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Those bright yellow-amber eyes looked at him with extraordinary calmness.

But that wasn’t the case.

Sumei Ge knew that there was nothing in those eyes.

People and things have no difference in his eyes; nor the living and inanimate; as long as he wants it, any living person or thing can instantly become a dead thing without life.

The man in front of him has a ridiculous name, a name that has been ridiculed by countless people and has now become a forbidden word.

Some people are afraid to call it out of their fanatical love, but more people out of fear.

The owner of this name is the god of death, and since life is short, no one wants to call on death.

“Oli…via.” Sumei Ge called out the man’s name with difficulty.

Then he saw the man smile.

“Tomorrow, I’m going to visit someone. For this, I need to prepare a gift.” He smiled very gently, looking gentle and elegant like a scholar. In fact, his much thinner figure compared to the others often gave people the illusion that he is a harmless civilian soldier. Only the cold red stars on his shoulders instantly reminded others: This is a military commander who climbed from the bottom to the top with the blood and heads of countless people.

“I prepared such a long and wide box covered with red velvet, it’s very beautiful.” He gestured slowly with his hands: “But it’s empty inside.”

“Now, I need your help.”

Saying so, he slowly approached, the black leather military boots stepped on the scarlet room without a sound, but Sumei Ge’s ears heard unusually heavy footsteps.

Thud, thud…it was the footsteps of death.

The man bent down slightly, and the moment their eyes met, Sumei Ge finally appeared in the man’s amber eyes.

Among the orange and yellow, Sumei Ge saw the madness solidified under the calm lake, and——

His extremely horrified face!

However, his face only appeared in the other person’s eyes for a second as the man quickly stood up and walked back. One of the two guards behind him hurriedly put a cloak on him, while the other walked straight towards Sumei Ge.

“Use a knife, don’t use a gun.” These were the last words that Sumei Ge heard in that world.

And then he——

Sumei Ge sat up from the bed in horror.

He subconsciously touched his neck to confirm that his head was still in its original place. He panted for a long time, and then slowly calmed down.

Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, he turned his head and looked at the clock next to him: it was 4:10 in the morning again.

The time of his death in that dream.

He hadn’t slept well for a long time, and he dreamt of his death almost every night. The almost suffocating fear swept over him and made him restless during the day.

Sumei Ge thought it was just a nightmare at first, but when he really found Olivia’s information in the orphanage’s database, he realized that everything was not a dream.

The future world will become extremely dark because of this young man!

“I have to find him.” After taking a sip of water, Sumei Ge clenched his still trembling fist.


Olivia, who smiled and beheaded Sumei Ge in his dream, is now half scared to death by a doll’s head.

Along the way, they saw all kinds of robot dolls by the roadside, wearing human clothes and doing all kinds of static movements just like a model in a shop window. Some are queuing, some are sitting, some are buying things, and some are standing on the side of the road…

Although they all have various poses, they have one thing in common: their heads look too scary! Just touching it would make it fall!

“I’m too old. Today, I felt the chill from the god of death. I think I’m dying. Today is Month 1 Day 21…” Once again startled by a robot who spoke mechanically, Olivia felt that his guts were already riddled with holes, and he depressingly looked at Mu Gen. He didn’t understand: Why is Mu Gen not afraid of such a scary doll?

“I think these robots are pretty though? I hope I can make such a beautiful robot in the future.” While talking, Mu Gen carefully twisted the neck of the robot in front of him, checking the other parts along the way. The moment he screwed it back on, the robot doll would say something, and Mu Gen seriously wrote down what it said in a small notebook.

This guy has a problem with his aesthetics——Olivia finally understood a little bit.

Bored, he walked forward to collect the words and information spoken by another robot.

Olivia and Mu Gen have now left the port office building. This is still Olivia’s idea:

“No one’s in the city and there are only robots acting as human beings…don’t you think these robots’ words seem to imply something? It felt like the few games I’ve played before.”

He also gave an example: “By collecting clues, we can get important clues. Isn’t that what the protagonist of that game did?”

Mu Gen was impressed by what he said and talked to Epsilon, who was staying on the spacecraft, then decided to go out and look for other clues.

The snow is still falling and if Robot A isn’t opening the way in front, they wouldn’t be able to move forward at all.

“The weather here is totally unsuitable for humans…” Olivia walked forward with difficulty and got tripped, smashing heavily on the thick snow. Although it didn’t hurt, it’s still cold.

Getting up from the ground while holding his nose, Olivia also dug out a robot buried in the ground.

“Well, the weather here is also not suitable for robots anymore.”

“On Month 11 Day 17, today’s news is terrible, so worried.” While being picked up, the face-down robot doll suddenly “talked”.

Olivia was stunned for a moment. He quickly turned the robot doll in his hand and when he saw the robot’s face, he hurriedly called out to Mu Gen.

“Look, this robot is crying.”

This is quite a big discovery!

Along the way, although the robots they encountered each did their own things, most of their expressions were quite ordinary. Now, this robot making a crying expression must be special.

The moment he saw this special robot, like Olivia, Mu Gen was stunned.

They listened to what the robot said again, and Mu Gen suddenly said: “Where can we see the news?”

Olivia was stunned at first but quickly reacted.

“Go to the tavern!”

In this era, taverns are still places where people are accustomed to gathering before returning home from work. In there, they can read the news and have a drink.

They already found a map of this area in the port office, so according to the map, Olivia and Mu Gen quickly found the nearest tavern.

The moment they pushed open the tavern doors, the two young men were shocked——

After walking for so long, this is the first time they saw so many robots!

In the densely packed tavern, countless robots are standing or sitting around, and regardless of gender, age, and actions, all of them are crying…

“…something happened in the starfield.”

“He might not come back…”

“Duoduo that fool!”

The mention of the name “Duoduo” made Olivia and Mu Gen look at each other. It took them a long time to record all the words and carefully arrange all the sentences together. They began to study the possible connections between these sentences.

“This…is a diary?” After reading all the sentences together, Mu Gen raised his head: “Duoduo’s owner’s diary.”

Olivia didn’t immediately answer him. He had been reading the electronic newspaper on the bar for a long time.

“…I’m afraid you’re right.”

“These robots are diaries left by the owner of White Cloud Duoduo.”

Olivia handed the newspaper he’d been reading to Mu Gen, who was sitting beside him. He glanced at Olivia suspiciously, then Mu Gen gently unfolded the newspaper——

“…on Month 11, Day 17, Year 847 of the Brown Cloud Calendar, the fleet of His Majesty Louis I encountered a catastrophic galactic explosion while passing by the main planet of the Milky Way, Earth…”

The huge black headline is extremely eye-catching as it occupied most of the newspaper’s page. The report in Mu Gen’s hand was all about the death of Louis I. The black and white photos of the Emperor displayed in the newspaper looked handsome and sad.

The newspaper talked about various people’s analyses regarding the cause of this disaster, the results of the rescue operations currently being carried out, and the possible trouble in the future. Those words were sharp and penetrating, across the distant time and space, Mu Gen seemed to see that era and the chaos among the people when that happened.

“Look at the bottom left corner.” It wasn’t until Olivia reminded him that Mu Gen then turned his attention to the section he mentioned.

A small corner of the newspaper reported the names of other possible groups of people affected by the galactic explosion. The name of a pirate group in it attracted all of Mu Gen’s attention——that’s the pirate group Duoduo was in!

All the media’s attention was focused on the Emperor. No one cares about the ordinary people affected by the disaster, especially these ordinary people who are still pirates.

“Flip to the back.” Olivia reminded Mu Gen in time, so Mu Gen turned the newspaper a page.

The date on the next page has changed, it’s one month after the disaster. The newspapers are still full of reports about the Emperor, but at the same time, there are more reports of important figures who died with the Emperor, such as some political figures or some big stars.

In addition, there are also some missing person notices posted privately with a reward.

One of them was the most eye-catching——it has the largest frame but it’s blank.

“Looking for the spacecraft White Cloud Duoduo. If found, please contact Miss Dolai on planet M7 (number md4a654901). Any useful information you provide will be rewarded with 100 million Kaberia.”

Kaberia was the common currency during Louis I’s era. It’s a very large reward, whether in those times or in modern times.

However, it seems that such a tempting reward has not been taken away, because Mu Gen saw the same ad in every subsequent newspaper. As time went by, the reward became higher and higher until it reached a terrible number.

“She’s been looking for him for four hundred years.” But what Mu Gen paid attention to was the duration of the reward.

Then, the missing person’s notice in this newspaper came to an abrupt end.

Mu Gen looked at the date of the last one: Month 1 Day 14.

“I’m too old. Today, I feel the chill from the god of death. I think I’m dying. Today is Month 1 Day 21…”

The record from the “mouth” of the robot under the snow seemed to appear in Mu Gen’s ears.

“She’s dead.” After a while, Olivia finally said what Mu Gen was thinking at this time.

Translator’s Notes:

I made the dates like that because after reading further, I realized that there are thirteen months in this world.

TINA V1C038: White Planet
TINA V1C040: Miss Dolai

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