TINA V1C045: Setting Sail

TINA V1C044: Robot Oli And Robot Mu Gen
TINA V1C046: Onion Layers

Jimmy was the first to fall. Because his snoring was too noisy, Miss Dolai asked Mu Gen to help him to the next room to sleep.

While he was away and with Mu Gen not watching him, Olivia secretly drunk a glass of wine and got drunk.


But Oli is an honest drunk since he fell asleep right away. With his face flushed, he looked healthy. Not long after he slept, Mu Gen couldn’t hold it anymore. After all, he’s a good boy who won’t stay up at night very much, so he kept rubbing his eyes. When he finally couldn’t hold on anymore, he fell next to Olivia.

With all of them sleeping, only Miss Dolai and a few robots were left. Looking at their sleeping faces, Miss Dolai quietly poured herself a drink with a faint smile on her mouth.

Even though he slept very late last night, Mu Gen got up on time the next day due to his biological clock and pulled the quilt on Olivia, who was drooling in his sleep. He took the empty wine glass from Miss Dolai’s hand——Don’t know when Miss Dolai fell asleep. Not only did she fall asleep while sitting, but she also didn’t throw away the wine glass in her hand.

“Good morning, Dad.” Not long after he woke up, it was time for Robot A to turn on. The father and son greeted each other and then worked together.

After tidying up the mess from last night’s dinner, Mu Gen used the leftover ingredients to make breakfast. Robot A was in charge of looking at the pot. During this period, Mu Gen wasn’t idle as he cleaned up Miss Dolai’s room——at this point, Miss Dolai didn’t discourage them from entering her room, so Mu Gen thought that the other party shouldn’t mind him helping her clean.

Fifteen sets of dentures were swept out in the bedroom alone, and Mu Gen carefully brushed each one then placed them neatly on Miss Dolai’s sink. After doing this, the soup for breakfast isn’t done yet, so Mu Gen simply took Miss Dolai’s clothes out and washed them.

And so, when Miss Dolai woke up from the smell of breakfast, all she saw was an incredibly neat and tidy room.

“Oh my God!” Looking around in disbelief, she glanced at Mu Gen, who was still busy running in and out. Miss Dolai kicked Olivia who was rolling under her feet: “Little lazy chicken, the sun’s already out!”

Her wake-up action was very rough and this was the first time he saw Miss Dolai “devastate” Oli, so Mu Gen rushed in to save Olivia.

“Miss Dolai, let me wake him up!” Miss Dolai should have never raised a human child since such a brutal wake-up method would almost always result in a complaint of domestic violence.

After nervously checking Oli up and down, Mu Gen breathed a sigh of relief after finding that Oli was unharmed.

However, Olivia, who usually sleeps lightly and rarely sleeps well, is not so easy to wake up today. After Mu Gen called for him for a long time to no avail, he went out.

Then put a bowl of soup at the end of Olivia’s nose. After a while, Olivia woke up with a sniff.

“Good morning Oli!” When he woke up, he saw Mu Gen’s big smiling face and saw Mengmeng cautiously holding a bowl of meat soup next to him. Olivia rubbed his eyes and scratched his head before smiling and whispering good morning.

The golden sunlight shone on the two teenagers through the window. Today is a rare sunny day on this planet.

“It’s not breakfast anymore, so it’s lunch.” In the end, Miss Dolai’s voice broke the beautiful weather: “Chick Oli, why don’t you go wash? Do you want this old woman to wait for you while hungry?”

When Miss Dolai mentioned the words——”Chick Oli”, Olivia didn’t pay attention at first. When he later realized what she had just said, he stared at Miss Dolai vigilantly.

The earliest overlord on Earth was the dinosaurs, then the ice age came as well as meteorites, making dinosaurs extinct. The apes then became the king and eventually evolved into the human beings of Earth.

Therefore, the people of Earth are apes.

If, probably, if there’s a planet whose environmental conditions are very similar to the development of Earth and escaped that natural terrible disaster and the dinosaurs didn’t die, then, then…the inhabitants on it would have evolved from dinosaurs and the owners of that planet will be these dinosaurs.

Every planet has a race that eventually defeats other races and successfully evolved into humans in the end. All kinds of human beings live in the same universe and eventually integrated into the humans in this universe.

Although they all look human, because of their different primitive races, everyone is different. For example, human beings evolved from plants will not bleed, and can even regrow their limbs; For example, fishmen can breathe freely in the water; For example, dinosaurs are inherently extremely tyrannical——

Although Olivia looks the same as Mu Gen, there’s a big difference inside: Olivia is a “dinosaur man” known as one of the strongest races in the universe.

Not to mention, he’s also a “Kantas”.

This is a powerful race that once unified the universe, the owner of the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb——Louis I belonged to this race, which was the most powerful and rarest race among the dinosaur species. They’re powerful, have a long lifespan, and extraordinary wisdom, which made every Kantas an existence at the top of the pyramid, making them big figures in this universe. In the national animation——the protagonist Kan Mengmeng is a Kantas.

Olivia is also a Kantas, but he’s not a big person who can call the wind and summon the rain. He is just a Kantas cub that hasn’t grown up yet, just like Kan Mengmeng.

“Chirp” is the cry of a Kantas cub, and also the nickname adult Kantas gave the cubs. That “chick Oli” is equal to “cub Oli”, so his racial identity has been revealed by others. Olivia immediately looked at Miss Dolai with full vigilance.

However, Miss Dolai just smiled slyly and waved at him: “Hurry up and wash so we can eat.”

Her reaction was too normal and too calm, so Olivia couldn’t infer anything from her expression. He washed his face with cold water and saw his amber eyes in the mirror. After coldly looking at himself in the mirror, Olivia turned and left.

“This is a birthday gift from Tali~ This denture is very easy to use. It’s very powerful when eating meat, but unfortunately, it disappeared after I woke up one day. I’ve been looking for it for a long time!” Miss Dolai smiled slightly, showing her white teeth.

“It’s under your bed. Maybe it fell off accidentally while sleeping.” Mu Gen was chewing when he said this. Seeing Olivia approach, he took the initiative to pull the chair next to him.

“Fortunately you found it. By the way, my room hasn’t been so clean since Tali left.”

“Does Miss Tali have black skin and red braids? I saw her picture. Sorry, I accidentally saw those frames under the bookshelf while cleaning.” Mu Gen pointed to the closet in the living room: “I put them on that cupboard.”

“Yes, that person is Tali and she’s my last butler.” Miss Dolai’s eyes showed a look of nostalgia: “But she’s not a young lady anymore. She’s already married and had a child. When she passed away, there’s already the sixth generation.”

“…I’m sorry.” Miss Dolai’s blue mechanical eyes showed a touch of sadness again, and Mu Gen whispered an apology.

“Don’t be sorry. Birth, old age, sickness, and death are all very natural things.” With a slight smile, Miss Dolai took a sip of the soup elegantly.

She said she didn’t care but the sadness in her eyes couldn’t be completely concealed. Thinking about her age and her experience over the past few years, Mu Gen suddenly understood the origin of this sadness.

This is the particular sadness of people who lived too long, right?

Acquaintances left one by one, leaving only her who has been living and living until the whole world changed.

That’s why she made so many robot dolls made from her memory accompany her, right?

Imagining that everyone has never left. Imagining that everyone is still living together happily.

But an illusion will always be an illusion. No one knew this better than the maker, Miss Dolai, and no one is more lonely than her.

The body is old and decayed, but to wait for her important person, she’s still living.

Looking at Miss Dolai, who was chatting with Duoduo’s head while drinking coffee, Mu Gen’s admiration for her increased.

Strong一一it was another quality he learned from this lady.

“I want to look at the photos too.” Just as everyone quietly enjoyed the pleasant coffee time after breakfast, Duoduo spoke.

So Mu Gen took the photos from the cupboard in front of him.

The scanner’s blue light scanned the photos one by one as he “looked” at each one, after which, Duoduo made no more sound.

That was until Mu Gen went to prepare his luggage after the meal.

Duoduo suddenly stopped Mu Gen.

He stopped him but didn’t say a word, so Mu Gen took Duoduo’s big head and prepared the luggage with him.

“Mu Gen, I want to ask for your help again.” Seeing Mu Gen and Olivia running up and down busily, Duoduo finally spoke.

“Huh?” Mu Gen was stunned, but he quickly reacted: “Tell me.”

“I want to take a photo with the owner.” Duoduo finally made his request.

Mu Gen was stunned.

“Master will die one day and I will also break, never to be fixed again.”

“After I break down, no one will know the memory of my owner and me anymore.”

“Before that, I want to take a photo with the owner, just like the photo of the owner and Tali.”

Although the picture has been buried for a long time, it will be discovered one day, put out, and remembered again one day. The smiling faces of the owner and Tali were frozen at that moment, looking very beautiful.

After saying this, Duoduo didn’t make a sound anymore as his screen flickered, just like the heartbeat of human beings when they’re nervous.

“Okay.” Mu Gen solemnly promised.

Listening to their conversation, Olivia never said a word. He just silently checked Mengmeng’s body and after checking, he went to check Epsilon’s hull.

Then, when Mu Gen was at a loss on “how to take a photo of an invisible spacecraft”, Olivia silently handed over a bucket of paint.

Taking out two brushes with his left hand and waving them, Olivia gave Mu Gen a smirk.

As a result, White Cloud Duoduo’s dream has been realized again~\(≧▽≦)~

After working for three hours, Mu Gen and Olivia crawled off him with paint all over them. Everyone was standing in front of White Cloud Duoduo and Jimmy’s old camera made a click, faithfully recording this precious moment.

The paint covered Mu Gen and Oli who looked cute with their paintbrushes, the big heads held in the arms of Robot A, Uncle Jimmy who almost missed the camera, the smiling Miss Dolai, and——

The fancily painted White Cloud Duoduo.

This was the first and only photo of White Cloud Duoduo and Miss Dolai in their lives.

After taking this precious photo, Mu Gen and his crew were ready to set off. Duoduo and Miss Dolai said goodbye to them.

“In a while, I will also go to school.” Before leaving, Duoduo seriously told Mu Gen while in Miss Dolai’s arms: “Owner will transform me into the best warship!”

“En, Oli, and I will wait for you!” Mu Gen also seriously promised.

Miss Dolai always looked at them with a smile then watched Mu Gen and Olivia board Epsilon as she waved vigorously under the spacecraft.

The white planet M7 quickly shrank into a small dot in their eyes.

But Mu Gen didn’t feel the sadness of parting at all:

He and Oli’s robots are here, and will always be there.

Mu Gen waved his hand vigorously at M7 which was about to disappear.


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Translator’s Note:

For those who didn’t realize, the paint on Duoduo’s spacecraft has an anti-reconnaissance element on it. That meant that anything remotely camera-like will not work on him. Remember the missing notice with a huge blank photo on it? Because of Duoduo’s anti-reconnaissance shell, Miss Dolai doesn’t even have a picture of Duoduo.

TINA V1C044: Robot Oli And Robot Mu Gen
TINA V1C046: Onion Layers

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