TINA V1C037: Three-Headed Man

TINA V1C036: Mysterious Silver-Haired Man
TINA V1C038: White Planet

Olivia, whom the silver-haired man was looking for, was naturally with Mu Gen, and under the precise operation of Epsilon, they finally completely drove away from the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb starfield.

“Finally crawled out of the tomb.” Olivia stretched out and turned to talk to Mu Gen, only to find Mu Gen stuck to the window.

“What are you looking at?” Olivia walked up to Mu Gen in confusion then looked at where’s he’s looking: There’s nothing but a few spacecrafts over there.

Mu Gen just stared at the scene outside the window and didn’t speak. The different growth backgrounds doomed Olivia to be unable to understand how he feels right now.

After leaving the star field of the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb, more and more spacecrafts appeared around them.

There’s a lot of “people”——this is Mu Gen’s only thought right now!

There are many people on each spacecraft. There are also many spacecrafts out there, which means that there are more people with each spacecraft!

“There are so many people here!” Mu Gen finally couldn’t bear it anymore as he turned his face excitedly, his eyes shining and his cheeks a little red.

“Uh…is there?” Olivia looked out the window: there are only a dozen spacecrafts, okay? How many spacecrafts can there be in such a deserted place!

But Mu Gen was obviously excited: “This is the first time I’ve seen so many people since I was born! They’re exactly the same as me!”

Okay, he forgot that this guy was someone who crawled out of a planet that’s more rural than the countryside.

However, Olivia felt it necessary to tell this country boy in advance:

“The people here might be a little different from what you’re thinking…”


Seeing the silly question mark on Mu Gen’s face, Olivia began to bait him. He smiled mischievously and ran away.

And then, Mu Gen soon knew why he said that.

“Uh…” Mu Gen stammered a little while looking at the person who appeared on the screen.

“Hello, what would you like to eat?” He hadn’t placed an order for a long time, so the “person” on the screen is a bit impatient.

The matter is like this: A red spacecraft just happened to pass by next to them, and when he saw the other party, Oli quickly stopped them.

According to Oli, this is a mobile restaurant that travels through the universe and provides a variety of fast food and snacks for interstellar travelers.

After connecting to the other party’s communication device, Olivia smirked and pushed Mu Gen to the screen. After a while, the waiter on the fast-food restaurant appeared on the screen, and then——

Mu Gen was dumbfounded——the waiter appearing on the screen was correct, but he has three heads!

Three heads are fine, but each head looks different, and two of them are obviously female! The other one is male!

“How, scared? The people here are human, but unfortunately, not the same as you~” Standing next to him, Olivia smiled secretly.

“Uh…I just thought, should I call him Mr. or Miss…” Mu Gen whispered.

So this time, it was Olivia’s turn to be stunned: So you’re not scared of people having three heads, but entangled on how to call the other person with their different genders?

Olivia felt more and more confused at how Mu Gen’s brain is structured.

Unfortunately, Olivia couldn’t answer Mu Gen’s question either. He knew that there are people with three heads in the universe, but the genders of the three-headed race are always difficult to distinguish. Most people rarely call them “Mr.” or “Ms.” when they meet, and most would just be called “hey”.

In the end, Mu Gen found a solution by himself. He carefully looked at the badge on the waiter’s chest on the screen. After recognizing the other party’s name, he didn’t stammer at all when he spoke again.

“Hello sir, please show me the menu!” With firm eyes, Mu Gen said this sentence with certainty.

However, he wasn’t that sure in his heart: This is how to order in a restaurant, right? He learned this sentence a long time ago in the contextual dialogue part of the textbook, but because he hadn’t applied it before, Mu Gen felt a little timid.

This time, the waiter on the opposite side was stunned.

Of his three heads, the one on the right was watching TV while the other seemed to be answering the phone. However, when they heard Mu Gen’s words, the other two heads turned around at the same time. Mu Gen, stared at by three pairs of eyes, was a little nervous, but didn’t show it.

Then, the three heads put on big smiles at the same time. Although their smiles were brilliant, the effect was quite scary.

However, Mu Gen smiled reflexively.

“Hello sir, please look at the menu.” The impatience just now completely disappeared, and the waiter’s attitude suddenly became very friendly.

This time, even Olivia was surprised——This fast food ship belongs to a very large catering group, and the founder is from Faro Star. And Faro Star is the birthplace of this three-headed human race. To not forget their background, most of the employees of this catering group are also from Faro Star. These three-headed people were always grumpy and their lack of service spirit was well-known throughout the galaxy, but they have the most foodchain ships, so many people continued to use their services.

Olivia is one of the guests who’s often half-dead by the poor service of these three-headed people.

He also often buys foods and eats on Faroese spacecrafts, but never got good service. For a time, his biggest wish was to “blast off Faro Star and exterminate all three-headed people in the universe”!

It’s a coincidence that they passed by their spacecraft this time, so Olivia wanted to see Mu Gen’s reaction when he saw these three-headed people. If he’s normal, he wouldn’t patronize their business easily.

Is he the only customer served warmly by these three-headed people? (←he happened to be standing next to Mu Gen, so when the three heads smiled at Mu Gen, they also smiled at him.)

Olivia felt like he’s dreaming.

However, the dream continued. The smiles on the faces of the three heads recognized by the interstellar as the “worst waiters” were still there. They smiled and put a lot of menus on the screen, many of which, Olivia never knew!

“Sir, you don’t need to read these official menus, just look at the two menus on the right.” The three smiling heads said at the same time.

“Uh…why?” Mu Gen scratched his head.

“Because the menu on the left is for ordinary customers and they use cheap leftovers~ It’s not good for a young man like you who’s still growing up!”

Motherf***! Am I not also a growing boy?! Before, you only showed me the menu on the left——Olivia had a 囧 face!

“So it’s like that.” Nodding, Mu Gen began to study the two menus on the right.

Silently listening to the conversation between the two people, Olivia also leaned over to study the menu on the right.

“This grilled fish looks good! Can you order one? That hot spring dragon tortoise egg is also good, I want two!” Olivia cackled and said a bunch of dish names before feeling Mu Gen secretly poke him.

“What’s wrong?” Olivia’s eyes were still on the menu. After such a long time of eating only nutrient solutions, he missed this kind of cooked food very much (≧▽≦)!

“Oli, I have a question.” Mu Gen’s voice was so small that Olivia had to lean over to hear it.

“Are you rich?” Mu Gen asked very seriously.

Olivia stopped moving for a moment.

He secretly touched his pocket, then raised his head with a guilty conscience: “Money…I bought lollipops…”

With an expression of “sure enough”, Mu Gen raised his head and sincerely told the waiter who was still waiting on the screen: “Sorry, we have no money.”

He talked too quickly that Olivia had no time to stop him. The words had already left.

It’s over——

The three-headed people will never stop in vain, so once you hailed them over, you have to pay. If you can’t pay…

Olivia now regretted that he stopped their spacecraft. He’s not someone who wanted to die, so he secretly called Mengmeng over and began to check the probability of hitting the other party’s spacecraft.

Then, something even more incredible happened:

“It doesn’t matter, you are the 500th guest today, so your order is free!” The three heads are still smiling with no trace of irritation.

You’re talking drivel! Today, only ten minutes passed, so how can you already have 500 customers!!! ——Olivia looked at the time and felt it’s even more incredible.

It’s a pity that Mu Gen didn’t think at all and believed it. Then he ordered all the things that Olivia just ordered and only had a glass of milk for himself.

Milk can make you grow taller——it’s said on the Children’s Literacy Encyclopedia! Mu Gen wanted to drink it since a long time ago!

“Okay, please open the connection to us next.” The smiling waiter carefully took down Mu Gen’s order. Just when Mu Gen finished saying thank you and goodbye and was about to turn off the communication device, the waiter suddenly spoke with a smile.

“Hello, sir, can I ask you one last question?”

“Ah? Okay.” Mu Gen was stunned but still nodded.

“Why did you call me sir? Aren’t two of my heads female?”

“…” He didn’t expect him to ask this question at all. Mu Gen was a little surprised, but he answered honestly: “I saw your name tag. Isn’t that your name? This is a male name, the beautiful Cullen sea——that’s what your name meant, right? What a nice name.”

Second Uncle’s language class taught this language. Although Mu Gen isn’t very good at it, there’s no problem with his reading and writing.

As a result, the three-headed man smiled happily.

“What a profound gentleman, thank you.”

“…” Finally, he waved at the three-headed waiter, and Mu Gen cut off the communication.

He didn’t know that he did something nice to that three-headed man: Due to their sparse population and backward culture, the language of the three-headed people has been lost, and because their different heads have different genders, most people cannot distinguish their genders.

In this case, most people will directly call the three-headed people “hey” and many of these three-headed people will never hear their formal names being called after they left their hometown.

This is extremely disrespectful behavior.

Mu Gen was the first person that the three-headed man met that called him correctly.

What a beautiful day——the three-headed waiter was in a good mood and gave an extra platter to Mu Gen’s order.

“What a beautiful day!” Olivia was also overjoyed when he saw the extra gift: “This is the most expensive food on their ship! It’s a limited edition!”

Olivia happily brought the plate over.

Mu Gen was stunned, and then hurriedly took out something from his backpack and put it there before the other party’s tray was collected.

“Come here to eat!” Olivia greeted him: “What did you just put on their tray?”

“The alarm clock I picked up on White Cloud Duoduo.” Mu Gen honestly took a sip of the milk, his eyes widening in surprise.

“What!!!” Olivia said, “That’s, that’s——”

One hundred fifty million farads!

He couldn’t finish his words because Mu Gen cut a piece of fish and stuffed it in his mouth.

“Is it tasty?”


“If it’s delicious, eat more.”


What a beautiful day.

So people in the outside world are also very friendly——Mu Gen thought very happily.

It turns out that the three-headed people are not unreasonable——Olivia also has a new perspective on this race. The dishes on their hidden menu are truly delicious. This is more cost-effective than collapsing their planet.

Unconsciously, the future of the universe quietly changed.

The author has something to say:

A little late

I released the second volume picture for “Primitive Once Again” on Weibo and the front cover is Grandpa Jun~

Super handsome

TINA V1C036: Mysterious Silver-Haired Man
TINA V1C038: White Planet

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