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Mu Gen silently followed the crowd. Fortunately, Olivia was by his side. He ran into the student in front of him several times which earned him vicious glares, but when Olivia side-eyed him slightly, the other party was shocked.

The aura around Olivia was too scary so people automatically kept a certain distance from them.

The crowd finally stopped, so Mu Gen raised his head.

He couldn’t help being surprised. Mu Gen turned to look at the other students next to him, only to find that they were also at a loss.

At this moment, what appeared in front of them was not the exam room they imagined but a huge amusement park.

Just when the examinees didn’t know what to do and the surroundings began to get noisy, a voice suddenly came from the speaker in the center of the amusement park:

“Good afternoon, examinees! I welcome everyone to their first exam venue. Before going to the exam venues of the various departments, I hope everyone can relax in this beautiful playground.”

The owner of this voice should be representing the school, and his voice sounded very refreshing which made people feel good. It’s a pity that instead of quelling the examinee’s doubts, his words, on the contrary, made the whispers louder.

“We are here to take the exam, not to the playground!” Immediately, an examinee loudly asked.

“Please rest assured, the exam has already started.”

As soon as this remark came out, there was an uproar from below!

“This playground is a new type of exam system completed from the Academy’s latest test results. In here, we will conduct an objective comprehensive assessment of the various qualities of the examinees.”

“Next, everyone will receive ten game coins. Each game coin can be used for one game project, so please use it properly. Even if you don’t like to play, please do at least three projects.”

“Please read the instructions carefully and pay attention to the safety of the game.”

“Finally, I wish you all a good time!”

The voice disappeared and cheerful music came from the speakers. Accompanied by the sound of music, the sales robots in the park immediately became active. They walked among the new students and put a stack of coins in everyone’s hand.

Saying thank you to the robot who handed him the coins and looking curiously at the game coins in his hand, Mu Gen looked excited when he raised his head again.

“I have only read books that mentioned the amusement park!” For Mu Gen, who grew up in a barren star, an amusement park is a place that he couldn’t dream of even in his dreams! He could only infer what an amusement park might look like from the scattered descriptions in the book since he had never seen the real thing.

Olivia didn’t speak, but his eyes were already impatiently glued to the facilities inside! How could he ever come to a place where only parents would bring their children to play?!

There are thousands of examinees present and everyone’s reactions varied.

The education until this age is only equivalent to kindergarten level in the current school system and most of the students are at Mu Gen and Olivia’s age. In this era where people’s life expectancy is generally extended, this age was only equivalent to that of young children. Safely sheltered under the wings of their guardians, they’re still children.

The children were excited when they saw that they could play and immediately, many people ran towards the games in the playground.

It didn’t take long for someone to have a tragedy: A student was very excited and went to the carousel with shining eyes. He just wanted to climb in when——

The wooden horse was torn apart by him.

Standing stupidly in front of the broken wood, the tall student looked blankly.

“Idiot, the maximum load-bearing capacity of these carousels is 1 ton. You’re overweight, you idiot.” It started with an idiot and ended with an idiot. The complaint came from a young man with big glasses next to Mu Gen.

Unlike other examinees, Mu Gen noticed that this examinee was holding a thick book in his hand and the cover was impressionable.

Is this what the person in the speaker said?

Mu Gen thought for a while then walked up to the boy and politely asked: “Where did you get this book?”

The boy with glasses looked Mu Gen up and down, then stretched out his right hand and pointed him in a certain direction on the left. After thanking him, Mu Gen then pulled Olivia, who couldn’t wait, in that direction.

Just when they were wasting time to get instructions, many students had already run to play. The tragedy of that student is a rare case so most didn’t destroy the rides due to weight or other physical reasons.

“Sure enough, the equipment called the carousel can only carry 1 ton!” After successfully getting the instructions on the shelf next to him, Mu Gen opened the book.

At the same time, Olivia also opened the book of “instructions” but with a completely different goal from Mu Gen’s intention to study. Olivia just wanted to figure out how many devices there are, and since he only has ten coins, he has to arrange it~


“That person is amazing! He didn’t look that heavy, I don’t know which race he is.” Imagining one ton of weight, Mu Gen raised his head and looked at the carousel over there. The big man hadn’t left yet and squatted on the spot, seemingly trying to pick up the fragments of the wooden horse.

In this world, humans have evolved from various races, so it’s often difficult to distinguish their races just by looking at them. Many races have evolved into human forms that are exactly the same as humans.

“That guy is a brontosaurus cub and still young! Otherwise, it’d be more than just a wooden horse that was crushed by him.” Olivia told him indifferently, and while speaking, he quickly flipped through the “instructions” in his hand.

As a Kantas, he’s extremely sensitive to all races that can be called prey. This is an instinct. As a cub, he has a near-genius vigilance to all races that might threaten his life. He didn’t understand what race those people are, but he could instinctively tell whether those people have good or bad intentions.

The days in the orphanage are not without the chance of being adopted. The birth rate of newborns in this era is very low and there are always people who can’t have their own children even if they used various technologies. At this time, they’ll go to an orphanage.

The orphanage is actually only founded on some remote planets. The more remote the place, the less safe it is, and the higher the proportion of orphans.

Olivia once encountered an adoption opportunity.

The adopter he met was a gentle-looking man and took a look at Olivia. According to common sense, he should be very lucky to be adopted. However, Olivia was trembling so much as he tried to hide his body under the other cubs. In the end, he wasn’t adopted and that man chose the fat Tyrannosaurus cub that blocked him.

This cub was the one that bullied him the most, looking very tall and very strong.

But he died three months later after being adopted. Olivia heard the news from the staff’s chat.

The adopter was a guy who liked to eat carnivorous dinosaur cubs and specializes in adopting cubs from various orphanages to eat. He didn’t like to eat those common dinosaurs that are stupid and was only interested in dinosaurs that can think and could evolve into humans.

The tyrannosaurus cub was eaten by him, piece by piece.

In the beginning, he could only distinguish danger, but later on, he could distinguish other types of people.

From the moment he entered the exam room, Olivia instinctively classified these examinees according to their degree of danger. He and Mu Gen seemed to be walking aimlessly among the crowd, but under Olivia’s ingenious control, they always kept a safe distance from the most dangerous beasts in the venue.

“Huh? Is he a brontosaurus? That kind of brontosaurus with a long neck?” Mu Gen’s eyes widened: “How did you see that, Oli? I can’t tell anything!”

“The smell? That guy exudes a delicious smell from start to finish and I’ve been holding back for a long time to not jump at him.” He took out a lollipop to stop his drool, while Olivia eyed the brontosaurus’s…ass.

As soon as he said those words, he regretted it!

How can he discuss this with Mu Gen? It’d be terrible if he got misunderstood and Mu Gen thought of him as a grumpy guy who’d casually cannibalize!

Cautiously looking at Mu Gen, Olivia was a little nervous.

However, Mu Gen’s reaction was very strange.

He first looked at the brontosaurus, then closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then two, then three. Finally, Mu Gen, who opened his eyes, was full of disappointment.

“I can’t smell anything…it seems that my nose is not as good as Oli.” Mu Gen’s disappointment lasted only three seconds as he soon looked interested again: “Oli, do I also smell delicious?”

Saying so, he rolled up his sleeves and put his wrist under Olivia’s nose!

Olivia sniffed reflexively and then blushed inexplicably.

“…s-smells like milk…” Such a very simple sentence, Olivia didn’t understand why he stuttered.

Then Mu Gen’s face turned red!

He blushed and put down his sleeves: “I secretly drank all the milk left in the fridge yesterday. It was so delicious that I couldn’t hold back.”

“Don’t tell uncles.” Mu Gen added in a low voice.

“Okay.” Glancing at Mu Gen, Olivia blankly agreed.

The originally dangerous topic ended up with both people blushing inexplicably (≧▽≦).


Mu Gen finally read through the instructions. It sounded like a long time, but in fact, it wasn’t that long. However, this period is enough for many people to use up their game coins.

“Huh? My shooting is bad just now! I want to try again! Why is the game coins used up?”

“No way! What I just played are projects I’m interested in but not good at! Wouldn’t I be ranked from these games that I’m not good at?”



There was a lot of mourning in the playground. In addition to the wailing of humans, there was even the roar of beasts. Only then did Mu Gen notice that there were many more beasts in the park at this moment.

No, they’re not beasts, they’re still the examinees.

These examinees all came out of the horror house. Don’t know what happened to them inside since many people actually showed their true forms.

“Many cubs at this age can’t control their transformation between human and their original form. It’s their instinct to protect themselves when they’re afraid.” A cold voice sounded in Mu Gen’s ear. When he looked up, it was the same examinee with the glasses.

He also came out of the horror house, but his expression was calm and his hair wasn’t messed up.

Mu Gen wasn’t sure why this guy explained it to him deliberately. Not long after the person walked away, he walked to the worst examinee who just wailed.

“Ten thousand farads for a game coin. I have seven here, anyone wants one?”

He actually went to sell!

Seeing his behavior, Mu Gen became thoughtful.

This is not just a game, but an exam.

The basic rules of the exam have actually been explained by the examiner: Read the “instructions” and choose at least three games. One person only has ten game coins.

There are many test subjects and you can freely choose the test according to your own advantages. You’re also not forced to take ten exams as long as you take three of them.

The evaluation score calculated for the ten subjects is the average score, and the evaluation score calculated for three subjects is still the average score.

“The examiner’s a bit sly.” Also aware of the school’s intention, Olivia raised a brow.

The author has something to say:

Regarding this novel summary, someone in the comment section came up with an amazing way to interpret it!

Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs: A few years later, Mu Gen discovered that the other Kantas have eggs, so he asked: “Oli, why don’t we have eggs?”

Oli couldn’t wait to reply: None? Come, give birth!

Very on point!

Must be praised! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

TINA V1C049: Imperial Comprehensive Academy (true colors)
TINA V1C51: Briefs Robot And The Carousel

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