TINA V1C048: Beaten Chick Oli

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No matter how comfortable the spacecraft is, it cannot be as comfortable as land.

With this comfortable sleep, even Mu Gen, whose biological clock has always been on time, slept until the sun was three poles into the sky. When he opened his eyes, Alpha and the others had been busy for a long time.

“…Uncle Alpha..” When he opened his eyes and saw the robot Alpha, which was more than two meters high, Mu Gen was stunned.

“Good afternoon, you should go wash up.” Alpha’s voice was as cold as ever, not revealing the joy of returning to his original body, but Mu Gen knew that he’s actually very happy: The current Uncle Alpha exudes the smell of engine oil. If one looked closely, you’ll find that the metal surface on his whole body has been carefully wiped with protective oil. In addition, Uncle Alpha also had a necklace that he made for him before.

Uncle Alpha will only be serious about dressing up when he’s in a hearty mood ~(≧▽≦)~.

“Okay!” Like a carp jumping off the bed, Mu Gen didn’t forget to push Sigma’s power button: This guy must have been awake a long time ago, but seeing that I’m still asleep, he hibernated again.

Sima is fine as long as he restarted, but Oli is very difficult. With a pat on the left or a pat on the right, no matter how Mu Gen called out to him, he just won’t get up. Seeing this, Alpha signaled that he didn’t need to continue.

Uncle Alpha is really gentle with Oli! Seeing that he can’t get up, he thoughtfully agreed to him lying in bed. If it’s him, he’d usually be spanked. Uncle’s spanks really hurts~ After being beaten once, Mu Gen never dared to sleep in again.

Thinking of this, Mu Gen left the bedroom to Alpha and Oli and went to wash.

He went up so quickly that he didn’t see what happened later in the room:

Five seconds later, Alpha gently patted Olivia’s ass→Olivia continued to snore;

A minute later, Alpha patted Olivia’s ass hard→twisting his butt, Olivia continued to snore zzzz;

A red light flashed dangerously from Alpha’s screen. Holding Olivia in the air, like dusting a blanket, Alpha patted Olivia’s butt fiercely!

“Chirp!” Olivia finally woke up with an exclamation in his mouth.

Not only did he wake up, but his body also reflexively transformed due to excessive fright. A bald-tailed little white chicken just appeared in Alpha’s robotic hand.

With wings flapping vigorously, the little white chicken pecked at the Robot Alpha fiercely;

Expressionless, Alpha coldly watched the fierce movements of the little white chicken. Before it could peck again, he quickly stuffed the last long feather on the little white chicken’s tail into his mouth——

“Chirp~~~~~~~” The cry of the little white chicken this time was very miserable.

With a feather in his mouth, he stared at Alpha in fear.

After a while, Alpha’s sound generator made a sound similar to pressing the shutter.

“Chirp?” The little white chicken tilted his head in confusion.

“I took a photo,” Alpha coldly replied.

“(⊙o⊙)!” The little white chicken still wanted to struggle.

“Your bald tail can be seen. If you don’t get up, I’ll post your picture.”

The little white chicken was stunned.

With a weak chirp, his head drooped. Seeing that he no longer resisted, Alpha let him go.

“Collect your feathers, fold the quilt, and then go wash up and cook.”

After coldly saying that, Alpha went out.

His back reflected in the eyes of the little white chicken lying on the bed, very cold and very ruthless.

But he didn’t say anything…

Seeing Alpha gently close the door of the bedroom, Olivia, who transformed, crawled on the bed for a while, and then gently rolled in the quilt. For cubs, this was the simplest relaxation behavior, but for Olivia, who grew up chained in the orphanage, this was precious entertainment.

The universe is huge. In such a large universe, there are “human beings” that have evolved from various organisms. Olivia is a human being evolved from a dinosaur called “Kantas”. Kantas is the most powerful species in the universe, but Olivia is just a cub, a Kantas cub without parents.

The staff in the orphanage called him a bastard and even though Mengmeng told him he’s a Kantas, Olivia had already determined that he’s a hybrid Kantas. Compared to cubs of the same age, his strength was not great and he can’t even beat the triceratops cub in the orphanage; in addition, his appearance is also shabby and his eyes are not blue or green as the legend says.

So he must be a reject who was thrown away because of a genetic defect.

However, Olivia has fallen in love with this cartoon ever since. Kan Mengmeng in the animation was a Kantas cub and has the same yellow eyes as him, but had a much stronger body. He’s obviously also a cub, but he wasn’t someone omnipotent that can go up to heaven or down to the underworld.

A pure-bred Kantas is a big figure in the universe and not someone he could see, but Kan Mengmeng is the only similar kind he knew and also the idol in his heart. Secretly running out of the orphanage and driving Mengmeng into the universe is also an act of imitation.

Olivia, who’s a cub in age, was also a cub at heart.

Rolling in the bed warmed by the sun, he acted just like an ordinary cub.

Finally, after warming up in the bed for a while, he used his mouth to gather the long feathers on the bed, then folded the quilt crookedly. After doing all this, he slowly turned into a human form again.

When he walked to the kitchen after washing his face and brushing his teeth, all he saw was Mu Gen in an apron, looking at him excitedly and holding a spoon.

Standing with him were all robots. Beta and Pi also took their bodies back, so several robots over two meters tall appeared in front of him at the same time. The visual effect was truly shocking, not to mention the largest Epsilon.

The largest Epsilon is now wearing an apron. Not just him, all the robots are wearing aprons!

This formation…what do they want to do?

At this moment, Alpha’s dark screen suddenly turned towards him. Olivia reflexively shuddered, but then saw Alpha hand over a small bag.

After opening it, Olivia’s mouth twitched: Apron, it’s an apron! Aside from the apron, there are two pieces of paper densely packed with recipe-like things.

“Come here in your apron.” Alpha’s dark screen flashed. Seeing Olivia looking puzzled, he continued: “This morning, Pi successfully sneaked into the network of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy’s Examination Center, and got the exam questions for this year.”

“The cooking majors’ written test questions are on those two pages. In addition, this year’s additional questions are——”

After a pause, Alpha immediately announced the answer coldly:

“Scrambled eggs!”

“Use only the most basic condiments to cook the most delicious eggs. It’s an additional question for the entrance exam for cooking majors. The extra question is worth 50 points while the written test is 100 points. The passing score is 80 points, so as long as the extra points are well completed, even if the written test is slightly poor, you can pass. Of course, your goal is not to pass, but to strive for the top two in the profession.”

“The inside information of the Academy indicates that the top two in each major can enter key classes.” Alpha raised a finger very seriously. For parents, their children need to enter a prestigious school, and entering a key class is also very important!

Olivia was dumbfounded.

“This…this…isn’t this bad?” He whispered.

“There’s nothing wrong with this. Just like how Oli can analyze winning numbers in the lottery based on calculations, getting the exam questions is also a calculation.” Robot Pi tilted his head, his dark screen flashing as he blinked at Oli.

“Exams are originally the result of luck and strength working together. It’s like the lucky ones that humans usually talk about. Asking the right question also represents luck, but the problem is strength.” Epsilon added muffledly.

“If you have no luck, you have to rely on strength.” Beta summarized it concisely and after explaining, Eta raised the two pages of exam questions promptly. Next to him, Sigma weakly held up two eggs.

What you said makes sense, but also makes me speechless——this sentence is a true portrayal of Olivia’s mood at the moment!

The exam is based on strength or luck, so the strength here is…the ability to steal exam questions?

After blinking, Olivia took the egg from Sigma in the end.

Before this, Olivia had never entered the kitchen and because of the lack of tools on the barren star, Mu Gen had never tried to practice. So in the following period, Alpha explained how to make scrambled eggs to Mu Gen and Olivia very seriously.

When Olivia made scrambled eggs for the first time, the yolk was tender and looks very delicious. In stark contrast was the scrambled eggs from Mu Gen. Don’t know how he did it. It’s obviously the same egg but when he fried it, it became completely black and looked very suspicious.

However, under Alpha’s constant corrections, Mu Gen’s posture while making scrambled eggs looked more and more like a chef—— If it weren’t for watching him scramble a pile of black scrambled eggs next to him, Olivia would be fooled by his actions!

Alpha didn’t seem worried about Mu Gen at all. Instead, he instructed Olivia’s actions while making a few scrambled eggs and immediately announced that the two had passed.

Hey! How did Mu Gen pass?!

Seeing another black scrambled egg that Mu Gen held out, Olivia was embarrassed!

“We have carefully studied the grading standards of the Comprehensive Academy: For a dish, the color, fragrance, and flavor are each worth 10 points as well as the choice of ingredients. In addition, cooking actions also accounted for 10 points. If the posture is correct and the material is selected correctly, you can get 20 points.” Thinking that Olivia was in a nervous mood, Eta comforted him: “It doesn’t matter if you can’t pass the Cooking Department. Each candidate can apply for two choices. I have seen your usual results and it’s not a problem to test for the Mecha Department and the Battleship Command Department.”

“As long as you can enter the academy, it’s very simple to go to the Cooking Department.”

As a result, a large number of candidates and parents across the universe squeezed their heads to enter the Mecha Department and Battleship Command Department of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, but on this side, several robots understated it as a replacement major if they failed to pass the Cooking Department.

Amidst Olivia’s anxiety, Alpha gave him and Mu Gen a big egg from an unknown species and then took them to the exam location.

However, although the conscience is disturbed (guilty), this kind of cheating that’s openly shielded by parents is very cool!

Olivia, who felt that he was backed by someone, finally took the egg and went to take the exam. (≧▽≦)

The author has something to say:

Tofu Brain: Olivia’s life’s luck has been used to meet Mu Gen!

Light Breeze and Clear Moon: Oli’s life’s luck has been spent on meeting Mu Gen.

Blue and White Ink: Did Oli spend all his life’s luck in finding Mu Gen?

Seeing these comments, the author silently read it several times, wanting to confirm if they copy and paste each other…turns out they didn’t, then, you’re really good friends ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Then the author silently thought: the bad luck in Mu Gen’s life is probably meeting Oli, so God made it up to him by giving him so much luck orz

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!

The leisurely days of the teenagers are coming to an end.

TINA V1C047: Mengmeng On The Roadside
TINA V1C049: Imperial Comprehensive Academy (true colors)

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