TINA V1C031: Entering The Ghost Ship

TINA V1C030: Olivia's Decision
TINA V1C032: Exploring

This is probably the benefit of having robot parents——for their children’s decisions, they rarely refuse.

“Olivia is very happy~” He took out the spacecraft again and got ready to fire at any time, then Mengmeng carried a cylindrical rocket launcher and ran next to Robot A: “I rarely see Olivia smiling like this. Although he usually smiles a lot, it’s either ridicule, a sneer, or a wild laugh…”

Speaking of those, Mengmeng crashed: Wait——this kind of Olivia doesn’t sound like a good boy…

The robot who just heard him say this is the parent of Olivia’s good friend! If the other party listened to him, it’d be no good if he misunderstood Olivia.

So Mengmeng acted belatedly and made up for it:

“Although Olivia doesn’t smile like a good person, he’s really a good boy. I’m very old, and he has many opportunities to replace me with a new robot, but he hasn’t thrown me away! Not only did he not throw me away, but he also kept finding new materials for me to assemble my body!”

The things that Olivia has done to meet the “good boy” criteria are too hard to find, so Mengmeng had no choice but to use himself as an example. In the robots’ minds, if the model is outdated but hasn’t been eliminated by the owner, then their owner is very good.

“En, he’s good.” Sure enough, Robot A thought so too.

“My legs are made by Mu Gen.” Then, he added.

Robot A’s voice was flat without any ups and downs, so no emotions could be heard. But if the same sentence was spoken with a human tone, he’d be showing off.

Robot A can’t help but show off.

“It’s not just the legs, I’m all made by Olivia!” Mengmeng immediately shook the wire on his head that imitated Kan Mengmeng’s hair: “Look, even the hair!”

His perfect body is Mengmeng’s proudest treasure. He introduced the brand and model of even the screws on his body.

The stupid Robot A can’t butt in at all, and can’t think of anything else to show off, so he had to follow in frustration. At this moment, Alpha, who was in robot A’s palm, finally moved.

He signaled robot A to put him in front of Mengmeng, and Alpha’s screen flashed with a faint red light.

The red light represents a warning.

Mengmeng immediately realized that Alpha felt that he was too noisy, and immediately stopped his sound generator.

Who knew that the red light on Alpha’s dark screen increased by two more.

Uh…Mengmeng should no longer speak? What is Alpha warning him about? Just when Mengmeng was puzzled, Alpha suddenly said:

“The patch on my head was made by Mu Gen for me.”




Mengmeng now realized: Turns out the red light just now was not a “warning”, but a “signal”?

Actually, Alpha just wanted to show off what Mu Gen made for him. (≧▽≦)

As robots, Alpha has no property.

Even the parts of his body will be dismantled and made into other objects when humans don’t need him anymore.

They have nothing on their own.

Most robots don’t even have owners. Before escaping from the base, Alpha and the others were just robots serving the army and don’t have a “home”. If they have no tasks, they’d be parked in the warehouses. In the eyes of humans, they’re no different from a car or a teacup; Without a master, they mechanically and accurately perform any tasks assigned to them by humans; They have no salary, no rest days, and are forced to shut down when they have no missions to save energy.

After the mission was over, they will conduct inspections based on the degree of physical damage, and some damages that wouldn’t affect the overall function will be ignored.

There’s a flaw on Alpha’s “left cheek”. As a robot, he clearly remembered that it was leftover from his first mission. Since the wound didn’t affect his use, the person in the inspection department released him as “intact”. The flaw is not big and it doesn’t affect his use, but Alpha himself was a bit concerned.

He saw too many damaged robots in the inspection department. If the leg of the robot that mainly uses the arm to work for humans was injured, human maintenance workers will also release them as “intact”. In the eyes of humans, it seemed like as long as the robot is still useable, there’s no need to waste time, energy, and materials for repairs.

No one cares about them.

Until he met Mu Gen.

Mu Gen noticed the small damage on their bodies very early on and then used various materials that can be used to make up for the damaged parts over the years.

“Although the color is a bit different from Uncle’s skin, I think it’s pretty cool!” Alpha remembered every word Mu Gen told him the day he received this gift.

This is the first gift Alpha received since his birth, and he has received more and more gifts over the years.

Robots all over the world have nothing.

But Alpha thought that he’s the richest robot in the world.

Although Mu Gen would prepare a gift for each robot at the same time, Alpha received an extra gift due to the lack of facial material.

With this little difference, Uncle Alpha’s chest felt invigorated.

After showing off, Alpha immediately told robot A to turn him back to the original direction, and Mengmeng got jammed before catching up with his small steel cannon.


Regarding their parents showing off, the children didn’t know. They ran very fast and in a few seconds, they were already standing at the end of the connector.

“The other party’s cabin is about to open, please be careful not to fall.” Epsilon’s voice sounded in their ears, and the familiar voice somewhat relieved the two teenagers.

The ghost ship was very large, much larger than their spacecraft, so Epsilon parked the entire spacecraft on top of this ship. The other spacecraft has a spare connector here, so they can directly enter the cabin.

Under Epsilon’s operation, the opponent’s interface slowly opened and the inside was dark. Even though Olivia shone a flashlight on it, they still couldn’t see what was underneath. Looking at the entrance under their feet, Mu Gen and Olivia looked at each other.

“I’ll jump first,” Olivia spoke first.


“I’ll go down first to see if there are any problems and then you jump down,” Olivia said, and before Mu Gen could say something to refute, he immediately jumped down.

The ground was very hard but it’s still a wooden floor. Feeling the touch under his feet, Olivia roughly looked around. After realizing that there was nothing unusual, Olivia yelled to him: “Come down, I’ll catch——”

Olivia originally wanted to tell Mu Gen that he could catch him, but unfortunately, before he could finish, Mu Gen had already jumped down.

Olivia had to silently retract his outstretched hands.

The author has something to say:

Today I saw the original cover draft + pop-up book again

Super beautiful, super beautiful, super beautiful (important thoughts must be said three times)

So happy!!!

PS. This should enter V on Friday

If…I remember the editor correctly (I was still in bed when I was discussing this with the editor today, so I’m not that awake orz)

TINA V1C030: Olivia's Decision
TINA V1C032: Exploring

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