TINA V1C044: Robot Oli And Robot Mu Gen

TINA V1C043: New Robot
TINA V1C045: Setting Sail

Under White Cloud Duoduo’s guidance, they obtained a lot of materials for making robots. Although they’re all very common materials, Mu Gen is already satisfied.

Following the structure of the other robot dolls, they took three full days to finally assemble two robots.

These two were very simple and crude robots. Because the last material was not enough, they only made three robotic arms.

“It’s been automatically set in their program: This arm is used by Robot Olivia on days 1, 3, and 5 while Robot Mu Gen can use it on days 2, 4, and 6. On the 7th day, it’s up to them who’ll use it.” Entering the program into the two robots’ chips, Mu Gen gave Olivia an OK gesture.

Olivia just stood in front of the two robots with a solemn expression. Seeing this, Mu Gen was a little uneasy: “Why, what’s wrong?”

“There are so many things wrong!” Looking at him with black lines on his face, Olivia’s expression was very bitter.

The two people divided the labor according to the part they were good at. Olivia, who often helped Mengmeng upgrade his program, is responsible for preparing the main program, while Mu Gen volunteered to take on shaping the robot’s appearance. After finishing their work, the two assembled the robots and when the finished product appeared in front of them, Olivia was dumbfounded.

“Didn’t you say you’re good at art? In your eyes, do I look like this?” Pointing to the Robot Olivia with white hair, triangular eyes, a small mouth, and a pointed nose in front of him, Olivia made an angry accusation: “Where does it look like me? Do I look so bad?!”

Where is it not the same——although he didn’t say anything, Mu Gen’s eyes completely conveyed what he thought to Olivia.

“My art scores are always full marks and my uncle said that I paint very well…” He weakly explained.

Art is completely different from subjects such as math and physics. There’s no accurate answer and robots don’t have aesthetics and could only rely on some established standards to judge the quality of a painting.

Although Mu Gen’s work was nothing like the standard, there are people like him in history who eventually became super famous painters! Those people also created new painting styles, such as abstract fauvism or something. Using this standard to judge, his uncle finally judged that Mu Gen had an excellent art performance.

Since childhood, Mu Gen has been praised for his painting so he naturally thought that his art performance is superb. (≧▽≦)

Olivia didn’t know this history, so he could only stand there, seriously contemplating Alpha’s aesthetics.

Olivia looked at the Robot Olivia——white hair, triangular eyes, a small mouth, pointed nose;

Then he looked at Robot Mu Gen again——black hair, circular eyes, triangular mouth, nose…it dropped.

Okay, compared to Robot Mu Gen, Robot Olivia still looks better. As early as Mu Gen praised the robot dolls here for their good looks, he should have been wary. Can those who think that the ghost dolls here are good-looking have normal aesthetics?

Sighing, Olivia resigned to readjust the facial features of the two robots.

Jet black hair with a whirl on the top of his head, small but energetic eyes, long but drooping eyelashes, and always smiling…imagining Mu Gen’s appearance, the facial features on Robot Mu Gen soon take shape.

“I like it!” On the sidelines, Mu Gen was shocked.

Olivia ignored him and quietly adjusted a few places. After examining it again, he came to his robot again.

Only then did he realize: He can’t remember exactly what he looks like…

Using his reflection from the glass window on the side, Olivia took a closer look at his appearance: He hadn’t cut his hair for a long time so it covered his eyes, but the hair-covered eyes were completely different from Mu Gen. The eye sockets are very deep and his dark circles are serious and looked very fierce. If you look closely, it’s really triangular. In short, it looks very fierce. The nose is very straight, but the tip was indeed very pointed. With a thin mouth, let alone——

It’s a bit like Robot Olivia made by Mu Gen, looking really bad!

Taking out the dagger that Mu Gen gave him, Olivia cut his hair shorter, so that his amber eyes were exposed, and the sun shone on his face. Although his complexion is still pale, at least it didn’t make people feel gloomy. It’s just that the dark circles under his eyes are still heavy. Although it can’t be removed immediately, Olivia didn’t mind it: Can’t I just not put dark circles around the eyes of Robot Olivia?

According to his appearance (slightly artificially beautified a bit), Olivia finished his robot after two or three tries, then he triumphantly showed it to Mu Gen: “Look, this is me!”

“Liar! You don’t look like this at all! Oli, your dark circles are very heavy!” Mu Gen didn’t give him any face.

“This…when I use the eye cream, it will look like this when the dark circles are gone,” Olivia vowed.

Mu Gen then compared the Robot Olivia with the real Olivia, dumbfounded.

While arguing, the two people finally worked together to complete the review work of the two robots, put on the clothes that Olivia brought (the ripped jeans that were sewn on), then Mu Gen and Olivia put the two robots in two adjacent empty houses.

“This is my house, and your house is next to it. From now on, we are neighbors.” Mu Gen laughed.

Together, they made other robots such as Mengmeng, Alpha, and Robot A. Mengmeng was placed with Robot Olivia, while Alpha and the other robots were placed next to Robot Mu Gen. The two empty houses instantly filled up.

“Haha! Oli, your family sells sweets, and my family sells eggs!” They also found the original identities of the two empty houses’ owners with great interest and cleaned the houses. They then took out the tools discarded by the owner in the warehouse and arranged them outside. The two shops looked very decent.

According to the program, Robot Oli and Robot Mu Gen will go to school together every morning, do their homework together, chase and fight in the streets and alleys together. When it gets dark, they will say goodbye to each other and return to their homes.

Then the next day, they will still play with each other again.

Imagining that scene, Olivia didn’t speak for a long time.

Together with Mu Gen, he silently made a name card with his family name on it for Robot Olivia. The name plaques of the two families are close together and look very close.

“Olivia, what are you smiling at?” After putting his name plaque on the wall, Mu Gen gave Olivia a strange look.

“Huh? Am I smiling?” Olivia was taken aback then scratched his head.

“En, it was a silly smile. It’s the first time I saw you smile like this.” Shrugging, Mu Gen passed by him and walked away: “We have to go back quickly, Miss Dolai wants us to go back early today!”

Seeing him beckoning, Olivia quickly ran towards him and playfully slammed against Mu Gen. Unwilling to be hit, Mu Gen immediately counterattacked and chased after him. The two teenagers chased and fought with each other as they ran to where Miss Dolia was. Along the way, the streets were full of their laughter.

Not long after they left, Robot Olivia and Robot Mu Gen also walked out of their homes, greeted each other and the two robots happily went to school together.

Both Robot Oli and Robot Mu Gen had frozen expressions of smiling.

The two robots faithfully recorded the mood of their two makers at that moment.

From then on, no matter how far Olivia and Mu Gen will go in the future. Regardless if they’re separated in the future, their robots will stay here, neighboring each other until their parts rot and become unusable.

Like frozen in time.


Mu Gen and Olivia had a pleasant play time while Miss Dolai upgraded the internal programs of all the robots. In this way, Alpha and the others regained control of their bodies; She also cleaned Pi’s virus which made him unable to boot up; Also, with the help of Robot A and Jimmy, she helped Mengmeng fix the fault on his butt.

Miss Dolai must be praised for her efficiency!

“Thank you! Miss Dolai!” Mu Gen thanked her very gratefully.

“No thanks needed. You guys helped me maintain all the robots.” Miss Dolai smiled with a generous wave of her hand.

“Mu Gen, aren’t you going to school? To catch up with the school’s start time as scheduled, you have to be ready to set off tomorrow.” While sorting out the programs for Alpha and the others, Miss Dolai also saw Mu Gen’s admission notice as well as the data representing the start date of the school.

Only then did he remember so Mu Gen was stunned.

In fact, he resisted going to school a little. Uncle Alpha and their wanted status bothered him for a long time and before he found a way to help them solve this problem, he hoped to avoid going to any big planets with many people as much as possible.

As if innately activating the “insight to the heart” skill, Miss Dolai smiled again:

“Alpha and the others’ criminal records have been withdrawn and I also eliminated the self-destruct program of the Military Robot Management Center. From now on, the six robots including Alpha are no longer in the archives.”

“In the system, they’re now just ordinary household robots, safe and harmless, able to walk freely in the range of human activities.”

“And you are my distant relative. You just passed the exam and got the admission letter from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy.”

After politely speaking about what she’d done in the past few days, Miss Dolai stretched out a hand to Mu Gen: “My child, I wish you all the best in the entrance exam in advance.”

Mu Gen was startled, his gaze meeting Miss Dolai’s blue eyes.

It was a pair of mechanical eyes, Mu Gen knew that, but in those mechanical eyes, he saw the gentleness and encouragement that humans have.

Mu Gen glanced at Olivia and saw him nodding, so Mu Gen slowly and solemnly held Miss Dolai’s right hand.

“Thank you.”


The night before departure, Miss Dolai invited them to a big meal.

For Mu Gen and Olivia, it was a very scary experience. Various dark dishes were put on the table in turn as Miss Dolai enthusiastically asked them to eat and frequently persuaded them to drink.

“Minors are not allowed to drink. Drinking during the developmental period is prone to mental retardation, low growth, and illness.” Although he’s very grateful to Miss Dolai, Mu Gen sternly refused her advice to drink, and along the way, he poured a glass of juice to the eager-to-drink Olivia’s glass.

“This dish is also wrong. It’s only half-cooked so it’s impossible to kill the bacteria inside. Uncle Alpha said: Although this kind of bacteria is harmless to adults, it’s very harmful to minors. Neither Oli nor I can eat it.” After taking a serious look at the dishes on the table, Mu Gen pushed one of the dishes away from Olivia.

Olivia, who was holding his chopsticks, let out a disappointed “tch”.

“Human children are really fragile…” Seeing Mu Gen’s solemn appearance, Miss Dolai muttered in a low voice. She took a sip of wine and slowly fell beside White Cloud Duoduo: “So I don’t want human children.”

“Human children are too delicate to be raised by someone like me.”

“My Duoduo is the best.”

“He came into this world from my hands, become educated with my ideals, and inherited everything from me. He is my child.”

“I forcibly brought him into this world and educated him like this, so I’m responsible for him…”

“…fortunately, you brought him back…”

She sighed softly.

TINA V1C043: New Robot
TINA V1C045: Setting Sail

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