TINA V1C032: Exploring

TINA V1C031: Entering The Ghost Ship
TINA V1C033: Chick Oli~

Not long after he landed, Mengmeng also took Alpha and jumped down, while the other robots were told by Alpha to stay in place and take care of the connection port.

“It’s so dark, I can’t see anything. Fortunately, I brought this!”

He hugged his uncle with his left hand, while his right hand took out an old-fashioned flashlight from his pants pocket. With the help of the light, Mu Gen finally saw the surrounding scene.

“This is an empty room.”

He’s right: This is indeed an empty room with no furnishings in it. Only a few boxes were thrown on the ground casually and the boxes were all opened. Two of them were empty, while some clothes were messily thrown around the empty boxes.

Olivia bent down and stretched out his hand to the box. The moment he picked up the clothes, the clothes actually disintegrated!

He sneezed from the dust.

“These clothes look very new, but they’re actually very old!” Mu Gen squatted down next to the box, fearing that he might damage the clothes. He didn’t dare reach out to touch these boxes and just pointed the flashlight at the clothes, providing lighting services for Olivia.

“These are brands hundreds of years ago, and the manufacturers have closed down.” Unlike a child like Mu Gen who was born without any human clothes, Olivia still knew how to distinguish things like brands: “It broke with just a touch which meant that these clothes might have been left here for hundreds of years.”

“Good outdated style.” Olivia went through all the clothes inside and finally came to this conclusion.

Patting the dust in his hand, he stood up again and his sharp eyes noticed something on the corner behind Mu Gen.

“There’s a door there.”

Turning his head to follow Olivia’s gaze, Mu Gen also noticed the door that was originally behind him.

The two walked towards it with raised heartbeats. Nodding to each other, Olivia reached out and touched the doorknob——

Unexpectedly, the door opened as soon as he pushed it.

“It was destroyed before.” Motioning for Mu Gen to look at the broken door lock, Olivia pushed the door completely open.

It was pitch black outside, so Mu Gen’s flashlight became the only source of light in the darkness. With the light from the flashlight, they could see that this place was originally a long corridor. The outer edge is surrounded by wooden railings, separated by a distance of more than ten meters. There’s a corridor with the same structure on the opposite side, and below the blank space between the two rows of corridors is a large atrium. The flashlight wasn’t strong enough for Mu Gen to see what was underneath.

But they finally knew where they are right now.

“We’re on the third floor! This ship is so big: bigger than Uncle Epsilon! Bigger than Kan Mengmeng!” The little soil bun who grew up in the countryside——Mu Gen, has only seen two spacecrafts even after growing up to this age, no wonder he could only use these two ships as reference objects.

“It’s not too big, the special cruise ship is much larger than this: At least ten floors, capable of carrying 100,000 people roaming the universe at the same time! The facilities are particularly complete, and all types of game consoles in the universe are available! The only thing is, you can’t play it!” Olivia immediately cited a larger spacecraft as an example.

Of course, the main advantage of that spacecraft was safety and comfort, as well as the unparalleled entertainment, so the game consoles and things like that are just a part of it. Unfortunately, Olivia only remembered this.

“Wow! So powerful? Oli, have you ever been there?” Mu Gen was immediately attracted by the huge spacecraft he mentioned, and casually asked, but then, Olivia’s head drooped.

“I haven’t…the tickets are too expensive, and the money for the tickets can add another layer of butt for Mengmeng. Besides, people don’t sell tickets to minors…”

“I see…is there a game called “Super Mengmeng” on that ship?”

“No…huh? Is there still a game? I’ve never heard of it!”

“I have it, let’s play together when we go back!”

“Okay!” And so, Olivia regained his liveliness.

The laughter of the teenagers echoed in the darkness, faintly echoing and spreading through the inner layers of the dark spacecraft cabin, the ending sound faintly bringing a penetrating chill.

As expected, the flashlight in Mu Gen’s hand was an antique, so the power is limited. After holding on for about half an hour, the flashlight suddenly flashed then went out completely.

Olivia’s body suddenly stiffened.

He hated darkness.

Still, he’s different from Mu Gen. He had a racial advantage, so Olivia could see a lot even in the dark. He quickly saw Mu Gen next to him.

The moment he saw Mu Gen, Olivia didn’t know why, but he immediately calmed down.

With his good night vision ability, Olivia noticed that Mu Gen’s face became very pale: Yes! Mu Gen must be scared too!

He should know! Since he’s afraid, how could the other party not be afraid?

Thinking of this, Olivia’s shrunken courage suddenly grew stronger, and he decided to say something to relax the two of them.

“This spacecraft is also very big, and it looks very advanced. Generally, people who ride this spacecraft are rich. There should be a lot of valuable things on board. Shall we hunt for treasures? Maybe there’ll be antiques! Let’s go here!”

Mu Gen was also very interested in this proposal, so the two of them wandered around each room.

One room after another, each room was the same: They’re all scenes after being robbed. There were no valuables at all, and all that’s left was rubbish that would break at a touch.

“Seems like this ship has been robbed many times, so there are no valuable things left.” Olivia kicked a thing under his feet boringly. It should be a metal product, but it hasn’t been broken down even after so long.

“We can leave now.” With that, Olivia kicked the thing at his feet forward.

There was a clanging sound on the ground, hitting other obstacles before the sound stopped.

Olivia looked up, only to find that there was a mirror over there.

It’s a full-length mirror that’s half a person tall. Don’t know what material it’s made of, but it seemed well preserved.

Looking at the mirror, then at Mu Gen, who approached him, a smirk suddenly appeared on the corner of Olivia’s mouth.

“I suddenly remembered a story that Mengmeng told me before.

Once upon a time, there was a man who was bored and decided to punch a mirror. Guess what?”

Mu Gen didn’t answer.

So Olivia had to go on.

“In the end, he lost.”

Olivia waited for Mu Gen to be startled. When Mengmeng used this story as a bedside story (?) to him, it scared him enough!

He waited and waited.

Suddenly, the smirk at the corner of Olivia’s mouth solidified.

A layer of cold sweat quietly appeared on his back. Staring at the mirror in front of him, he suddenly realized something that he should have realized a long time ago:

He and Mu Gen stood in front of the mirror, but how come…

He’s alone in the mirror?

Olivia’s pupils shrank!

The author has something to say:

The ghost stories heard by this one are used…

…used to…

…scare Olivia

PS: Calvin’s late~

TINA V1C031: Entering The Ghost Ship
TINA V1C033: Chick Oli~

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