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Olivia had never been to an amusement park before, so he had never played any of the games. However, he guessed that the entertainment equipment here is different from the ordinary equipment outside. The evidence is how these examinees look tired.

“Mu Gen, wait for me, I want to play that one!” Tugging Mu Gen’s back collar, Olivia pointed to a device not far away with no one playing it——”Super Power King”.

Someone just got off there. He had no injury at all, but he looked very tired. Olivia glanced at the man’s final score: 10 points.

With a full score of 100, this score is truly pitiful.

“Okay.” Not objecting, Mu Gen obediently followed Olivia and thoughtfully helped him hold the coat he took off.

After a simple stretching exercise, Olivia dropped a coin into the coin slot. Then he walked to the stage as instructed, and after standing for five seconds, the robot opposite him, wearing gladiator briefs and boxing gloves, suddenly moved. It slowly walked to the opposite side of Olivia and stayed in place.

A virtual referee also appeared on the stage.

“3, 2, 1——fight!” As soon as the robot came up, there was a fast countdown. As the referee’s palm fiercely went down, Olivia’s first game began!

The briefs robot clumsily threw the first punch!

His movements were very slow, but his fists look very heavy. The person who just went down hadn’t left yet and he yelled at Olivia: “Hurry and dodge!”

However, he didn’t know why but Olivia didn’t escape the robot’s attack. Instead, he punched the robot’s fist.

Both sides slid back at the same time——

“Punching the robot hurts! Why didn’t your friend avoid it?” The man saw that Mu Gen and Olivia were together at a glance so he began talking to Mu Gen.

Mu Gen just smiled at him.

“Damn! Here comes the second punch! Hurry and hide!” The man yelled again.

Mu Gen hurriedly turned his attention to Olivia: This time, Olivia didn’t escape. Without using his hands, he kicked the robot. From so far away, Mu Gen could still hear the wind from that leg. However, the robot took Olivia’s kick without flinching. For a while, it continued to approach Olivia again and again.

The next period is the process of Olivia punching and kicking the robot continuously. The robot moved very slowly and was in a state of being beaten. Finally, with Olivia’s last punch, the robot’s left fist fell.

Blowing on his fist, Olivia ran off the stage in a sweat. Mu Gen hurriedly handed him his coat. Olivia felt too hot to wear it, but Mu Gen forced him to put it on.

“Huh? Why do you keep beating it? It must have been painful!” The man hadn’t left and when he saw Olivia, he started talking to him: “I couldn’t dodge and punched it once and happened to hit that guy’s fist, but my hand still hurts even now!”

Raising a brow, Olivia gave the man a look: “So your ten points came from that punch.”

“What?” The man didn’t understand. He wanted to say something, but there was a ding-dong right next to him. That was the sound of the game score, so the eyes of three people all turned to where the sound came from——

98 points——the numbers on the screen are Olivia’s results.

“Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!” The man yelled out all of a sudden: “A lot of people have played this game and no one has ever scored past 30 points!”

“Everyone obviously evaded very well!” He added.

Olivia now looked at him with pity: “Hey, please read the name of this game.”

“Su-per Strong King. Succinct and concise, it’s a game measuring power, why would you evade it?” He shrugged: “If you’re so good at dodging, you should go play that Super Dodge King over there~”

With that said, he kindly pointed to a machine in the distance.

“Absolutely suitable for you, go now.”

The man was stunned, looked at Olivia, then looked at Mu Gen, then he screamed. He immediately ran to the game that Olivia just pointed out.

“People say that those with simple minds have well-developed limbs. That guy is so pitiful that even if his limbs are underdeveloped, his mind looks very simple too~” To people other than Mu Gen, Olivia habitually opened up mocking mode.

“Haha…” Not knowing what to say, Mu Gen just laughed. Suddenly, one thing came to mind and he quickly opened the instructions in his hand:

“But Oli, you read so fast! I just saw this line of words: The boxing gloves of the Hercules robot are the bullseye of this game and the effects can be superimposed by hitting the bullseye. Oli, you only saw this line before aiming at the robot’s boxing gloves throughout the fight!”

With that said, Mu Gen looked at Olivia in admiration.

Olivia touched his nose embarrassingly.

The upper and lower part of the opponent’s body looked harder than the gloves, so he just hit there. He dared not attack the other positions because of pain——the real reason sounds a bit ugly so let’s keep it a secret.

And so, Olivia accepted the praise very embarrassingly.

It feels good to be praised! The kind of feeling where he wanted to put his tail up!

Okay——he doesn’t have a tail anymore. The last feather has been sacrificed this morning.


Olivia felt aggrieved and stroked his butt.

Since Olivia told the secret of getting high scores, many examinees confident of their strength came over and wanted to play. The robot with only one fist was then beaten in rounds. There are truly many strong students. Before long, the Hercules robot’s right fist also fell.

“Tch——” When the bullseye fell, there’s nothing to play now, so the lined-up crowd gradually disappeared.

Only Mu Gen didn’t leave. He looked at the robot with bare wrists on the field, his feet seemed stuck on the ground.

“What? Want to play?” Olivia looked at him: “But it hurts in other positions.”

Mu Gen slowly shook his head and stayed for a while, then he suddenly jumped into the field and picked up the two fists on the ground. Mu Gen then ran to the robot and started studying his wrist.

“Oli, come over and help.” Beckoning to Olivia, he asked for help.

Olivia shrugged and without objection, he jumped in to help.

Since he was taken care of by robot parents through his childhood, Mu Gen always had the habit of carrying robot repair tools with him. This habit helped a lot right now as the two big fists of the robot were finally smoothly pushed back.

Mu Gen carefully touched the two fists larger than his head, took out a game coin, and handed it to Olivia.

“Oli, plug one for me, let me see if it’s fixed.”

“Oh.” Olivia obediently complied.

Then, the tragedy happened——

After the countdown was over, the Hercules robot’s fist immediately swung out. Mu Gen, who was standing in front and waiting to confirm the effect of the repair, was punched unprepared.

“⊙o⊙ Mu Gen!” Olivia jumped up and shouted. He was about to get in when Mu Gen tremblingly raised his head.

Olivia thought he was asking for help, but who knew——

“F-fixed it ^_^…”

T-this guy is still smiling?!

Olivia can only  ̄▽ ̄.

Although he received a punch from the front, Mu Gen, who was chased by horned beasts since childhood, was not that fragile. He quickly jumped up and carefully observed the movements of the Hercules robot, confirming the repair effect.

During this time, he inevitably received two more punches, but to test whether the fist is strong, he also made a few punches. In Mu Gen’s constant testing, the game ended.

The Hercules robot went motionless again.

‘Very good, you’re healthy again.” Patting the Hercules robot on the chest, Mu Gen smiled and stepped off the stage.

“That scared me.” Olivia looked at Mu Gen reproachfully.

“Don’t worry, I’m still quite resistant to beatings. When I was a child, I was often hit while chasing horned beasts.” Mu Gen was still smiling as he stretched out his sleeves and wiped the dust and sweat from his face.

“I think your scores won’t be too good. It was too sudden and strength isn’t your advantage…” Olivia looked at Mu Gen with pity, wondering what game should Mu Gen play next. At this moment, there was a ding dong by their ears and Olivia reflexively looked at the scoreboard.


100 points?!

Olivia was stunned.

“Huh? Maybe it still hasn’t been fixed…” Mu Gen was also stunned: “How about I play it again?”

“What for? Hurry up and go to the next one!” Annoyed by Mu Gen’s words, Olivia hurriedly pulled Mu Gen away.

The three numbers representing Mu Gen’s final game score flashed three times before disappearing. The screen went dark again and the briefs robot placed his fists next to his legs again.

It stood there silently until the next person put in a coin and started a new game.

The people who witnessed Mu Gen’s achievements flocked in, but these people who tried to take advantage of the system bug were disappointed. In the next game, no one ever scored such a high score as Mu Gen. Don’t know if Mu Gen’s repairs brought additional effects as everyone felt that the Hercules robot’s fists are harder and hurt more!


Under Olivia’s careful arrangement, the two played two games “Super Sharpshooter” and “Super Racing”. These two games tested shooting and driving ability. Both of them have a good foundation in this regard, so their final score is also very good.

They have already played the three games mentioned by the school representative and the results are very good. It stands to reason that they can stop and it’s also a good choice to sell the game coins like the examinee in glasses. But——

Looking at the other unplayed games in the park, Olivia fell into a dispute between heaven and man: The villain Olivia rolled around in his head, while the rational Olivia pushed his glasses and said no loudly.

“Oli.” At this moment, Mu Gen secretly poked Olivia.

“Oli, it’s the first time we came to an amusement park and played together! Let’s play a few more games!” Pointing to the other games in the distance, Mu Gen’s eyes were full of longing.

This look instantly overlapped with the little villain Oli in Olivia’s mind.

Anyway, Uncle Alpha and the other uncles already stole the exam questions, so even without their previous results…it wouldn’t matter, right?

Yup! It must be okay!

“Let’s play!” The balance in his mind instantly collapsed. Grabbing Mu Gen’s arm, Olivia happily ran to the “Super Rich Man” he’d been fancying before ~\(≧▽≦)~!

“Super Rich Man” is a gambling game that tests people’s luck and computing skills. Mu Gen’s luck is very good so his score was quite high. While Olivia relied on calculations and got a higher score than Mu Gen!

“Look look look! I said I’m very good at gambling! When I become an adult, we must go together and sweep the major casinos!” Hey! Chick Oli is bragging again! Don’t put your bare tail so high!

“En, that’s fine, but Oli, you still have to play two rounds, so be careful not to lose it later!” Mu Gen chucked and then, not long after he finished speaking, Olivia lost the next game.

Most of the chips he won before immediately went down.

Unconvinced, Olivia played a few more games but the result was even worse. orz

“There there~” After forcibly dragging Oli, who didn’t want to leave, Mu Gen played two more games with him before Olivia’s attention was diverted.

In the blink of an eye, they only had two coins left.

Among the games they wanted to play the most, they calculated which one they should use the last game coin on. At this time, Mu Gen suddenly saw the carousel.

To be precise, he saw the strong brontosaurus examinee next to the carousel.

The wooden horse broken by his butt was repaired!

Although it looks tattered, it was put back in its original position.

“Wow!” Mu Gen sighed.

“Tsk, this big man looked stupid, but I didn’t expect him to have nimble hands!” Olivia also rarely praised people.

“Oli…” Mu Gen hurriedly tugged him. The brontosaurus examinee also walked out after repairing the wooden horse and passed them at this time.

“It’s okay. I’m really clumsy and it took all ten game coins to fix the wooden horse.” The brontosaurus examinee smiled honestly. The carousel game has a time limit: After a game is over, that person can no longer stay on the device. To repair the wooden horse, this examinee used up all his game coins.

“You did a very good repair!” Now that the other party heard them, Mu Gen didn’t hesitate to compliment him.

“No need, since it was broken by me, I have to find a way to fix it.” The brontosaurus examinee touched the back of his head. After a while, he thought of something and his smile suddenly darkened.

Waving goodbye at Mu Gen, the big man walked out dejectedly. Although he’s now in human form, Mu Gen always felt like he saw a lonely little dinosaur dragging his tail away.

“What’s wrong with him?” Mu Gen was puzzled.

“The game coins? To repair the wooden horse, he used all the game coins he had.” Although he didn’t know what this game was testing, it’s obvious that this big man is assembling the wooden horse from start to finish so he didn’t have good results.

After listening to Oli’s words, Mu Gen quietly stared at the big man’s back for a long time. After a while, he suddenly said: “Oli, lend me your game coin.”

“Oh, here.” Without asking why, Oli stuffed the game coin into Mu Gen’s hand.

Then Mu Gen ran to that person’s frustrated back. Not knowing what he said to the other party, Mu Gen looked happy again when he ran back after a long while.

“Oli, I used up our last two game coins!” (≧▽≦) He reported to Olivia!

“Okay!” Shrugging, Olivia said disapprovingly.

“To compensate you, I will cook eggs for you when we go back!” Mu Gen proposed a compensation plan.

“Forget it.” Olivia waved his hand and politely declined.

Then the two happily wandered around in the playground ~\(≧▽≦)~.

The author has something to say:

Guess, the reason why Mu Gen got full marks is:

A. System bug!

B. Mu Gen is very strong!

C. The briefs robot secretly opened the back door for him!


TINA V1C050: Exams Begin
TINA V1C052: Examiners

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