TINA V1C030: Olivia’s Decision

TINA V1C029: Ghost Ship
TINA V1C031: Entering The Ghost Ship

“There are no spacecraft there.” No matter what Olivia and Mu Gen said, Alpha firmly refused to admit it.

For robots, their scanning system is their eyes, so the things that cannot be scanned don’t exist for them. Hence, this ship doesn’t exist for Alpha at all.

“But Uncle Alpha, it’s so big! That big ship is over there!” Mu Gen was stunned by his First Uncles’ conclusion. At the same time, the chill on his back became even worse. To prove that what he saw was true, he also appealed for Olivia to testify.

“Oli saw it too, right?”

Olivia paled and heavily nodded.

His eyesight was much better than Mu Gen and he naturally saw more things than Mu Gen. In the glimpse just now, he even clearly saw the Empire’s National Emblem printed on the outside of the ship.

It’s not the current Empire’s National Emblem, but the National Emblem from Louis I’s era a long time ago.

Just as Mu Gen and his First Uncle was about to have a heated discussion on the issue of “Is there a spacecraft there?”, Robot A, who had been standing next to them, suddenly spoke:

“I can see a ship there.”

Alphabet Series Robots & Olivia & Mu Gen & Mengmeng: !!!!

Is Robot A an engineering robot or a great secret weapon?

For a moment, A suddenly became a lot taller and mysterious for the Alphabet Series Robot, becoming Big A (orz).

However, Alpha was silent for a while, then asked Robot A to take him to the window. After “watching” quietly for a while, he spoke:

“I can see that spacecraft also.”

Without waiting for the other robots to speak, he continued: “Don’t use the scanning system, use an ordinary imaging system to see it, and you’ll be able to see.”

Four hundred years ago, a large number of illusion weapons came out. To protect the robots from the attacks of illusion weapons, people began to program the robots to use their scanning system to see objects all the time, so that the robots can distinguish the real ones more rationally. Alpha and the others are naturally one of these robots. Their bodies were equipped with the most high-end scanning equipment. This equipment formed their “eyes”, and these “eyes” converge various information collected on the terminal’s screen through the transmitter, finally presenting the most precise and accurate images.

But their “eyes” failed this time. Instead, Robot A, who used the most advanced imaging equipment, saw the scene in Mu Gen’s eyes.

This is the reason why the military robots didn’t “see” it while the engineering Robot A can see it with a glance.

“However, it’s still impossible to infer whether the spacecraft actually exists.” After carefully observing the spacecraft outside the window for a while, Alpha uttered his conclusion.

There are two reasons why the scanning equipment cannot scan:

One is that the spacecraft in front of them is an illusion and doesn’t exist at all;

The other is that the anti-scanning system of the spacecraft in front of them was higher than their scanning equipment, so they cannot “see” the other.

Alpha prefers the second reason. As a robot, he believes more in his scanning system. Even if it hasn’t been upgraded for a long time, he’s still confident that his scanning system is higher than the anti-scanning system of most spacecraft in the market.

“Whether it exists or not…nothing will exist as soon as we bomb it!” With the corner of his mouth raised in a slight arc, Olivia immediately ordered Mengmeng: “Prepare the spacecraft. The weapons on the ship is still useable, so let’s shoot from here.”

His face was still pale, but he had already calmed down. Olivia had already figured out a solution:

From small to large, the only solution Olivia can think of to deal with disgusting things, incomprehensible things, and even scary things was to destroy the opponent.

For example, when he was a child, Olivia used to be frightened of snakes. At that time, Olivia was terribly scared until he finally became too scared that he rushed over and killed the snake, then he was no longer afraid.

As his eyes became colder and colder, several plans for bombing the spacecraft appeared in Olivia’s mind.

Just when Mengmeng accepted Olivia’s instructions and started discussing the docking with Epsilon, Mu Gen suddenly spoke up——

“Oli, should we go see that ship?”

Olivia was stunned.

“Hey! That’s a ghost ship! A ghost ship! We don’t even know if it exists or not. Even if it does exist, only ghosts know what’s on it. We should consider destroying it before trouble comes.”

He was a little anxious. This is the state Olivia often has before meeting Mu Gen. Habitually, Olivia started touching the lollipop in his pocket, then he heard Mu Gen talk to him.

“As Oli said, this is a ghost ship! We found a ghost ship that no one else has seen before. Isn’t it a pity to not go and see it?” Mu Gen’s face was still pale, but his eyes were already shining, full of eagerness.

“Isn’t it a man’s romance to go on an adventure on a ghost ship that no one has been to?” Mu Gen’s tone was already full of excitement.

Olivia was stunned.

He carefully thought for a while. The more he thought about it, the more he felt…

Damn it!

This idea sounds really cool ahhhh!

“Okay, let’s go.” These agreeing words unconsciously came out of Olivia’s mouth.

“Oh yeah! Oli, you’re so cool!” Mu Gen picked up Sigma and cheered loudly.

I didn’t expect Oli to speak so well ← Mu Gen thought contentedly;

His decision…seems really cool ← Olivia…h-he has forgotten that boarding the ship is not what he wanted at all.

But anyway, watching Mu Gen become excited about his decision (?), Olivia inexplicably felt that he made the right decision. Throwing the lollipop back into his pocket, Olivia informed Mengmeng to continue preparing the weapon, but don’t launch it for the time being and be on standby.

“Don’t worry, I’ll carry you if you faint.” Looking at Mu Gen who was still a little scared, Olivia even started comforting him.

Even if he’s afraid, seeing someone even more afraid than him seemed to boost up his courage~

Since childhood, he hadn’t been afraid of anything, but Olivia, who is a bit afraid of ghosts, suddenly felt that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

“Thank you. If Oli faints, I’ll also carry you!” Gratefully glancing at Olivia, Mu Gen raised his arm to show his small muscles and assured Olivia with confidence.

“Pfft——” Then Olivia laughed.

He didn’t think Mu Gen could really carry him. Although their height was similar, the weight is not on the same level.

Olivia secretly reminded himself that he must not faint, otherwise, Mu Gen could never carry him.

And so, under Epsilon’s operation, their spacecraft slowly moved toward the ghost ship.

When they were one spacecraft away from the opponent, they no longer needed Alpha to rescan the ship for its existence:

“It’s real…” Mu Gen whispered with his heart beating.


“It’s so beautiful…”


“Shall we go?”


Looking at Mu Gen’s face, Olivia felt his heart calm down. For the first time, he made a risky decision.

The author has something to say:

Little Mu Gen acted like a baby

And then

Olivia took the bait


The two people have completely different personalities——

In the face of something terrible, because it’s unknown, Olivia’s first choice was always to destroy it. However, Mu Gen hopes to reveal the unknown and understand it to resolve the fear.

They complement each other’s personalities.

If everyone slowly realizes this as the story progresses, and then feel that “the two are made to match each other”

That’d be great

 ̄▽ ̄

TINA V1C029: Ghost Ship
TINA V1C031: Entering The Ghost Ship

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