TINA V1C036: Mysterious Silver-Haired Man

TINA V1C035: White Cloud Duoduo's Cry
TINA V1C037: Three-Headed Man

As a stealth ship, White Cloud Duoduo is equipped with very high-end illusion weapons. These weapons are not only used to attack the enemy, but also a good tool for Duoduo to entertain himself.

The scenes that Olivia and Mu Gen just witnessed is a memory belonging to the ship Duoduo using the principle of illusion weapons.

The ignorance at birth, the joy of growing up, the high spirits of leaving home, the ups and downs encountered after living independently.

Perhaps as a spacecraft, White Cloud Duoduo can’t understand these feelings, but anyone who saw his memory could instantly understand his feelings.

Especially at the end when the illusion has become the only means for Duoduo to ask for help.

By this time, Duoduo’s illusion was already very faint, and due to insufficient energy, he couldn’t even complete this image.

In Duoduo’s last memory, Mu Gen and Olivia finally saw their own figures.

While the two teenagers were laughing at each other and marching forward, the faint shadow of Duoduo had already followed them. Along the way, he used all methods to attract their attention, but unfortunately, no one found him.

Mengmeng and Alpha are robots that automatically used their scanning devices to visualize objects, and this type of visualization was originally designed to prevent the interference of illusion weapons, so it’s impossible for them to find Duoduo.

In this way, the only one who can find him was Olivia or Mu Gen.

However, the bad thing was that Duoduo’s illusion was too dim. When there is light, the light could easily penetrate him, and when there is no light, Mu Gen, whose eyesight was only a little better than ordinary people, is destined not to see him.

Fortunately, Olivia is here.

In the extremely dark cabin, only Olivia noticed the desperate Duoduo.

Even if I’m the only one who can see you, y-you can’t scare me like that!!!!! Finally understanding the whole story, Olivia thought so with black lines on his head.


“Thank you, Mr. Olivia, thank you for following me and finding me from under the floor.” This Duoduo is quite polite, so forget it.

Olivia, who was rarely thanked since childhood, touched his nose and finally decided to forgive this big rusty head.

“Thank you Mr. Mu Gen for finding me in the box and patiently removing the rust as well as welding the circuit. Your movements are very gentle and precise, almost on par with my owner.”

“You’re welcome, I didn’t do anything though: Your material is very good and there’s only a little rust, which is very easy to remove.” Mu Gen hurriedly waved his hand. After thinking about it, Mu Gen emotionally said: “Your circuit is also very particular about wires and you have three layers of protective film. In the future, I’ll make dad and uncles like yours.”

When he helped him maintain the circuit, he discovered that Duoduo’s internal wires were very particular. This was the most important reason why he can sustain himself for so many years in this environment.

Duoduo was stunned: “Dad? Uncle? Circuit?”

Mu Gen is a human being, so he didn’t think humans needed to install circuits.

Mu Gen then raised Alpha to Duoduo: “This is my First Uncle, Alpha.”

The two big heads had their two dark screens facing each other.

Communication between robots is very magical. Without knowing what kind of communication they had done, Alpha immediately asked Mu Gen to put him back.

Although there’s no expression on the robot’s face, Mu Gen knew that Uncle Alpha still likes Duoduo ←Uncle likes polite (robot) people~ (≧▽≦)!

“Thank you…beep…thank…beep——” Duoduo said thanks again: “Hope…beep…hope you can send me…beep…back…beep…to…beep…owner…beep…side…beep——”

Duoduo only had time to say this before the blue light on the dark screen gradually dimmed, his voice lowered more and more, and finally——

He fell silent.

It was like a dream as the originally brightly lit spaceship went completely dark again.

“He is…” Olivia grabbed him hastily and instinctively asked Alpha for help. (Mengmeng: (⊙o⊙) Why don’t you ask Mengmeng for help?)

“No energy.” Alpha concisely replied to Olivia’s question and began to assign tasks to the robots on standby via the intranet.

“Please note: Mu Gen has now obtained full access to White Cloud Doudou, Epsilon, please be prepared. One minute later, full control of the spacecraft will be handed over. Eta and Beta, as deputies, please prepare together.”

“Yes, understood.” After a simple reply, Epsilon glanced at Robot A that had been holding them.

Because his brain system is too backward, Robot A can’t connect to them, so he knew nothing about what happened on the ship. The result of wanting to know but not knowing in time is——while waiting for Mu Gen to return, Robot A has been holding the other big heads in circles at a constant speed. (T/N: Meaning, A is juggling the heads at a constant speed…)

Not wanting to be in circles anymore, Epsilon immediately conveyed the instructions that Alpha just issued to Robot A concisely and clearly.

Therefore, after Epsilon processed Alpha’s long instructions for the outdated machine, it finally converged into one sentence:

“Mu Gen picked up another ship.”

“That’s great.” Sure enough, Robot A immediately stopped moving. (T/N: He stopped juggling them.)


一A ghost ship adventure一

Mu Gen’s harvest: 1 ghost ship (unestimable value) + 1 clock (market value of 150 million farads) + 1 musix box (market value of 150 million farads) + 1 dagger (market value of 200 million farads)

Olivia’s harvest: …

“Nothing at all!!!” Grasping his head, Olivia rolled on the floor without minding his image. Rolling and rolling until he finally rolled into Mu Gen, who was sitting next to him and wiping his treasures.

“Here! This is for you.” Mu Gen smiled and passed the dagger in his hand to Olivia.

“Ah? Why? This is very expensive!” Olivia was stunned. His hair was all messed up from the rolling and it looked particularly ridiculous.

“Didn’t you also give me a box of the coins you found?” Saying so, Mu Gen pointed to the box next to him that had been wiped clean.

“But, my box of coins isn’t worth it at all.” Looking down at the clean and beautiful dagger in his hand, Olivia’s expression became a bit cramped.

“I’m already this old, but aside from dad, uncles, and Sigma, Oli is the first person to give me a gift.” Mu Gen didn’t seem to notice his cramping as he continued to wipe the music box in his hands.

“En, then I’ll accept it.” Without saying a polite thank you, Olivia carefully hung the dagger on his belt.

Throughout his life, this dagger never left him.

In the following days, with Olivia’s help, Mu Gen finally cleaned all the spoils they brought up. They put these things in place and began to study the star chart.

Alpha got White Cloud Duoduo’s navigation records with his hometown marked, which was a small and almost invisible planet on the map. Although it’s a bit off their route, Alpha still decided to send White Cloud Duoduo home first.

The young teenagers didn’t know the specific reasons why their parents made this decision, but they’re looking forward to the journey. With their heads together, they had a heated discussion about the upcoming landing plan. (≧▽≦)

And at this moment, in a certain orphanage of a certain satellite 100,000 light-years away, a man left with a cold face.

The hair, eyebrows, and even eyelashes are silvery-white like snow, and against that backdrop of snowy white, the man’s blood-red eyes were particularly eye-catching.

Behind him, the dean of the orphanage followed all the way, trying to say something but was immediately stopped by the tall guards around the man.

Ignoring the gazes of the people around him, the silver-haired man immediately sat when the car door was opened for him. After ordering to drive immediately, he supported his chin with one hand.

It’s Year 386 of the Starlight Calendar. Olivia, who originally lived in this remote orphanage, had already left. Seems like he’s still a step too late.

After leaving the orphanage, where will Olivia go?

The man was lost in thought.

The author has something to say:

Third one, and done!

Finally, it’s this person’s turn to show up

Olivia has a very complicated background.

He’s not as harmless as everyone thinks he is.

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TINA V1C035: White Cloud Duoduo's Cry
TINA V1C037: Three-Headed Man

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