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“How are the little guys this year?” Inside a dark room, a voice suddenly appeared, female and sounding very soft and clear.

“It’s no different from previous years.” The second one who spoke was a cold male voice, mechanical and monotone, just like a robot.

“Haha! Look, there’s a little fat guy over there! He broke the wooden horse!” This time was the voice of a young man laughing, sounding very happy.

The new students they paid attention to came out one by one and the third person commented from time to time. The room was very lively for a while.

“Enough! Kurno! You’re obviously one person, so please don’t talk to each other!” A majestic female voice inserted and the young man’s laughter stopped as soon as that voice came out.

With the lights off, the only source of light in the room was the display screens. This room has a whole wall made up of display screens from a hundred cameras showing the scene in the amusement park at this moment from all angles.

At this moment, in this room, there are a total of seven people with nine pairs of eyes secretly observing the performance of the new students through the monitor:

Whether it’s the brontosaurus cub stupidly sitting on the wooden horse, or the other examinees frightened and transforming as they escaped from the horror house, even the examinees peddling their game coins…all of this was filmed by the surveillance system they secretly deployed and was faithfully displayed in front of the examiners.

Yes, the seven people in this room are the examiners for this freshmen entrance exam.

Uh…seven people? 18 eyes? Did you calculate wrong?

Cough! That’s right, one of the examiners has three pairs of eyes! You’ve seen this race before, it’s the three-headed people who opened the fast-food restaurant chain in the universe!

“Oh~ I like this little fat guy ^_^, he looks very suitable to enter our Cooking Department!” The person named Kurno who just stopped talking is a three-headed examiner with two male heads and one female head, tall, flat-chested, and the lower body…dressed loosely, it’s really difficult to distinguish this person’s gender.

“Hmph! Are you sure you want him to enter the Cooking Department, not the Cooking Department’s kitchen?” The petite woman next to him refuted: “I’m optimistic about him entering the Mechanical Engineering Department. He’s very patient and focused. A wooden horse weighs a ton and he easily reinstalled the repaired wooden horse, so his patience and strength must have reached the standard for entering our department.”

“Strong strength is also suitable for the Cooking Department! My kitchen knife is also very heavy ^_^.” But Kurno laughed again, chatting with his colleagues. She and the other two heads were not idle as they already called out the little brontosaurus’ data in their light brain: “Oh! Seems like the little brontosaurus likes food~ He applied for the exam from our department ^_^.”

“…application can only be used as a reference.” The petite Mechanical Engineering Department female examiner calmly replied to her.

“But it’s also the most important reference, isn’t it?” Kurno was still smiling, when all three heads turned to the side at the same time, he and she went to talk to the examiner next to them: “Who do you like?”

The examiner he and she spoke to was a man in his thirties and wearing a pair of glasses with a mess of red curly hair almost covering half his face.

“Screen 18, wearing glasses.” He concisely pointed out the screen.

“Oh-oh! I also noticed this examinee. After finishing the test he’s good at in the shortest time, he decisively stopped. Then he sold the remaining game coins at a high price to the other examinees who weren’t thinking and used up all their game coins in advance. This examinee is very economically minded and suitable for our Economics Department.” The person who answered him was a fat examiner with a bald head, either born with it or shaved deliberately, wearing a white robe and looked just like a ball.

“He’s suitable for the Medicine Department.” The curly-haired examiner spoke again. Although the number of words is few, his tone was very strong.

From the beginning, he only paid attention to a few games that met his department’s requirements and looked at the ones with the highest scores.

As a professor of medicine, his most concerned games are: Grab the doll!

A game coin can be used for one minute. There’s a remote control button to control the claw on the device and grab the doll underneath. Within that one minute, no matter how many dolls are caught, they belong to the player!

The clamp used in this device is very loose and only God can bless you if you want to successfully clamp the doll.

In fact, many people are also convinced that this is a game of chance and luck.

However, this is not the case: This game looks like a game of luck, but in fact, it tests the player’s ability to control machinery! The more dolls they picked up at the specified time, the better the person’s ability to control machinery!

Quickly adapting to the machinery and mastering it in the shortest amount of time to start using it, this ability only appears in 20% of the population. This 20% will be divided among the Medicine Department, the Mecha Department, and the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Among that 20% who can be admitted, not everyone is suitable for the Medicine Department. In today’s era, medical students not just perform surgical treatments on people by hand, but also rely on the power of machines, so detailed mechanical operation is an ability required by this profession.

This ability is tested by the game Grab the Doll.

The glasses examinee picked up four dolls in one minute and the system judged it to be 40 points. This score looks very low, but if you saw the results of other examinees, you won’t think so.

Among the examinees who played the game “Grab the Doll”, the glasses examinee had the highest score. Aside from him, none of the people before him got a score. Because this game was too difficult, this became a game that no one patronized.

After dragging out a long “yo”, Kurno laughed again: “Unfortunately, this examinee’s first choice is also our Cooking Department. Seems like his precise hands prefer to operate various cooking appliances. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more difficult to be a good chef. Various cooking equipment is emerging one after another, and chefs also need the ability to operate machinery ^_^.”

“Do you also think so? Dean.” With that, Kurno’s female head turned slightly to the back: “Dean, who’s the examinee you’re most concerned about?”

The person called the Dean sat at the end of the room. He’s dressed in black and his hair was black. Hearing Kurno’s words, he raised his head and revealed a pale face. The people here didn’t even know that there’s a person there.

“Oh my God! When did you sit there, Dean? I-I didn’t notice!” But it was the petite female examiner who panicked.

The palms as pale as the face stretched out of the darkness out of thin air and pressed downwards, instructing the female examiner not to panic, then the “Dean” spoke up.

He’s an unusually handsome man but you can’t tell his age. His whole temperament is gentle but the whole person seemed to have an indescribable dark atmosphere.

“I thought you guys were having a lively chat so I didn’t want to disturb you.” His tone was also very gentle but his voice was cold.

“It’s the first time we used this method for testing, so I hoped to see the effect and here I am.”

Petite female examiner: == You said for a long time but still didn’t say when you came…

“Let’s just look at the results.” With that, he stood up. After inputting a line of instructions in the central system, the current score ranking of each game is then displayed on each screen.

“What!” The petite female examiner who saw the results was the first to yell out in disbelief.

The examinee who ranked first so far completely surprised them!

“Olivia Augustus, which one is this?” Every examiner has already called out the information of the examinees they paid attention to, but no one has this person’s information on the table.

“This examinee participated very late. When you first started discussing, he hasn’t yet started the game.” As the Dean said so, Olivia’s information was displayed in front of the many examiners through the light screen of his mobile light brain.

“He is one of the few new students who went to play after reading the instructions. He also guessed the game’s intention very early on and in the following tests, he played very well in every item. Not only did he reached a rare S-level in physical fitness, but his mind is also very good.”

Slowly stretching out an index finger, the Dean pointed at a certain position on his light brain: “He played four rounds of the game Super Rich Man, and three of them were close to full marks. In the last round, the system increased the difficulty by three levels, and only then did he lose.”

“I want this examinee in our Battleship Command Department! No one is allowed to rob me!” The silver-haired examiner who had been sitting quietly suddenly stood up: “Strong body! Smart brain! And also that rational analysis ability! These are all the qualities required from an excellent Battleship Commander!”

“How can you do this?! What does a Battleship Commander need such a strong body for?! Our Mecha Department needs such talents! With such a strong body, Olivia was born to be a man who can pilot a mecha to fight!” With a not inferior momentum, another examiner from the Mecha Department also slapped the table, glaring at the long face of the examiner from the Battleship Command Department.

“S-so powerful?! I have never won that game before…” The petite examiner stuck out her tongue.

“That’s why you can only shrink in the warehouse to fix things in the end. ^_^” Kurno spoke again. What he said was irritating, but a more irritating thing is still to come: “Sorry everyone, Olivia is not interested in battleships and not in mechas either. He likes to make desserts at home~ What a sweet child ^_^.”

Calling up the online registration form that Olivia filled out, he smiled and showed it to the other examiners: “First choice: Cooking Department. Reason for applying: I hope to restore my hometown cooking together with Mu Gen and open a candy store.”

“What a sweet dream (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~” After blowing a kiss, Kurno laughed annoyingly.

“Who is Mu Gen?” The examiner from the Battleship Command Department, Geller, was the first to notice the name and was also the first to search for Mu Gen’s information.

As a result, the humble Mu Gen was finally noticed by these big men.

The examinee’s comprehensive evaluation results are ranked according to their average score. Olivia ranked first but Mu Gen is not among the top.

His grades were very average and his average score was no more, no less, ranking a very inconspicuous ranking among all the examinees.

Without showing disappointment like the other instructors, Geller clicked on Mu Gen’s report card details. This time, the examiners saw the specific results of each game that Mu Gen did.

And the examiners present were all stunned——

Super Power King: 100 points out of 100;

Super Rich Man: 100 points out of 100;

Guessing King: 100 points out of 100.

Although the other scores aren’t outstanding, even two of them scoring very low, there are actually three full marks in a row!

“Impossible!” The first person to call out was the petite female examiner, her name was Lan Fu. All the game equipment used in this exam was developed and manufactured by a group of engineers from the Mechanical Engineering Department under her leadership. She knew that the program set made it basically impossible to achieve 100 points.

Human abilities are limited, but future development is unlimited. There shouldn’t be a score with full marks——this is the original intention of all mechanics!

However, what appeared before her were three full marks!

Biting her lip, Lan Fu didn’t speak. She quickly called up all the relevant video records, then clearly saw how the boy named Mu Gen scored three suspicious 100 points.

== ← After watching Mu Gen’s games, everyone present looked like this.

Fortunately, Super Power King might just have a bug, but playing the game when it has a bug shows that he’s lucky;

However, the next game, Super Rich Man, has no bugs. This game was originally designed to test the examinees’ computing ability, so to increase the difficulty and prevent the examinees from getting full marks, several options were deliberately contrary to the calculated results. Those with excellent calculation ability like Olivia would lose from these traps. On the contrary, Mu Gen was unimpeded all the way and actually defeated the intelligent system?!

If at first, the examiners were willing to believe that Mu Gen was relying on calculations, then, after he avoided a few traps perfectly, no one thought so again.

“This guy…from beginning to end…is just lucky, right?” Professor of the Mecha Department——Miss Li dryly said.

“He’s lucky, definitely lucky.” This was the first time he didn’t confront Miss Li since Geller agreed with her.

Everyone was speechless.

When they finished watching Mu Gen’s performance in the Guessing King, they didn’t know what expression to put on.

The Guessing King game, don’t know who thought about it since no one knew what ability it’s testing. In short, it appeared in the test inexplicably.

During the test, the examiners needed to check how its operated, so naturally, countless people also tried this guessing game. But this game is completely irregular. Even if it’s the same person who played this game several times, the results will be different each time. There’s also no general fluctuation range and no pattern at all.

So everyone could only think of this game as…a pure test of luck. Being able to get full marks in this arbitrary game can only show: This person is very lucky.

“I want to take him to buy a lottery ticket, don’t stop me.” It was the fat economics examiner who said this——Tong.

No one refuted him since everyone now thought the same, that is: This little guy named Mu Gen is so lucky!

“Ah…good luck is also part of their ability, isn’t it?” But the Dean suddenly spoke: “I went on a mission when I was young and encountered a very dangerous situation and had to choose a direction to escape, I chose the left.”

“Then I survived.”

The examiners stopped speaking. Living to the present, almost everyone has experienced moments of life and death situation that require luck, so they believed what the Dean said just now.

Luck is a kind of ability.

However, after this incident, everyone felt that the average score no longer represents all and the examiners began to look at the examinees’ scores with great interest.

This look really made them discover interesting things:

“Someone scored 70 points in the Grab the Doll game!” The first person to call out was Lan Fu, but the first to notice it was the examiner from the Medicine Department who always paid attention to this game——Goldman.

“Huh? Isn’t this the little brontosaurus? Isn’t Olivia and Mu Gen next to him?” An examiner called out when the screen on a corner was maximized.

As he said, at this moment, the people nervously holding the doll next to the Grab the Doll machine were the little brontosaurus, Olivia and Mu Gen.

“Now! Put it down! Grab it!” Standing next to the little brontosaurus, Olivia commanded loudly. Following his instructions, the little brontosaurus carefully controlled the clip, then carefully put it down. Under the three people’s eyes, a toy chicken was caught.

There were several times in the middle that it almost fell but at the sound of Olivia’s constant orders, the little brontosaurus didn’t stop and continued to clamp, and without hesitation, he pulled it out.

The score of the little brontosaurus in the game Grab the Doll had 10 points more at this time, becoming 80 points.

“Isn’t…this cheating?” Lan Fu carefully looked at the man in black next to her: The Dean has an unpredictable look on his face, can’t see what he’s thinking at all! I kind of like the little brontosaurus so I don’t want him to be punished for this.

“The game coins of this brontosaurus cub was used up in the process of repairing the wooden horse. His current game coins is also given to him by Mu Gen and Olivia, which is cheating.” But it was Mu Lansha, the examiner from the Life and Breeding Department who snorted coldly. In the process of cultivating plants, her efforts had been ruined by the herbivorous dinosaurs many times, so she had always disliked bulky herbivorous dinosaurs.

“There’s no provision in the exam regulations that said you cannot lend your own game coins! Even that glasses examinee sold his own game coins!” Lan Fu wasn’t convinced.

“So that examinee is also helping others cheat.” Mulansha continued to snort coldly.

“It doesn’t matter, this is his ability.” In the end, the Dean settled the dispute between the two examiners.

“It’s the ability of this candidate to make people willing to help him unconditionally. You see, besides him, if everyone else wants game coins, they need to find someone to buy it at a high price.”

The Dean’s words were humorous so Lan Fu laughed on the spot.

“That’s a very valuable ability and we don’t need to suppress its development.”

“Besides, this examinee has another valuable ability. I wonder if you have noticed it?”

Hearing that, all the examiners’ eyes once again focused on the screen: The little brontosaurus on the screen has used up one coin and has another coin left. He didn’t know what to play, so he turned to Olivia and Mu Gen for help. After Olivia gave a suggestion, he went to play that without hesitation.

“When he realized that he’s not capable enough, he accepted the suggestions of others with an open mind, and once he accepted that suggestion, he will trust this suggestion without reservation and implement it wholeheartedly. This is another very valuable ability of this examinee.”

“This year, our school has very good students——” The Dean smiled slightly.

The author has something to say:

Fixed the bug


The blessed Mu Gen and the demon chick Olivia…

233333333! You must be a little expert to come up with this nickname! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

PS: Today I found that the ad on the right side of JJ became “if you meet a man who graduated from New Oriental, then get married”


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