TINA V1C033: Chick Oli~

TINA V1C032: Exploring
TINA V1C034: Chick Oli, You Are So Naive!

In an extreme panic, his initial thinking mode instantly dominated all of Olivia’s behavioral patterns. His mind went blank, his body shook, and a familiar feeling came out——

This was the urge to transform.

Endure! Endure! Endure! Endure it——gritting his teeth, Olivia tried to calm down and told himself to hold back no matter what.

However, “Mu Gen” was still smiling slightly and slowly stretched out his hand…

They’re so close that Olivia could see “Mu Gen’s” mouth.

“My”, “Head”, “Fell”, “Off”…

Olivia read out the other party’s lips. He was as the smiling “Mu Gen” held his neck with both hands and gently twisted it. The next second, the entire head was actually taken off!

With a light throw, the smiling head slammed in Olivia’s direction——

Olivia’s eyes widened: Endure, endure, I can’t anymore!!!!!!

Unable to control himself, Olivia transformed.

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

He became a little thin…chicken cub.

The first thing this chicken cub did when he appeared was to smash the unpleasant mirror. After sitting, he raised his butt and took a closer look at the mirror under him. Feeling that the mirror wasn’t pitiful enough, he jumped up even more and began to ravage these mirror fragments with his claws, until he confirmed that all the pieces had turned to power with not a shadow to be seen, so he felt relieved.

With a frantic “chirp” in his mouth, this little monster jumped and stepped around the room as if showing off. After transforming, his night vision ability improved. And with his desire for destruction finally satisfied, a piece of the floor in the corner of the room suddenly attracted his attention.

His paws immediately turned around and ran there. He then lifted it gently with his paw——

( ⊙ o ⊙) ah!

A lot of money.

Olivia——that is, this little monster saw the box full of money under the floor and finally recovered his sanity. He suddenly remembered what he was doing.

Aren’t they looking for treasure? Aren’t these antique money the biggest treasure?

Thinking carefully, the head that the ghost just took off seemed to have rolled this way~

That ghost must have appeared because he wanted him to find the money, right?

After understanding this, Olivia was suddenly not afraid anymore. After happily “chirping” twice, he pondered for a while. Finally changing back, he got spare clothes from Mengmeng and put them on, then pried the floor open and carried the boxes happily.


“This spacecraft is also very big and looks quite advanced. Generally, people who ride this spacecraft are rich. There should be many valuable things on board. Shall we hunt for treasures? Maybe there will be antiques! Let’s go there!”

At that time, Olivia ran away after saying this, leaving only Mu Gen standing alone holding Alpha.

Oli left and ran away——Mu Gen was a little surprised at that time, but soon figured it out:

This is to find treasures in two separate ways, and finally, compare who finds more treasures?

Sounds very interesting!

And so, without noticing something wrong at all, Mu Gen excitedly hugged his uncle and went in another direction. ︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

So Mu Gen and Olivia had already separated as early as this time. Completely ignorant of what happened to Olivia afterward, Mu Gen tremblingly performed a treasure hunt.

But no ghost would give money to Mu Gen here, so his treasure hunt was full of spider webs and dust. Finally, his backpack was full of “treasures”.

He found a very beautiful alarm clock——although there’s no pointer on it;

A beautifully crafted music box——although it doesn’t sound anymore;

A small knife——although there’s no scabbard.

These things seemed completely separated from the word treasure, but on this spacecraft where everything was looted, they were left in the corner at random and left unattended until they were gently picked up by Mu Gen.

Others would dismiss these items, but Mu Gen is a baby who had never seen these things since childhood~

Mu Gen was very satisfied with his gains and was ready to return.

Olivia had the same thought.

Mu Gen, who had light luggage, and Olivia, who’s dragging heavy boxes behind him, met on the road leading to the junction.

Mu Gen smiled and freed up a hand to wave at Olivia, but Olivia’s reaction was very strange. He didn’t even respond and just stopped moving forward. In the end, Mu Gen walked to him first.

“Hello Mu Gen!” Mengmeng, who helped carry the boxes, poked out his head and greeted Mu Gen.

He first looked at Mu Gen cautiously, then touched Mu Gen’s neck, shook it cautiously, and finally looked at Mu Gen with a relieved expression.

“?” When he was touching his neck, Mu Gen’s face was full of question marks.

“You should know what I just met!” Finally confirming that this is the real Mu Gen, Olivia poured out what happened just now. As evidence, he also showed the broken mirror on his back.

“I must have encountered a ghost just now!” He swore: “I met it the moment I said I want to treasure hunt! I always thought it was you, but it was a ghost who followed me!”

“Is that so? But Olivia, your eyes are so good. At that time, the flashlight was out of power, and I couldn’t see anything!” Mu Gen laughed, but this sentence stunned Olivia.

Alpha and Mengmeng are robots who used their scanning system to see objects in dark places, so they can’t see it;

Mu Gen is an ordinary human whose eyes cannot see in the dark, so he also can’t see it;

And he’s a Kantas with good night vision…

Was it because his eyes were so good this time?


“Anyway, I met a good ghost.” Looking at the box, Olivia was full of satisfaction.

Treasures are one aspect, but more than that…he gained new courage.

From now on, he’ll be someone who’s not afraid of ghosts. (≧▽≦)

The author has something to say:

Got stuck for a long time…finally had this

I wrote it over and over six times, but I still felt that it didn’t feel right, so I delayed it until now.

Three drafts later, I still can’t figure it out…anyway, this will enter V tomorrow

PS: For the readers who’d go to the Primitive Once Again signing, the live broadcast will start at 8 o’clock this evening, and there’ll be autographs in the first 24 hours~ (Does anyone really want to see me…)

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TINA V1C032: Exploring
TINA V1C034: Chick Oli, You Are So Naive!

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  1. These two should be 16 or 17 year olds, right. I keep forgetting. They’re a bit childish. 😊 Must be ‘cuz they’re both raised by those robots. 🤣

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