TINA V1C034: Chick Oli, You Are So Naive!

TINA V1C033: Chick Oli~
TINA V1C035: White Cloud Duoduo's Cry

“All my treasures are here, Mu Gen, where’s yours? Quickly compare them and see who of us found the most treasure!” Overcoming his psychological barrier, Olivia couldn’t help but show off.

In his opinion, the ancient coins dug out from under these floors were probably the last treasure on the spacecraft, which is more valuable than anything, so what Mu Gen found must not be as good as this.

“Oh…I only found three things.” Saying that, Mu Gen took out the treasures he found one by one.

An alarm clock, a music box, and a knife. Mu Gen’s “treasures” all looked tattered.

“It doesn’t matter, I can give you one of my boxes.” These treasures were so shabby that Olivia couldn’t stand them and very generously gave a box to Mu Gen.

At this moment, Alpha suddenly spoke:

“Five hundred million farads.”

“Huh?” Mu Gen and Olivia were both stunned.

“The Clock Without Time——it was created by the famous watchmaker Lovka 700 years ago. The last auction price was 50 million farads. Today, the lowest estimate is 150 million farads;

The Devil’s Sweet Words——the mysterious music box, the producer is unknown, and the production time unknown. It’s said that anyone who hears it will commit suicide. The last transaction price was 100 million farads, and the lowest estimate is 150 million farads;

Sashimi Blade——the masterpiece of weapons master Yang Falla has never been circulated and the auction price is unknown. The lowest estimate now is 200 million farads.”

A series of mysterious introductions came from Alpha’s voice system. He mechanically introduced everything about these three antiques. As a robot with a large hard drive, although Alpha can’t understand human beings’ interest in buying old items, this didn’t prevent him from storing the price list of famous antiques in the past on his hard drive.

“Preliminary estimates indicate the auction price of these three items picked up by Mu Gen is 500 million farads.”

Alpha emphasized again.

The numbers are much more intuitive than the previous introduction. Hearing this price, Mu Gen and Olivia were completely dumbfounded!

“Five hundred billion sweet honey lollipops!” As the robot of the sweets enthusiast Olivia, Mengmeng also stored the price list of world-renowned brands of lollipops in his hard drive. When Alpha confirmed the number, he immediately changed the number to lollipops!

Olivia didn’t know what to say anymore. After a while, he finally saw the big box next to Mengmeng. Hugging the box over and placing it on the ground in front of Alpha, Olivia proudly said: “Tell me, how much are these ancient coins worth?”

The blue light that represents the scan slid from top to bottom of Alpha’s dark screen. Because there are so many coins, Alpha had to scan it several times, and in the end, he reported a number:

“200,000 farads.”

Olivia was stunned.

“Uh…I didn’t hear clearly. You said two billion farads, right?” He carefully confirmed.

“No, it’s two hundred thousand farads.” Alpha ruthlessly shattered his expectations.

“Ahh?!! How can that be? There are…so many coins! And it’s all antiques!” He tried to resist.

“These coins are the universal currency of a galaxy 800 years ago. When the galaxy was prosperous, these currencies became one of the universal currencies in the universe until Louis I completed the unification of the galaxy. After this, the original currency of this galaxy became worthless. However, given that the main component of this currency is Star Iron, there are still some waste recycling departments that collect these currencies. According to the official recovery price announced at ten o’clock ten days ago, all the coins present can be sold for a total of 200,000 farads.”

The resistance failed and Olivia was ruthlessly knocked down by this information.

Alpha’s voice was as cold as usual, but why did it feel heated up when introducing the treasures that Mu Gen picked up; But when it came to introducing these coins, it became colder and colder?

Olivia lowered his head in frustration.

However, Alpha’s introduction didn’t stop——

“Venus’ Full-length Mirror——the mirror used by the legendary Goddess of Beauty, with its own beauty and slimming effect. It’s very popular among ladies. The frame of the mirror adopts traditional pure handwork craftsmanship, using precious thousand-year-old red rattan wood, and is finished by ten craftsmen in one year; The mirror surface is made from a whole piece of Hera stone. The last auction price of this mirror was 2 billion farads. Since all the Hera stone had been mined, the current value of this mirror is conservatively estimated to be 4 billion farads.”


Olivia immediately thought of the full-length mirror that he’d thrown in as evidence.

That’s right! It’s the side that’s broken by his butt! It’s not enough to sit on it, so he stepped on it and broke it into powder…


Olivia froze and took out the broken mirror from the last box. He asked Alpha with the last glimmer of hope:

“Uncle Alpha, is this the mirror worth 4 billion farads that you said?”

There was a flash of blue light on Alpha’s screen.

“It used to be.”


“Now it’s worthless.”

Alpha, the moment he gave Olivia hope, immediately abandoned him.

Uncle, you’re such a cruel…robot.


Once, there were four trillion Sweet Honey Lollipops placed in front of Olivia, but he didn’t cherish them, and he…smashed them to pieces.

Olivia was completely discouraged, but he wasn’t too entangled. After a glance at the boxes, he was about to leave.

“Oli, don’t you want these boxes?” Not understanding his frustration at all, Mu Gen actually pointed to those boxes and asked.

“No, take anything you want.” Olivia waved.

“Ah? You don’t want this?” After a long time picking and choosing from the box, Mu Gen finally found something interesting and stopped Olivia again.

“This robot head, do you want it?” Mu Gen asked Olivia who was facing forward while lightly waving the thing in his hand.

Olivia’s lazy feet stopped.

Turning his head quickly, he immediately saw the thing in Mu Gen’s hand: As Mu Gen said, that is the head of a robot!

The silver metal shell, the dark screen in a black screen state, this is a broken robot’s…head.

But, but…

The moment he saw that head, Olivia suddenly felt a familiar panic.

“You…where did you find it?” Swallowing, Olivia heard himself ask.

“It’s in the coin box. When I walked over, I shone this side with the flashlight and found something reflect, so I came over and took a look, and then…”

And then Mu Gen found the head in the box.

The horrible memories in the dark from before returned. Olivia suddenly thought of the person who looked exactly like Mu Gen, the one in the mirror that only he could see, and then thought of the falling head…

“My”, “head”, “fell”, “off”…

Thinking back on it, the hint that the “ghost” gave him was not these boxes of coins at all, but the head in the box!!!!

If he thought a little deeper, in fact, that room was not where he wanted to go at all, it was the “ghost” who led him all the way there!

D-did it want his head?! (tot)~

“Poor fellow, it seems to be broken…” Just as Olivia thought so and became increasingly frightened, Mu Gen was already sitting crosslegged on the ground. His whole family was full of robots so he had long developed the habit of carrying maintenance tools with him. Parent-child time in other people’s homes is to clean each other’s ears, cutting toenails, and others. But when it comes to Mu Gen’s family, it’s strengthening the screws and maintaining the wiring. He regularly used a special oil to apply to his dad, uncles, and brother.

Seeing this tattered and rusty robot, he felt pity and immediately spread out his tools. Before Olivia could speak, he quickly unscrewed the back of the robot’s head.

“Uncle Alpha, his brain is rusty.” While tearing it apart, Mu Gen consulted his uncle’s opinions from time to time.

“Yes, you need to derust his outer brain. In addition, you also need to help him reinforce these lines.” No one understood their own needs better than a robot, so Alpha patiently guided him.

“However, the metal shell of this robot is very special. It’s the same material as the outer shell of this spacecraft. My scanning system cannot scan it.” He further added a bit of information: “This unknown material should be very valuable. It’s conservatively estimated to be 100 million farads.”

“So amazing?!” Mu Gen was a little surprised. Though he said so, his hands didn’t stop as he waved a small brush with his thick fingers. After brushing a few times, the rusty part of the inner shell quickly faded.

This is a brush made from the tail feathers of the horned beast cubs. It’s a great way to remove dust and rust from sensitive parts. On that barren star, Mu Gen learned a set of human life wisdom and a set of robot wisdom.

“Looks much more beautiful.” / “Let go of it!”

Mu Gen’s words and Olivia’s roar came out one after another. The moment he roared, Olivia lunged in front of Mu Gen. However, he was still a step late——

A wave of blue light appeared on the quiet screen, and the head of the strange robot on Mu Gen’s leg activated.

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TINA V1C033: Chick Oli~
TINA V1C035: White Cloud Duoduo's Cry

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