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Bailu Star

Mu Gen opened his mouth wide. He had been like this for a while.

They are now at Port 3 of Bailu Star. Bailu Star is a famous Academy Planet. There are five huge academies distributed on it in which the Imperial Comprehensive Academy ranks first in terms of comprehensive ability. Every year during enrollment, the planet will be surrounded by the students’ spacecrafts. To facilitate the students’ admission, the Bailu Star Traffic Control Bureau set up a special port especially for students——this is the Port 3 where they are now.

At this moment, in front of Mu Gen’s spacecraft is a dense fleet of ships, while the back is the same. Countless spacecrafts lined up in an orderly line waiting to enter the port. It’s the first time Mu Gen saw so many spacecrafts and with their spacecraft caught in the middle, they looked small and broken, even a little shabby.

However, Mu Gen is someone who didn’t care about these things. He just greedily looked at all kinds of spacecrafts dumbfoundedly: “So many ships! So many people!”

For his first time coming to a crowded place since his birth, Mu Gen was dumbfounded.

It’s rare for Olivia to not retort, for no other reason than: He’s also dazzled!

Just as Mu Gen was a small countryside bumpkin, Olivia, who’s also born on a remote planet, was also a country bumpkin. Because he was driving without a license, he had never been to such a large planet with strict access restrictions.

With mouth wide open and staring for a while, he finally realized that he looked silly, so Olivia hurriedly closed his mouth. After doing this, he turned his head to look at Mu Gen with a guilty conscience and was relieved at finding that Mu Gen is still stupidly looking forward.

“Close your mouth, the saliva is almost dripping.” He spoke with a drawl.

“Ah? Really?” Mu Gen hurriedly wiped the corners of his mouth and then smiled embarrassedly.

Seeing him so honest, Olivia didn’t want to tease him anymore.

There are a lot of people in line, but the efficiency of the local traffic control bureau is magnificent. The waiting time was shorter than expected and it took them only half a day to enter the customs. Passing their admission notice to the staff, Mu Gen and Olivia’s hearts thumped. Seeing the other party read it carefully and put a stamp on it, the two talents made winning postures. (≧▽≦)

But they soon froze again: After it was stamped, the staff didn’t return the admission notice, but stopped them instead.

The fraud has been exposed——this was their first thought.

“Environmental tax is 20 units.” The staff extended a hand at them.

“Phew——” Olivia finally felt relieved. Poking at Mu Gen, he motioned Mu Gen to hurry up and pay——before leaving, Miss Dolai gave them several large packages of money and Olivia asked Mu Gen to put them away.

“Okay.” So Mu Gen obediently went back to get the money and directly carried the bag of money down. The moment they opened the package, the two were both stunned: A whole package of Kabeli! They don’t need to count to know that the money must be a lot, but——

The current universal currency is not Kabeli, but Farad!

Mu Gen and Olivia were both dumbfounded.

In the end, Mengmeng took out his private money from his pocket and the group was released.

“Mengmeng, you actually have private money, really suspicious!” Olivia frowned at Mengmeng.

“It’s not what you think. The money was given to me when I was standing on the roadside!” The little wings fluttered as Mengmeng tried hard to get rid of suspicion.

“Then try and stand on the roadside and I’ll see if someone will give you money.” Olivia side-eyed Mengmeng, making it clear that he didn’t believe it.

So Mengmeng really stood by the roadside.

Ten minutes later, holding the two new coins given to him, Mengmeng walked over to offer his treasure.

“Give to you, Olivia, I made another two units.” With his big eyes narrowed into a straight line, Mengmeng chirped.

Olivia grudgingly accepted it.

Under Mengmeng’s expectant eyes, Olivia still took the two units. These two units are all the property of their party now. Without any money, they could only continue to live in the spacecraft. Okay, maybe they won’t live in the spacecraft: If they live in it, they must continue to pay environmental taxes. According to the local laws, a spacecraft is considered a large obstacle.

“Leave it to me.” Throwing the two coins around in his palms, Olivia smiled. Seeing him casually ask a passer-by something before waving at them, Mu Gen and the others followed him in confusion.

Olivia finally stopped at a lottery sales center. This kind of little game of luck is popular in any era.

Standing in front of the screen full of numbers, Olivia looked at it solemnly for a long time. After a while, he finally smiled confidently:

“I’m optimistic that we’ll soon have money.”

Then he walked to the window to buy a lottery ticket and handed in a coin. There’s one coin left, but Olivia didn’t intend to use it.

“Do you want to try your luck? Just say a 28-digit number, the more numbers in the lottery, the more money you can get!” Smiling at Mu Gen, Olivia stuffed the last coin on his palm.

“But what if my luck is bad…” Looking at the precious coin in his hand, Mu Gen didn’t want to use up the money.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t, I’ll win half for you.” Olivia was confident.

Mu Gen didn’t say anything more, but at Oli’s urging, he finally filled in a number and passed it.

They submitted their numbers ten minutes before the draw, so ten minutes later——

“Congratulations! You won the first prize!” Countless ribbons fell from the sky and Mu Gen was confused by the falling ribbons. Oli, who was standing next to him, was also confused.

Wiping away the obstacles on his face, Olivia looked at the numbers on the screen in amazement. After a long time, he moved his eyes to the numbers in his hands: “Impossible! I didn’t win the prize!”

“It’s hard to tell regarding things like luck. Like me, I’ve never worn a fight before.” Mu Gen didn’t care.

“I don’t rely on luck, I calculate it! Calculate!” Olivia was still competing with the numbers in his hand when Mu Gen had already accepted the card representing the first prize. After bowing to the award-giving personnel, Mu Gen excitedly threw the card into Olivia’s hands.

“Oli, look, how much money is there? Is it enough for us to eat and sleep today?”

More than enough! The first prize money is enough for them to rent a small house with a garden here! Even rent for a year!

Staring at Mu Gen, Olivia honestly told him so.

“That’s fine then, let’s go eat the Berry Hotpot that Oli wants to eat!” Raising a finger, Mu Gen pointed to the direction they came before.

“Huh? How did you know I wanted to eat that?” Olivia was stunned again.

“Because you’ve been looking at the store’s sign on the way ^_^. It looks delicious~” Shrugging but still with a smile on his face, Mu Gen held two heads in both hands and three heads behind his back as he took the lead.

“Then…then I want to eat two, no! Three Berry Hotpots!” Olivia, who finally reacted, was alive and kicking again, striding beside Mu Gen and began to make additional requests.

This not being satisfied with small gains request is truly petty behavior though Olivia didn’t realize this.

“Okay! The winning prize is half Oli’s so Oli can eat as much as he wants.” Mu Gen didn’t notice it at all. He just carefully calculated that his half of the money will be saved so that their family can live in the big city in the future.

“No, Olivia can eat three at most while Mu Gen can eat one at most. Any more will lead to tooth decay.” But it was Alpha’s big head in Mu Gen’s arms that untimely interrupted the two teenagers’ joy.

“Tch——” Olivia then let out a disappointed scream.

This evening, they had delicious Berry Hotpot, added new energy to Uncle Epsilon and Mengmeng, then rented a house with a small yard.

The house was very small. Except for the kitchen and living room and other functional rooms, there’s only one bedroom left, so even when they left the spacecraft, everyone would still sleep together.

A new planet and a new room. Even when it’s time to go to bed, people could still be heard outside on the streets. This is an experience that Mu Gen never had before. After quietly feeling that everyone was around him, Mu Gen could no longer bear the drowsiness.

After a while, he fell asleep, but Olivia couldn’t.

He was free but got restricted again. However, this kind of restriction didn’t feel disgusting. On the contrary, Olivia felt very warm.

He rolled around for a long time until Alpha gave a warning “good night”, only then did Olivia stopped wriggling, whispered good night, and finally fell asleep.


Just as Mu Gen and his family was sleeping and shutting down one by one, a heavily armed spacecraft slowly sailed into the silent port.

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Mengmeng is so capable!

Made up yesterday’s share~~\(≧▽≦)/~

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