TINA V1C043: New Robot

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Mu Gen and Olivia temporarily stayed on M7. To thank them for sending White Cloud Duoduo home, she said that she would check Alpha and the other robots and upgrade their system along the way.

“Is she going to be okay? With her age, her hands are trembling…” Seeing the old lady’s trembling body, Olivia questioned at that time. Miss Dolai immediately tapped his butt with her cane.

“Never discuss age in front of a lady!” With raised eyebrows, Miss Dolai isn’t that angry: “My hand is unstable, but don’t I still have you? Are you standing there for what?”

With a wave of her crutches, she began to assign tasks to Olivia and Mu Gen. Things that are too sophisticated can’t be done at present, so Miss Dolai threw them a maintenance manual and asked them to do routine maintenance for a total of 230 robots around them according to the book.

Then she went up to meet Alpha and the others with them.

“You young people really don’t take good care of yourself. How could you dismantle yourself like this? This way, even if you remove your body parts from the spacecraft, you can’t operate again.” After carefully checking Alpha and their situation, Miss Dolai shook her head in disapproval.

Although a robot’s body can be disassembled, it can’t be completely disassembled like this. The disassembly of some key parts will inevitably produce procedural problems. To make up for the lack of materials, Alpha destroyed many of their core programs, which is destructive behavior.

However, Alpha remained indifferent. Keeping in line with him, Beta and the others didn’t move.

They can’t change back but they have to send Mu Gen to school.

If they have eyes, people would be able to see what they’re thinking of. Unfortunately, they only have their dark screens.

The calm green straight line slowly glided through those dark screens. As long as they didn’t say it, no one would know what they’re thinking right now.

However, it didn’t include Dolai.

“Your subject of supervision is still young and simple in mind but your body can no longer protect him, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Although Duoduo has a simple mind, he’s already strong enough. Even if he suffers outside, those things can’t destroy him. I also have confidence in the strong body I gave him. But Mu Gen is different. He’s just a human being and if he suffered a lot, maybe there’s no way to live and correct his mistakes.”

“Machines can be repaired, but the human body is very difficult to repair.”

After saying this, she stopped speaking. Leaning on her crutches, she waited for Alpha’s choice.

She wasn’t surprised at what choice Alpha made.

Although Alpha and the others were just robots, they’re the parents of a human. As a parent herself, she could easily infer what choice these parents, who love their child, will make on this issue.

While Miss Dolai waited with confidence, Alpha and the others silently detached their parts from the spacecraft again. However, only a part of it could be taken apart as more parts were stuck on Epsilon’s ship and couldn’t be taken off.

This was the consequence of their program being forcibly broken.

For example, human limbs are made of bones, flesh, and blood. If you want to reinstall the broken limbs, a skilled physician must align their blood vessels and flesh one by one before proceeding with the next suture; like human limb reattachment surgery, cutting a robot’s body is never as simple as rough disassembly.

A robot’s body is precisely assembled from the materials that make up its body and countless complex procedures. Epsilon can transform between a spacecraft and a robot, but this transformation can’t be carried out randomly: Where each piece of metal is installed in the spacecraft, and where it will appear when he became a robot, everything was determined early in the previous installation procedure. All metals are ingeniously connected through a program and they’re seamlessly connected.

Based on the established procedure, Alpha and the others’ parts were forcibly inserted, and Epsilon’s program was forcibly destroyed in the process. Even if it’s disassembled again, it cannot be combined like the previous robot Epsilon;

And Alpha and the others were even more miserable: They’re originally not an assembly-type robot so the only related program was meant for them to disassemble part of their limbs themselves. This didn’t include disassembling their whole body, nor how to integrate it with the limbs of other robots to form a new mechanical body after disassembly!

In the process of disassembly, the original program lost its meaning and even when it’s taken down, they could not reassemble their bodies with the original parts.

Metals of different colors were scattered all over the place, and the spacecraft Epsilon was parked there without its roof and in tatters, looking particularly bleak.

If they didn’t meet Miss Dolai, this scene would be what Mu Gen will face after arriving at their destination.

“For the next things, just leave it all to me.” Fortunately, they met Miss Dolai.

Pulling up her sleeves, Miss Dolai started to work very energetically.


While the parents were busy, Mu Gen and Olivia were not idle either.

The maintenance manual given to them by Miss Dolai is very thick, difficult, and complicated in content.

“——Dolai Z Romrabiso.” Olivia read the words on the cover: “This is a textbook, right? I have never heard of this book. I don’t know if it was published by the old lady at her own expense.”

“But Miss Dolai must be very powerful to create a spacecraft like Duoduo.”

“That’s true, and…the name is also familiar.” Though he’s complaining, Olivia still has a positive attitude towards Miss Dolai’s level. He opened the thick textbook and began to study seriously with Mu Gen.

These days, robots are an important part of human life. They’re active in various fields and engaged in all kinds of boring or dangerous jobs. Anything humans are unwilling to do is their main scope of work.

They’re called machine people in the beginning. In the eyes of human beings, they’re just a steel machine composed of various parts;

Then later, they’re called robots and their functions gradually improved. They’re much more advanced than machinery and can engage in a complete process, just like machines.

Now, robots are more developed, but the term stuck.

“I believe that robots will have life and become a new race.” This sentence is on the first page of the book written by Miss Dolai.

“This is a very dangerous statement. Humans are firmly opposed to treating robots as humans. No wonder I’ve never seen this book before since it’s probably banned.” Olivia said, but his fingers didn’t stop. He couldn’t wait to turn to the next page.

He had never systematically studied how to manufacture robots. All knowledge is self-taught while repairing Mengmeng. He had always suspected that Mengmeng’s current chatter was caused by a mistake in the repair process. To this end, he had been looking for a solution.

And the book in front of him looked like an opportunity.

Besides, they not only have textbooks, but also 230 robots for them to practice!

Undoubtedly, Mu Gen had the same idea as him. Holding the heavy textbook, the two teenagers began to run around the streets.

Every time they found a robot, they will inspect it from top to bottom. Miss Dolai’s textbook has detailed data on each robot, so they could compare these robots against the original data. Once some data deviated, they will find a way to adjust it to the original. After operating a few robots in this way, they could basically put aside the textbook and check by themselves.

“All right.” Olivia inspected another robot, and after restarting, the robot smoothly went back to its original place…and went to sell newspapers——the identity of this robot is the owner of the newsstand.

“Huh? Wait, you haven’t worn your shirt yet!” Seeing the robot walking away, Mu Gen hurriedly screamed, grabbed the shirt, and caught up. He then put the shirt back on the robot——when inspecting the robot, he found that the shirt button had fallen off so Mu Gen helped him sew the button on.

“Thank you.” The robot thanked him obediently.

“I just added those words to him, hehe. I added a few words to the voice program of each robot. When the old lady meets them again in the future, she might be shocked by them!” Thinking of that scene, Olivia smiled triumphantly.

“That sounds interesting! Call me next time you add a program, I want to add some too!” Mu Gen was also eager to try.

Olivia is really smart and can always come up with all kinds of interesting ideas——Mu Gen reaffirmed his image of Olivia in his mind.

This is really good. When Miss Dolai takes a walk in the future, these robots can “chat” with her in various unexpected ways. Miss Dolai should be very happy, right?

Although his thoughts were completely different from Olivia’s, Mu Gen truly felt that this was a good idea. After this, the two secretly assigned themselves more tasks. They added several automatic reply programs to the robot’s program. Once triggered, they can make various responses and reply to different sentences according to the trigger conditions.

These robots became more realistic because of this, and the overhauled robots became more and more flexible. They walked around, greeted each other when passing by, and quarreled when they disagreed.

“It looks like people really live here.” Seeing these robots “live” again because of them, Mu Gen said happily.

“Yes.” Olivia nodded in agreement since he was also very satisfied.

“To be honest, I think I can build a robot by myself!” Olivia became a little cocky.

Hearing what he said, Mu Gen was shocked for a moment, and then quickly became excited;

“Oli, you’re right! We can build our own robot now!”

His eyes were so bright. Being stared like this, Olivia turned sideways uncomfortably.

“Oli! Let’s build two robots! Made from you and me, I also want our robots to live on this planet!” With bright eyes, Mu Gen loudly told Olivia.

His voice was so bewitching that he quickly imagined the scene of a robot Olivia and a robot Mu Gen happily running in the town. His eyes became bright.

Looking at each other, the two teenagers reached an agreement with their eyes and quickly started to get busy.

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