TINA V1C038: White Planet

TINA V1C037: Three-Headed Man
TINA V1C039: Message Left By The Owner

“The red spacecraft with a triangle sign is the spacecraft of the three-headed man we called that day. They belong to a chain store, so their spacecraft can be seen everywhere.”

“The huge green spacecrafts are gas stations. The price of gas is very expensive, so I don’t recommend going to them to refuel. If you see a small black spacecraft, you can go to them. The gas price on those private gas stations is cheaper than the green one by half!”

“That yellow spacecraft is a supermarket! You can find them to order all kinds of food!”

Olivia popularized the functions of each spacecraft to Mu Gen in great detail. These are the basic common sense in the interstellar age, but it’s also what Mu Gen lacks.

“Nowadays, interstellar navigation is very convenient. As long as you have enough money, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring your luggage. The method of judging the degree of development in a planet is very simple: Just look at the number of nearby service spacecrafts.

The more developed the planet, the more these service-type ships will be around! There are so few service spacecrafts here, indicating that this is the countryside.”

But Olivia is only teaching this time, not daring to practice it:

“Remember! You only have the music box. You can send it to the auction house in big cities, so don’t give it away.” Olivia told Mu Gen very solemnly, and only when Mu Gen nodded did he feel relieved.

Although Olivia is not a saver himself, he won’t do something like giving away one hundred and fifty million farads at random! (←-← but you smashed four billion farads with your butt!)

In short, before they could make more money, Olivia only ate lollipops and nutrient solutions every day. He also stuffed a lot of nutrient solutions to Mu Gen, but Mu Gen, who was accustomed to cooked food, couldn’t get used to the taste of these nutrient solutions.

Fortunately, his dad and uncles made enough preparations before leaving: Mugen grass grew quickly so digging a part of it every day is enough for Mu Gen’s daily needs; Also, the storage room on the ship was filled with the horned beasts’ eggs. This kind of egg was very delicious and can be boiled or fried. Although it looks bad (black), the taste was so good that Mu Gen still likes it even after eating horned beasts eggs for so many years.

Seeing Mu Gen eating deliciously, Olivia wasn’t impressed. Just thinking of the painful diarrhea experience that night, he forced himself to hold back.

“After finding the owner of White Cloud Duoduo, we will have something to eat.” This is now the only belief that supports Olivia.

Amidst Olivia’s eager desire, the home planet of White Cloud Duoduo finally appeared in front of them!

They successfully broke through the planet’s atmosphere and landed smoothly. After contacting the local port several times without success, Olivia was the first to run out of the spacecraft and the moment his feet were on the ground, he shuddered.

“Wow! This is snow!” Mu Gen followed closely behind him and ran out after a short time. He opened his palm and watched the snowflakes gently fall on it. Mu Gen was extremely excited.

But he got excited too soon:

The snow here is much larger than they thought, and the two of them quickly turned into three snowmen trapped in the snow.

“Achoo!” Mu Gen couldn’t take it anymore since he’d been living on a relatively hot planet ever since he was a child. Mengmeng quickly took two coats from his belly and handed them to Mu Gen and Olivia respectively.

After putting on the coat, Mu Gen felt better and he turned to look at Olivia but found that Olivia’s expression was too serious.

“What’s the matter?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“Something’s not right…” Looking around, Olivia frowned deeper and deeper: “This looks like an abandoned port. It stands to reason that someone should have contacted us the moment we landed, but how come no one came? We also can’t get in touch with the other party…”

Olivia knew the rules of navigation that Mu Gen didn’t know. Don’t know how many spacecrafts fly in and out of each planet every day, but all spacecrafts are only allowed to sail and land from specific ports. This is a regulation and an important source of planetary revenue.

The port where they landed now is where White Cloud Duoduo sailed. It stands to reason that someone should have come and asked about them immediately, but until now, fifteen minutes after landing, there’s still no one.

This situation is very wrong.

Through the flying snow, Mu Gen tried to look in front. When he vaguely saw the white building hidden behind the heavy snow, he pulled Olivia and gestured toward the building.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Olivia immediately decided.

At this time, they needed the engineering robot A. The tall robot A walked in front and dexterously pushed the thick snow to the sides with his mechanical arms. Mu Gen and Olivia followed him closely. Not long after they walked, new snow soon covered the way they left.

After struggling in the snow for about 15 minutes, they finally stood in front of the building. Robot A removed the plaque on it and wiped it. After that, the above text was displayed in front of Mu Gen.

“This is indeed the office of the Port Spacecraft Dispatch Center,” Olivia said.

“This plaque says Administrative Department. Taking this off…didn’t seem good?” Mu Gen hesitated.

“We just kindly wiped the plaque for them, so they should be grateful to us.” Olivia fibbed, but even so, robot A still hung the wiped plaque back to its original place.

Pushing the door open, they walked in, and then the feeling of something wrong got worse.

“It’s cold here.” Mu Gen shuddered.

“Not only cold, but it’s also dark! The lights and heating are not turned on, are they just being economical?” Olivia replied, but then turned his eyes forward: “There’s someone there!”

Looking at where he’s looking, Mu Gen also saw the man standing in front of the service window. The man seemed to be talking to the person inside.

They finally met someone! Mu Gen and Olivia looked at each other excitedly, then ran towards the person together.

“Hi! Hello!” Olivia patted the man on the shoulder, trying to get his attention. But it didn’t matter because something terrible happened: The man’s head actually fell off!

Olivia was dumbfounded.

Finally, Mu Gen ran over and picked up the man’s head.

“It’s a doll.” After a closer look, he showed the head to Olivia.

Only then did the hair on Olivia’s back went down.

Cautiously approaching Mu Gen, he turned his head to look: As Mu Gen said, this is indeed a doll. It’s completely different from the exquisite dolls sold in toy stores. The doll in front of them could only be described as crude. It’s just that the facial features are barely distinguishable on the black metal.

“So ugly!” Olivia commented.

“Don’t be like that! Let’s put it back.” Mu Gen just smiled and then pulled over Olivia to help. The two people worked to put the head on its body again.

“This doll even has a name.” This doll is tall, taller than Mu Gen and Olivia, so to put the head back, Mu Gen had to flatten the doll’s body. It was during this process that Mu Gen noticed the nametag on the doll’s chest——Helen Dengbo.

“This is a simple robot.” Similarly, it was during the installation process that Olivia also noticed the structure of the doll. He often helped Mengmeng repair his body so he’s very familiar with a robot’s body structure as he skillfully reconnected the wire that had just been broken.

After a “click”, Olivia finally fixed the head.

Clapping his hands, he’s about to get up and leave, but who knew that at this moment——

“Tomorrow is good weather, Flanders’ spacecraft will be back and you can ask him about the news in the newspaper at that time.”

The moment the head was fixed, the head actually spoke!!!

Olivia sat down.

“It’s cold on the ground. Oli, get up quickly.” In the end, Mu Gen had to pull him up.

“There’s a sound generator inside.” After rechecking the doll’s head structure, Mu Gen told his own conclusion. He helped the doll up again, then knocked and touched the body for a long time. The doll made a few more noises but it only repeated the previous sentence.

For the next few minutes, they walked through every room in the building. They didn’t find a single human being, but they found a total of 23 robot dolls, each one similar to the first one they discovered: wearing human clothes with different name tags on their chest, all with a sound generator hidden in each doll’s head. When you touch it, it will speak to you.

They’re now located in the Director’s Office on the highest floor of the building with a robot doll called “Director Tom” sitting in front of them. The expressionless bearded doll is repeating a sentence over and over again:

“The departure time will be three days later.”

“The departure time will be three days later.”

“The departure time will be three days later.”

This place is so weird——this sentence coincidentally appeared in the minds of Mu Gen and Olivia.

Opening the window, Olivia looked down condescendingly. No matter how cold the snow felt on his face, he just looked into the distance. When he turned his head back, his long eyelashes were covered with snow-white ice. He didn’t care and just told Mu Gen:

“Say, will this planet have no one? It’s been a long time, so the owner of that ghost ship should already be…”

He didn’t say anything else, but his expression said it all.

They rejoiced too early and forgot the most important thing——time.

There are many ways to extend people’s lifespan in this world, but, after all, not everyone’s lifespan can be extended through technological means. Will the owner of Duoduo be one of them?

TINA V1C037: Three-Headed Man
TINA V1C039: Message Left By The Owner

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