuse me, what method did you use to educate humans?” Taking small steps towards Alpha’s big head, Mengmeng squatted down and humbly asked for advice.

Alpha has no expression on his face (=-= as if he ever had any) and turned his dark screen.

“Teach by words and example.” He answered very concisely.

Although he only said those words and didn’t have any expressions, Eta and the others all knew that Alpha was very happy right now. To be exact, they’re also very happy.

Look! Wavy lines started to flash on Alpha’s light screen~ so colorful!

It’s their first time teaching a human and they learned many things. Now, another robot asked them for experience, making Alpha’s heart refreshed, hmph~

“Teach by words and example…Uncle Alpha, did you also do eye exercises with Mu Gen?” Mengmeng immediately used his brain to simulate Alpha’s teaching scene, and imagined this very serious robot doing eye exercises with a small human. Mengmeng suddenly had an epiphany:

Could it be that for Olivia to develop the habit of using eye cream, he needs to use it too?

“Chirp…” Probably because of the excessive use of this word, Mengmeng chirped habitually.

“Uncle” Alpha? “Chirp”?

“Robot Mengmeng, please pay attention to your words. According to my scan, your core brain was born 400 years ago and belongs to the second-generation intellectual brain. I have only been out of the factory for 23 years, so you don’t need to call me Uncle. In addition, your core brain often makes this sound when operating. I seriously suspect that your body has been damaged internally. Please go to the repair station for inspection in time.”

This is the first time Alpha said such a long paragraph in one breath. Alpha finally can’t stand it: You’re obviously a robot! Obviously older than me! Why would you call me “Uncle”? Why talk as if you’re a new model!

There’s also that meaningless “chirp”. Normal robots can’t send out such a realistic word at all!

After speaking, Alpha’s screen turned to Robot A on the side: “Robot A, please take me to the energy room. I need to recharge my energy.”

Last night, Alpha secretly practiced pronouncing “chirp” five hundred times, but he couldn’t do it. On the contrary, he ran out of energy.

“Yes.” Robot A honestly picked up Alpha’s big head and held him to refuel.


Sitting down while doing a set of eye exercises, Olivia felt that the headaches plaguing him from before were much better.

“This eye exercise is really amazing!” Olivia sincerely praised Mu Gen.

“Uncle Alpha is very good, he taught me. [The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng] is also from him. Each of my uncles has a lot of good things! By the way, do you like playing SuperSpeed?”

“Like! I love it!!!!”

“Uncle Epsilon has this game~ Let’s find him to play with him in a while?” And so, Mu Gen sent out an invitation again.

Starting with “The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng”, the two teenagers constantly discovered the overlap in their hobbies. They’re both people who usually play games by themselves. Now that they have a companion, even a companion on the same level as them, for a while, the two little guys played like crazy.

The two of them were happy, but Sigma was unhappy.

Since this guy woke up, big brother’s eyes is 80% on the light screen, 18% on the face of this guy named Olivia, and only 1.8% is on Sigma’s head!

Sigma is very unhappy.

Fortunately, Mu Gen received his brother’s emotional signal in time. Although it’s his first time dealing with the relationship between a “sticky younger brother” and a “new friend”, Mu Gen quickly found a solution.

“This is my brother.” He took the unhappy Sigma in his arms and introduced him to Olivia. Although he’d introduced them before, this time was obviously more formal.

“I know, he’s Sigma.” Olivia’s memory was also good. Although he only heard it once, he remembered Sigma’s name.

“You are so strange: You’re obviously a human being, but can you have a robot as a brother? And your father and uncles are also robots.” Olivia asked.

“Why can’t humans have robots for families? Didn’t they raise me?” Mu Gen gave Olivia a strange look: “Dad is the one who raised you, Uncle is father’s brother, and the younger brother is the same generation as you but younger. Is this weird?”

It sounded very reasonable…so Olivia involuntarily nodded.

“Then who’s in your family?” Then Mu Gen asked him, so this time, it was Olivia’s turn to be stunned.

He turned his head and looked at Mengmeng carefully, before whispering: “I think…my dad is Mengmeng, right?”

It was Mengmeng who raised him, and Mengmeng often said that he was in his stomach when he was still an egg. So he can be considered Mengmeng’s child, right?

Olivia thought that Mu Gen would make fun of him, but when he looked up, he saw Mu Gen smile.

“Haha, so we have one thing in common.” Mu Gen also whispered and as he said that, he reached out to Olivia.

As another loyal viewer of “The Adventures of Kan Mengmeng”, Olivia immediately understood the meaning of this gesture: This is a gesture that only happens between good friends.

He slightly opened his palms and jerkily stretched it out.

The palms of the two teenagers patted each other.

The author has something to say:

They saw each other’s parents in advance and there are some conflicts

PS: Nanya teased Louis on Weibo (Hey! Olivia’s obviously mine ah!)

Go and check it out~

TINA V1C027: Rare Friendship
TINA V1C029: Ghost Ship

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