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On the spacecraft, Mu Gen excitedly told his dream: “I want to be a chef!”

“Huh?” Those black fried eggs immediately appeared in Olivia’s mind as well as the tomato and potatoes that caused him to run to the toilet all night. He reluctantly twitched the corner of his mouth: “You sure?”

“En, I found recipes from my hometown in a book left by my predecessors. Uncle Alpha copied those recipes and I want to reproduce them.” Speaking of his dreams, Mu Gen’s eyes lit up: “My uncles and I have already discussed it. When school opens, they’ll open a small restaurant next to the school!”

“Pfft——” Imagining the scene of the expressionless Alpha serving the guests with a plate, Olivia snorted: “I really want to know how many tips Uncle Alpha can receive!”

Probably thinking of the same scene, Mu Gen laughed with him. After laughing, Mu Gen cleared his throat and turned his head to look at Olivia:

“Then Oli, what’s do you want to do?”

This question stopped Olivia.

He didn’t answer for a long time, but then, Olivia took out a lollipop and stuffed the sugar in his mouth. He vaguely said: “Then I’ll be a pastry chef.”

“Pastry chef?” Mu Gen was stunned.

“I want to open a big…big shop! The shop will be full of candies and sweets everywhere. If children come in, they can eat whatever they want. I will not ask them for money, nor will I chase them and spank them.”

Describing that scene, Olivia talked in a monotone but he unexpectedly met Mu Gen’s sight. This guy was looking sympathetically at his ass…

Olivia suddenly got goosebumps on his butt. ==

“You…why are you staring at my ass?” Olivia rolled his hips uncomfortably.

“Oli, you must have been beaten a lot.” Mu Gen seriously said so after returning his gaze to Olivia’s face.

With the other party hitting the nail on the head, Olivia thought he’d be upset or frustrated, but he felt nothing.

Scratching his pants, he lowered his head and said:

“Fortunately, that guy didn’t hurt me, but his own stick broke several times!”

Even so, a few of his tail hairs were knocked out and until now, it looked a little bald which made Olivia very distressed.

“You and Sigma can talk: He also gets spanked frequently. Uncle Alpha’s spanking is much harder than a stick. Sigma’s ass has been beaten several times, but fortunately, he has a lot of spare ass!”

Seeing Sigma silently turn away, Olivia laughed out loud. Those bleak memories were instantly replaced by Sigma’s embarrassment.

“Then it’s settled, let’s both report to the Cooking Department!” Mu Gen smiled as he looked at Oli, who didn’t know why he’s smiling.

“…” Olivia wanted to agree right away, but when those words reached his lips, he suddenly hesitated: “But I don’t have an admission letter…”

He was hesitating whether to continue talking, but then saw Mu Gen smiling at him. He took a piece of paper like a treasure and Mu Gen directly stuffed it into his hand.

“This is——” Olivia’s eyes widened when he saw the contents.

“Admission notice, Uncle Pi helped you get it (≧▽≦)! He said it’s to thank you for helping him rearrange his hard drive a few days ago!” As Mu Gen said that, he pointed to the big head of Robot Pi…who had been standing behind them.

Immediately receiving Olivia’s surprised gaze, Pi turned his dark screen around, green light flashing quickly, just like a person blinking mischievously.

“Great! (≧▽≦).” This time, Olivia was overjoyed! He rushed over and hugged Pi’s big head, even kissing him twice. Feeling that it’s not enough, he couldn’t resist kissing the other big heads. This mood made Mengmeng envious as he looked at Olivia pitifully. When Olivia noticed him, he also kissed his head.

“Chirp~” Mengmeng was satisfied.

“Chirp~” Oli was also satisfied.

What strange sound did he hear just now? Mu Gen scratched his head and quickly put the thought aside.

Then, Alpha connected them to the official website of the Imperial College. In the most prominent position on the website, they found the new student application form, and with their heads together, Mu Gen and Olivia began to study how to fill in the form.

Following Mu Gen, Olivia seriously entered the “Cooking Department Pastry Chef Course” as his first choice. After carefully signing his name, he pressed the confirm button. Seeing the words “successful” on the screen, Olivia and Mu Gen both smiled.

It was a joyous smile full of hope for the future.

Olivia didn’t know that at this time, he had just seized an opportunity that was important enough to change his life.


Auxiliary star of the Imperial Capital, the Fourth Star.

Sumei Ge sat motionless in his room.

For three whole days, he didn’t step out of the door. In these three days, he desperately recalled the information revealed in his nightmares. After three days of sorting, he arranged the information on a timeline.

When he looked closely, the latter part was very detailed but the previous part is a monotonous straight line without any events.

This meant that Sumei Ge didn’t know anything about what happened during this time.

This meant he couldn’t stop the man and kill him in time before he grows up.

Yes, these days, Sumei Ge desperately searched for Olivia as a teenager for only one reason: to kill him.

The record of Olivia in that orphanage is simple: Male Pterosaur, 16 years old, mixed breed, partial genetic defects.

Sumei Ge laughed when he saw this record: Pterosaur? It’s truly backward of them to actually treat a Kantas cub as a normal Pterosaur?! What a joke!

But when he saw the video recording of Olivia given by the dean, he didn’t think so anymore: In those video records, the frail chicken really didn’t look like a Kantas at all.

He’s very skinny and his photo at the age of five looks only as big as a normal Kantas cub at the age of two. In addition, his hair was completely dull and sticking to his body, not at all like the other fluffy cubs. He’s also trembling and looked like he’ll fall when the wind blows. A Kantas’ posture can only be seen when he’s rushing for food, but on this planet dominated by land dinosaurs, most of the orphans in the orphanage are also land dinosaurs, so Olivia, who looked completely different from the other cubs, is obviously rejected. He always can’t eat enough so he grew thinner.

In addition, Sumei Ge noticed that in the photos, Olivia is always in chains. Regarding the chains, it didn’t take much effort to figure out its function.

“Our planet has limited manpower and resources. There’s no way to keep every cub from running around, so we had to tie them up…” At that time, the dean of the orphanage explained this with a guilty conscience.

Standing in Olivia’s room and seeing the furnishings in it, Sumei Ge wanted to kill the obese man in front of him.

He suddenly understood the origin of Olivia’s future behavior: From birth, he was handcuffed by an adult and treated as a prisoner where eating and drinking and pooping are all carried out in a small space; no one wanted to talk to him and most of the cubs who grew up in this orphanage have language barriers; if they wanted to be full, they could only rely on violence. If you’re not physically strong, you must use other methods——

Olivia grew up in such an environment.

No one knew what happened to him in that orphanage and he never mentioned his experience during that time.

A person’s personality in adulthood will largely be affected by childhood experiences, so Olivia’s adult personality became cruel and distorted. This personality trait undoubtedly alluded to his unhappy childhood and when Sumei Ge stood in his room, he confirmed this with his own eyes.

Sumei Ge found Mengmeng’s figure in Olivia’s photo. Although it’s not the same as the Kantas robot he had seen in his nightmares, the similar outline made Sumei Ge recognize the robot at a glance.

“This robot seems to have been thrown here with this child. I can’t remember anything specific, but Olivia likes it very much and had several fights due to this robot. You know, children in the orphanage don’t have many toys so the more aggressive children will grab them…” This was said by a staff member of the orphanage when she was being questioned.

Her words let Sumei Ge confirm Mengmeng’s identity.

It was the robot that accompanied Olivia for half his life.

It’s life and death for Olivia.

When Sumei Ge noticed Mengmeng, he was already a top-level robot. It’s obviously a nanny robot, but the material on its body is better than most people’s mechas. At that time, many people were jealous. He never thought that such a glamorous robot had such a past.

Seeing Mengmeng with its plastic shell in the photo, Sumei Ge was stunned for a long time.

Touching a part of that man’s unknown background, Sumei Ge’s mood became more and more complicated.

That’s not good——he gently told himself.

In any case, he didn’t find that man when he was just born. After living in such an environment for so many years, his character has been finalized and history will not change.

Must find him, then kill him…

Before his Kantas identity was discovered.

In that dark room, Sumei Ge gently clenched his fist.

The author has something to say:

Uncovered a little bit about Oli’s life experience

Not tall, rich, and handsome at all, Oli is a thin chick

Translator’s Note:

Should I be amazed or irritated at seeing the author keep mentioning butt throughout this novel?

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