TINA V1C029: Ghost Ship

TINA V1C028: Two Families
TINA V1C030: Olivia's Decision

However, being a friend’s younger brother, he should give a meeting gift as a friend of his older brother. And so, Olivia fumbled in his pocket, uh——there’s only lollipops inside.

This younger brother is a robot, so lollipops are of no use to him. So Olivia immediately stood up and ran to Mengmeng. When he came back after a long while, there was the round steel ring on his hand.

“What is this?” Mu Gen and Sigma both looked at him curiously.

“This is a Dark Light Cannon Launcher! It can absorb the dark matter in the universe and accumulate a certain amount of dark matter, then it can be used as an energy cannon! The lethality is quite good. A single shot can destroy an asteroid with a diameter of 12 kilometers!” Olivia explained, then put the Dark Light Cannon in Sigma’s hands.

“You are young, so this Dark Light Cannon is just right for you!” Olivia told Sigma.

“He’s young, so I’ll give him this toy to play with first, and when he’s older, I’d give him a better one.” Olivia secretly told Mu Gen.

“Uh…” Although he didn’t know what a Dark Light Cannon is, it sounded very powerful and dangerous. Would Sigma even use this?

Mu Gen originally wanted to say something, but Sigma had already scanned the gift and stuffed it into his belly, satisfied.

“I don’t hate you now!” He frankly told Olivia.

Olivia was stunned: Doesn’t “I don’t hate you now” mean “I always hated you before”?

“Haha! Your brother is so funny!” Olivia laughed.

“…” Mu Gen had to accept this sentence as a compliment.


With Olivia’s help, Mu Gen’s spacecraft successfully got out of the previous asteroid belt, but they still haven’t sailed out of the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb.

Now, there are still large and small obstacles outside the spacecraft, but they’re far less dense than before. When not watching cartoons, Mu Gen would take Sigma and Olivia to look out the window. Under Olivia’s introduction, he learned a lot of interesting things.

“If we’re lucky, we can find a ghost ship here!” Olivia said another new term.

“Ghost…ship?” Mu Gen was stunned: “A ship’s…ghost?”

The last sentence was said a bit softly.

Don’t think of him as someone who only lived on a backward planet since he was a child, he’s also someone who watched horror movies!

“Uh…the ship is not alive, so how can it become a ghost?” Olivia choked at his reaction: “The ghost ship is a mysterious phenomenon!”

“A ghost ship refers to a kind of spacecraft that people will come across by chance while sailing in space.

The exterior looks no different from other spaceships, but if you look closely, you will find that there’s no one on board, and no one responding to the signal. At this time, if you try to board the ship, you’ll find many strange things.

The steaming food, the happily playing music, everything was in order, but…

There’s no living person in the spacecraft.

At this time, if you continue to flip through the ship’s flight log, you’ll find that this ship is a wrecked spacecraft that disappeared hundreds or even thousands of years ago…”

Olivia whispered the last sentence in Mu Gen’s ear, his voice was very low and his tone deliberately terrified.

Then, he mischievously leaned back, waiting to admire Mu Gen’s pale face.

As expected, Mu Gen’s face turned white, his eyes wide open, and Mu Gen’s expression was a little frightened.

Sure enough, scaring people like Mu Gen will give you a sense of accomplishment——Olivia was satisfied. He didn’t really want to scare the friend he just made. He patted Mu Gen on the shoulder, then told Mu Gen: “I’m just scaring you. It’s all legends. I haven’t seen anyone actually meet a ghost ship~”

Olivia’s palm was resting on Mu Gen’s shoulder, and he felt a slight tremor underneath. He’s a little apologetic.

“Sorry, I really didn’t know you were so afraid of ghosts.” This is the first time Olivia apologized to someone, but it’s a pity that Mu Gen didn’t notice.

Mu Gen slowly raised his right hand and pointed behind Olivia.

“Oli, you, you look…that…that’s what you just said…a g-ghost ship, right?”

It’s the first time Olivia heard Mu Gen speak in this tone. His voice was very small as if he was afraid of being heard. Mu Gen’s face was also paler than before, almost unrecognizable.

Seeing Mu Gen like this, Olivia couldn’t help shivering.

A small light bulb suddenly lit up in his head.

“I understand! Are you trying to scare me? I’m telling you, I’m…” Shaking off the few goosebumps that just came out, Olivia turned around while pretending to be indifferent and trying to expose Mu Gen, but——

The moment he saw the scene outside the window, Olivia almost changed back to his original form!

At this moment, outside the small window in front of them, there really was a very large spacecraft.

“Strange, Sigma didn’t scan this spacecraft.” Just when the two teenagers were nervous, Sigma’s words added fuel to the fire.

Hearing Sigma’s words, Olivia felt that his tail was about to be revealed!!! He knew that Sigma had a very advanced space radar system. He even helped Sigma upgrade this system during this time, so right now, Sigma’s scanning range should be comparable to a scout robot. However, Sigma actually said that he didn’t scan this ship?

“I-it’s really a ghost ship, ah!!!!!” Olivia yelled.

The author has something to say:

From a certain someone’s brain:

My first uncle worked hard on something for a night:

First Uncle: Chi-ru-pu.

Mengmeng: Chirp.

First Uncle: Chi-pu.

Mengmeng: Chirp~~

First Uncle: Chip-

Mengmeng: Chirp~ Chirp chirp~~

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

There’s even a four-panel comic in my mind~

TINA V1C028: Two Families
TINA V1C030: Olivia's Decision

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