TINA V1C035: White Cloud Duoduo’s Cry

TINA V1C034: Chick Oli, You Are So Naive!
TINA V1C036: Mysterious Silver-Haired Man

Olivia fell gently in front of Mu Gen, his left hand forming a palm, wanting to slap the robot head, but at this moment, the lights suddenly turned on.

Dazzled by the sudden light, Olivia withdrew his left hand. Covering his eyes for several seconds, he re-adapted to the bright environment.

One surprise after another, he heard the voice of someone talking outside the door.

“Duoduo, I’m getting a new dress for you today!”

It was a female voice, young and energetic.

Then there was the sound of footsteps as if someone was running in the corridor outside.

“Oli…” That voice was so loud that Mu Gen heard it too. Holding Alpha tightly, he pointed in the door’s direction.

“En, let’s open the door and have a look,” Olivia answered him in a low voice.

The two teenagers then gently pushed the door open.

The room they’re in right now was the one at the beginning. Except for the lights, this room looked no different from before. Even when they pushed the door, Olivia looked at the lock in particular——like before, the door lock is still broken.

However, when they opened the door this time, the scene they saw was completely different!

“Wow…” Mu Gen was shocked. Although next to him, Olivia’s expression wasn’t so obvious, he’s still shocked.

They saw a brand new spacecraft!

It’s not the decayed railing that would fall with just a touch, but a wooden fence that looked brand new, even exuding the fragrance of wood and the slightly pungent scent of anti-corrosion paint; The metal floor looked like it’s just been welded with no scratch on it. To protect such a beautiful floor, a woman was running back and forth on the deck, pushing hard on a roll of red carpet, trying to cover every corner of the ship.

“Duoduo, do you like red?”

They heard the woman’s voice again. The woman was squatting on a splint not far from them. The carpet there seemed a bit disobedient since she’s trying to flatten it out.

Olivia’s eyesight was very good, so he even saw the woman’s sweat falling drop by drop on the floor. The brand new carpet sucked in her sweat and turned more crimson.

They could see her, but the woman couldn’t see them.

She passed in front of Olivia and Mu Gen like a gust of wind, still turning a blind eye to them.

Under Olivia and Mu Gen’s gaze, she worked hard like a worker ant, filling up the empty spacecraft by herself.

She painted all the wooden fences three times and covered all the metal floors on the ship with carpets. She specified the purpose of each room, and one person made all the furniture in it. When she can’t run anymore, she moved out her sewing machine, stepped on the pedal, and made beautiful curtains for every room.

Time passed as the woman made improvements to the spacecraft day after day. The blue hair turned white and the wrinkles climbed up her forehead to between her brows.

She’s growing old.

But the spacecraft was finally completed!

Olivia and Mu Gen witnessed the miracle created by this woman: Alone, she built an extremely beautiful spacecraft from nothing!

This is not an ordinary spacecraft, but a medium-sized spacecraft that can accommodate at least five thousand people!

“When you sail between the sea of stars, you’ll look like a white cloud blooming in the starry sky. Duoduo, your name is White Cloud Duoduo!”

“You must be the most beautiful spacecraft!”

On the day the spacecraft was completed, the woman waved her cane proudly.

However, she was no longer able to drive the spacecraft she built by herself to the starry seas.

“Boats all go to sea; A spacecraft is born to go to the universe.” She could no longer go, but she didn’t object to her ship leaving.

“So, speak out your wish!” Even when she became an old lady, even when she’s walking on crutches, she’s still that proud lady.

And then, Olivia and Mu Gen heard a second voice for the first time:

“I…want to be a pirate ship.”

It’s obviously a flat mechanical sound, but inexplicably, there’s a kind of longing in it.

When these words were said, Olivia and Mu Gen instantly had the same expression as the lady: 囧!!!

Remembering when he was a kid, he said he wanted to be a pirate, so Mengmeng burned all the books about pirates——Olivia meditated;

If Sigma wants to be a pirate…he’ll definitely be spanked by Uncle Alpha——Mu Gen thought with certainty, and at the same time, he was sure that he didn’t want to be a pirate at all;

After thinking about the situation on their side, the two of them held their breath and waited for the lady’s decision.

The old lady, who’d always been tenacious, energetic, and heroic, raised her brows when she heard that sentence.

She looks angry——Mu Gen secretly thought since he’d never seen a human’s angry face.

She tightly squeezed the crutches on her hands, squeezing so hard that her hands whitened and her face paled. Mu Gen thought that she would definitely utter a rejection.

Mu Gen had a vague thought in his mind. This woman must have loved this spacecraft named Duoduo as her own child.

She made perfect plans for him since he was born and gave him the most beautiful name, even arranging every detail for him. All this explained: She loves him very much.

The straightened shoulders suddenly fell and this always strong woman finally revealed the weak side of women.

“Okay, you go.”

Out of Olivia and Mu Gen’s expectations, this lady actually agreed to the ship’s dream.

I know I often make unreasonable requests, but this ship wanting to become a pirate ship…is quite silly, Olivia thought to himself.

“Since you want to be a pirate ship, then be the best pirate ship! Next time, I’ll reapply a layer of outer film for you. After applying it, others can’t easily see you.”

The old lady smiled indulgingly, but Mu Gen noticed a little bit of loss covering the old woman’s eyes.

Yes, if she applies the paint that makes him invisible, then such a beautiful name like “White Clouds Duoduo” will not be noticed, right? And such a beautiful name loses its meaning, right?

Between “wanting to show off her child” and “her child’s safety”, the woman chose the latter without hesitation.

Then, in the following days, the woman, with a bent back as she’s no longer young, brushed the precious paint on the spacecraft named “Duoduo” little by little. After this period, her back, which was no longer tall and straight, became a little humped.

However, when Doudou chose his future partner to set sail, she still held her chest up and sent him off with a proud look on her face.

At this moment, Mu Gen suddenly seemed to understand another emotion.

Making a perfect plan for him before he was born, giving him the most beautiful name, taking care of every detail for him, these all illustrate love, but for his ideals, she can overthrow all her previous efforts. What does this show?

Mu Gen thought that White Cloud Duoduo’s mother must love him very much.

Then, there’s no more woman in the next scenes.

With a pirate flag, White Cloud Duoduo became a notorious pirate ship, wandering among the stars with his previously selected companions. White Cloud Duoduo has always been the safest ship. Their fleet of spacecrafts changed a lot, but only White Cloud Duoduo remained the same.

White Cloud Duoduo is very happy to realize his ideal and every room in his body was filled with his companions. He’s very satisfied when he takes everyone on adventures and travels together every day.

There’s only one dissatisfaction: The sea of stars is too big that Duoduo never returned home ever since he went out.

Although he asked to return home five times, he was rejected each time for various reasons.

He became a ship with homesickness.


Then came the day when the long journey ended.

There was a galactic explosion and the pirate fleet that happened to be passing by also became a victim of the disaster.

White Cloud Duoduo is very big on land, but small among the stars. His incomparable stealth ability was nowhere to be seen in the collision, and White Cloud Duoduo was finally hit.

The power cabin broke, but his stealth capability remained the same. For the first time, White Cloud Duoduo, once hailed for its safety, was abandoned because of its stealth ability.

Unable to navigate, unable to launch distress signals, unable to be found.

To stay in this ship was to wait for death——this became known to everyone on board.

In the end, everyone left.

All the valuable things were taken away along with the food. They packed everything, but no one thought of White Cloud Duoduo, the spacecraft.

Floating alone among the stardust, White Cloud Doudou became a legendary ghost ship.

For a hundred years before Olivia and Mu Gen, several people also discovered this mysterious spacecraft. They curiously boarded the ship and left after discovering that it wasn’t as valuable as they expected.

Someone also tried to take away the entire spacecraft, but it eventually led to nothing.

White Cloud Duoduo’s spacecraft body floated in the universe while his head rolled to a difficult-to-find place in the turbulence.

Every time someone strayed into the spacecraft, it was an opportunity for him. He used illusions to attract people countless times but no one noticed him.

The rust crawled to his brain little by little, and Duoduo’s remaining energy became less and less, and his time became less and less.

Sooner or later, the ship will be taken to unknown places by the universe and lose its navigation system. White Cloud Duoduo has long lost its ability to navigate, but he knew that he’s now farther away from home.

The author has something to say:

Second one

Regarding the ship, White Cloud Duoduo is a robot and a spacecraft just like Epsilon.

However, unlike Epsilon who usually appears in the form of a robot, White Cloud Duoduo is closer to a spacecraft.

The third chapter is, orz, it’s hard for the author to write 12,000 characters in a day, I feel drained…

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