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As an academy planet, Bailu Star has a small permanent population, and most of the residents are students and school employees. This planet will be overcrowded every day for only one day of the year: That’s the beginning of school each year.

A large number of freshmen and parents arrived at the same time as various merchant ships as well as a large number of media flooding in to report on the exam process. Bailu Star’s exam season is livelier than a festival.

The crowd at the entrance of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy was particularly spectacular——

There are a total of five academies in Bailu Star.

Thinking of getting the title of “Academy”, many conditions needed to be met. The evaluation team will comprehensively inspect the school history, research results, the number of students, the number of teachers, and the setting of grades. The result will tell if the school can become an “Academy”.

Any school called an Academy is definitely a behemoth, and the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is a behemoth among these behemoths.

Almost all courses are covered and each subject has excellent teaching resources and commendable students. As long as you have the ability and time, the Imperial Comprehensive Academy encourages students to listen to the content of other courses outside of their own. The students educated under the guidance of this teaching policy are generally versatile and well-rounded. In the annual Academy competitions, there are often very dazzling results.

However, these are not the most important reasons for the turbulent flow of people here. If you look closely, you’ll find that most people around the entrance are dressed as reporters. They stood guard at the school’s gate in groups and every time they saw a child who looked like a student enter, they’ll use the camera to record everything and the intelligent system will process these photos and videos as quickly as possible. It’d then be published on the starnet in the shortest time and became an after-meal pastime for people to watch in their light brains.

There’s only one important reason why a large number of reporters scramble to stay at the Imperial Comprehensive Academy: Imperial Comprehensive Academy is the most famous bridal school in the interstellar!

In the one thousand years since the school was founded, there have been two Marshal’s wives, six General’s wives, 13 Lt. General’s wives, 26 Major General’s wives, and 54 wives of chaebols on the wealth list, as well as countless Madams!

People didn’t notice this until a banquet was set up by the military headquarters. The generals came with their families one after another, but when the generals didn’t say anything, their wives greeted each other first! The reason for acknowledging the other was because they all graduated from the same school. The wives of three generals and six lieutenants are all from the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, where two of the Madams even lived in the same dormitory, but their husbands are political enemies——

This coincidence has been talked about for a long time, and then a smart person took the opportunity to dig a little deeper. After digging, they found even more remarkable facts: There are so many Madams from this Academy! The number is terrifying! It’s actually like a bridal school!

After that, the Imperial Comprehensive Academy became famous.

In fact, the faculty of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy is not bad. Unfortunately, with their reputation as a bridal school, the people ignored the strength of the Academy.

Every year, parents would receive a guide to Academy entrance exams and introductions of various Academies and Universities. Among them, there’s only one sentence on the introduction of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy: On average, graduates are the best among the best Academies.

Marriage is more important than any job——After hundreds of years of chanting this, this idea is now deeply ingrained in people’s minds.

Except for the robot parents who don’t know the human world.

Alpha’s thoughts are very simple: Go to school to learn things → learn things to get a good job → a school with a good employment rate is a good school.

So they immediately listed the Imperial Comprehensive Academy as their target.

Uncle, you guys have been cheated ~\(≧▽≦)~

Well, in fact, it’s not that they got cheated, it’s just that there’s a slight deviation in what the Imperial Comprehensive Academy and Alpha “thought”!

But it’s also true that this school has a difficult entrance exam and everyone believed in the magic of this school. And so, many boys and girls, who wanted to be admitted every year to marry a male god or goddess, can be seen in that huge crowd. Finally, they reached the point where Alpha had to hack a corner of the system to get Mu Gen in orz.

It can only be said that these years, it’s not easy to marry well. In addition to face and figure, you also need to fight with your IQ since the scores in the Imperial Comprehensive Academy are really high.

The reporters didn’t know who will become big in the future, but where their wives might be, they are ready. It’s no wonder why so many reporters are working overtime here every year when the school season of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy begins.

Don’t treat these reporters as paparazzi for entertainment, because there are serious political, economic, and military reporters who specialize in reporting major events among them!

Therefore, when Mu Gen and Olivia managed to squeeze from the crowd under the escort of Alpha and the other robots, they were immediately stopped by a reporter with a camera.

Mu Gen and Olivia looked so ordinary that they didn’t look like a possible “Madam” at all, so only that reporter came towards them at this time.

Not understanding what’s going on and thinking that they were just kindly taking pictures, Mu Gen took Olivia to pose. Such an unusual behavior shocked the little reporter.

After taking the photo, Mu Gen politely thanked the reporter and then waved. Infected by his smile, the little reporter also blankly waved his hands, and their silhouettes were quickly blocked by other new students.

The little reporter shook his head and hurriedly continued chasing behind the other reporters. With photos of more attractive candidates, the group photo of Mu Gen and Olivia finally laid quietly in the reporter’s camera. It wasn’t until a long time later when the reporter sorted out the information on the old camera that he rediscovered the photo.

The two immature smiling faces in the photo looked vaguely familiar and he was stunned at that time.

Until he saw the adult version of these two faces in the news, he jumped up and ran to the room to take out the photos and compare them carefully. He was shocked——

That photo changed the outside world’s perception of the time when Olivia and Mu Gen met. Because of this precious photo, the reporter, who was originally unknown, suddenly became famous and this photo became the most dazzling achievement in his ordinary life.

Sometimes, success is really not who you become, but who you meet.


Putting aside the extraordinary experience of an ordinary reporter, Mu Gen and Olivia waved goodbye to their parents while holding eggs!

“It doesn’t matter if you only pass the Mecha Course or Battleship Command course! You will always be the best! Chirp!” Mengmeng also waved his little wings and hadn’t put them down for a long time.

He was too focused and completely unaware of the squinting eyes of the people around him: Wait until your child can be admitted to the Mecha or Battleship Command Department before saying this with confidence, okay?

In the words of the commentator in the comment section, there’s a strong sense of “If you can’t pass Tsinghua University, just go to New Oriental”!

Note: The Mecha Department and the Battleship Command Department are the star departments of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy, so the admission threshold is very high.

“En, we will work hard.” Mu Gen nodded.

Mengmeng lowered his wings in relief.

Under the collective gaze of the robots, Mu Gen and Olivia were ready to move to their examination rooms.

The bell reminded the candidates to enter the venue, so it was time for them to enter, but Mu Gen stopped.

Every robot said a few words, but only Sigma was silent, not saying a word.

After landing, the spacecraft immediately disintegrated and all the robots reassembled their bodies. Only Sigma is still bare and only have his upper body: He was lying in bed and Mu Gen turned him on late, so when he wanted to take the opportunity to retrieve his original legs and butt, the other robots have already arranged all the parts and there’s no metal left on the scene.

Nowadays, Sigma, who only has his upper body, looked cute but also very pitiful.

He stood there very lonely. Mu Gen noticed him approach but soon stopped.

Standing quietly in place, Sigma was silent.

Seeing such a Sigma, Mu Gen suddenly couldn’t move.

He and Sigma have been together since they first met. They ate together, slept together, studied together, took exams together. Sigma was forced to do everything Mu Gen did. Even if the robot didn’t learn something, Sigma is under pressure to learn.

Like Mu Gen, he worked very hard for a long time.

But now, standing in front of the exam room, Sigma can’t take the exam anymore.

Because he’s a robot.

Mu Gen squatted down and hugged Sigma.

Sigma, who was once taller than him now only reached his thigh. Mu Gen will grow but Sigma wouldn’t change. Mu Gen will grow old in the future, but Sigma will not change.

Because he’s a robot.

This is the definition of Sigma’s identity by outsiders.

However, for Mu Gen, there’s only one identity for Sigma——brother.

Mu Gen whispered something next to Sigma’s head and then Sigma’s dark screen suddenly flashed. He looked more energetic. Seeing him like this, Mu Gen finally felt relieved. Under Alpha’s cold gaze, he quickly ran back to Olivia and didn’t delay anymore. Following the steps of the crowd, the two successfully entered the exam room.

“I just had a new goal.” Walking with the crowd, Mu Gen suddenly spoke, which made Olivia, who had always been paying attention to him, quickly turn his head.

“Tell me.” Slowing down, Olivia and Mu Gen moved forward side by side.

“I want to be the principal in the future and allow children like Sigma to take the entrance exam.” Looking straight ahead, Mu Gen’s eyes were extremely firm.

“…” Olivia didn’t say a word, but after hearing Mu Gen’s new goal, he also secretly added a goal in his heart:

Become the one who can appoint Mu Gen as the principal——this is Olivia’s new goal.

The author has something to say:

To a certain extent, the great magic of this academy continues!

TINA V1C048: Beaten Chick Oli
TINA V1C050: Exams Begin

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