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“Wow~ There are delicious freshmen in your school this year…” A voice that didn’t belong to anyone in the room suddenly appeared, making everyone turn their heads abruptly.

The Dean was the only person in the room who didn’t turn his head. After turning off the display screen, he slowly turned his head: “Dean Argos, good day.”

As soon as he said this sentence, the examiners in the room finally knew the identity of this visitor:

Dean of the famous Imperial Military Academy——Argos.

Any organization becomes extremely rigorous once it has a relationship with the military. Although the word “Academy” was in the name, the weight of the two academies is completely different.

The Imperial Comprehensive Academy is under the jurisdiction of the Imperial Ministry of Education while the Imperial Military Academy is directly part of the Imperial Military where the Dean and other staff members are high-ranking officers of the military. Under these circumstances, freshmen of the Imperial Military Academy will become reserve soldiers once they enter the Academy and they’ll be required to perform various tasks during the course of their studies. They began to accumulate military merits in their school years and after graduation, they’ll be picked by major legions and formally become a member of the Military.

Under the Empire’s jurisdiction, all students of the right age who are residents of the Empire are eligible to apply for the Imperial Comprehensive Academy and other ordinary Academies, but this isn’t feasible in the Imperial Military Academy.

In addition to personal abilities, the Imperial Military Academy has strict requirements on the pedigree of their students. The Academy only enrolls students of limited races and doesn’t accept any other registration that wasn’t recommended by serving military personnel. Layer by layer, the Imperial Military Academy has become a place where the Military trains its successors, which is very exclusive.

The man known as Dean Argos has short golden hair and brown eyes with extremely high transparency. He’s very strong, with a wide chest and a very tall stature. Through the white shirt, people can easily feel the indestructible muscles underneath. If he wore a little more clothes, he’d look like an ordinary handsome man with a good figure instead of looking so oppressive as he does now.

“Dear Ode, good day, you seem to be in a bad spirit! Did you know that I was coming so you couldn’t sleep last night?” With a guard holding his coat behind him, he lazily sat on the sofa and greeted Dean Ode. As for the others in the room, he seemed to have not seen them at all.

Extremely arrogant.

The Dean with black hair and eyes just squinted at him: “I just knew that you were coming, so I couldn’t sleep well. Today is also your school’s enrollment day. Dean Argos should also be in your school, why did you come to a remote place like ours?”

“Aiya! Our school’s enrollment day is very boring, you know. It’s just to give a group of cubs quilts, clothes, and so on. The little boys on our side can hardly be seen until they’re beaten for three months. I don’t want to see them before this!”

As if thinking of something troublesome, Dean Argos waved his hand and then smiled: “Actually, I was hungry and happened to see that the exam question in your Academy’s Cooking Department was cooking eggs. You know I like eggs the most, so I rushed over before the exam.”

So he “just” saw it? When did the internal exam questions of the Imperial Comprehensive Academy become something that can be seen casually——the examiners all complained in their hearts.

But even if they thought so in their hearts, they didn’t dare show half of it on the surface: Argos, anyone who’s sensitive to current affairs will have heard of this name. Of course, they knew this name not because he’s the Dean of the Imperial Military Academy. The other title after this is their first impression of this name. Since that title has something to do with that name, its usage rate has been infinitely close to zero. If it weren’t for this, the examiners would really not dare to associate the legendary man with the carefreely smiling man in front of them.

“Mu Lansha, it’s up to you to take the examinees to the exam venue.” Dean Ode just smiled slightly: “Kurno, since Dean Argos is looking forward to the Cooking Department’s exam so much, I’ll let you take him there.”

“Okay.” Kurno’s three heads obeyed at the same time.

“Oh! No, dear Ode, do you want to abandon me? This isn’t good, you must eat with me…en, what about dinner~ I came here just to have dinner with you!” Argos was not satisfied with this arrangement: “Okay, Kur…no, miss, please take me and Ode to the dining area.”

With her gender called out all of a sudden, Kurno was stunned. With the usual smile quickly put on her face, she took an inviting pose:



Before examiner Mu Lansha came to lead the examinees to the written exam room, Mu Gen and Olivia had already finished Grab the Doll with the little brontosaurus.

“This little chicken is a bit cute! I want to put it away.” Little brontosaurus Dobby gave them the dolls he picked. Mu Gen chose a little chicken doll, and then Olivia chose the little chicken doll exactly like his.

“Huh? This isn’t a chicken, this is Kantas.” Dobby had been standing by their side and hearing Mu Gen say this, he seriously explained.

“Kantas? Uh…isn’t Kantas a chicken?” Mu Gen was stunned. After seeing Earth’s chicken and seeing that Kan Mengmeng looks similar, he took it for granted that Kan Mengmeng is a chicken (≧▽≦)!

Olivia froze: Should I say…fortunately, I didn’t confess to Mu Gen that I’m a Kantas? Otherwise, Mu Gen might treat me as a chicken orz.

“Of course not! Kantas is a dinosaur! The most powerful dinosaur! Having the strongest body and strength! Every dinosaur dreams of becoming a Kantas!” Dobby loudly said with excitement: “When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Kantas!”

Mu Gen & Olivia: For this brontosaurus to want to become a Kantas…this is…

“However, until now, I haven’t seen a Kantas…Kantas is not easy to see and all Kantas cubs will only appear in the Imperial Military Academy.” Then Dobby became a little frustrated.

All Kan Mengmengs are in the Imperial Military Academy…imagining a group of little Kan Mengmengs appearing in the classroom, Mu Gen inexplicably wanted to see it: “It’d be nice if I had applied for the Imperial Military Academy…”

“No way, ordinary people can’t register in the Imperial Military Academy. It only works if someone in your family is an officer!” The little brontosaurus broke the news again.

“I see…” Mu Gen sighed regretfully.

At this moment, examiner Mu Lansha finally arrived. The serious-looking lady just coughed slightly and the whispered discussions all around them was gone.

Under her leadership, Mu Gen and the others began to head to their respective exam rooms for the written exam.

According to their departments, everyone got the written exam questions for their chosen department. The questions that Mu Gen and Olivia got were truly the ones that Uncle Alpha and the others wanted them to study. They filled out the papers without any pressure, so Mu Gen and Olivia are now waiting for the second exam.

After completing the papers in advance, Mu Gen looked around curiously: The examinees who are sitting with him in this exam room all chose the Cooking Department as their first choice.

Little brontosaurus Dobby was also in it but he wasn’t surprised since Dobby already told them about his dream. Among the examinees, Mu Gen also saw an acquaintance, the new student with glasses is also inside.

Compared with the examinees who applied for other departments, the freshmen of the Cooking Department are pitifully small with only a dozen people. After everyone turned in their papers, the examiner didn’t announce the end of the exam. Instead, they waited for the prescribed test time to be over before taking the group of examinees to the next venue:

A very well-equipped kitchen!

“Now is the time for the additional question. The question is scrambled eggs.”

“You can use your own materials or the materials provided by the school. The time limit is one hour. I am Kurno, the invigilator of this exam and I’m looking forward to your finished products!”

Announcing the start of the exam with a smile, Kurno then stood right in front of the exam room.

Just like how the combat departments’ exams allow students to bring their usual weapons, the Cooking Department exams also allow students to bring their own ingredients to the venue.

Olivia and Mu Gen finally took off the schoolbag they’d been carrying on their backs and took out the eggs inside. Aside from the eggs, there are other ingredients such as green onions and tomatoes. Compared with the various eggs brought by other candidates, their eggs look nothing special.

However, when she saw these two eggs, the smile on Kurno’s face suddenly disappeared.

“That is——”

“The egg of the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon, I didn’t make a mistake this time~” With a smile appearing at the corner of his mouth, Argos licked his lips: “Bringing such a precious egg to the exam, I’m curious about these two students.”

As soon as Argos’ words fell, the monitor faithfully aimed at Mu Gen and Olivia.

The other candidates are already busy cooking, but these two still had to wear their aprons according to Uncle Alpha’s request!

After tying the apron and washing his hands, Mu Gen started to work. His movements were very skillful and his posture graceful, looking like a chef, but——

No matter how graceful his posture was, he couldn’t hide the black smoke billowing out from his pot.

Darker than the black smoke was the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon egg in the pan!

“This violent thing! So violent!” The smile that Kurno had always kept on her lips was gone as she bit her fingers and looked at Mu Gen on the screen with hatred of iron not becoming steel: “It’s burnt! Burnt! Can’t he put more oil? He doesn’t need to pay for oil!”

“I can’t stand it anymore! Unqualified! This person is unqualified! Letting him into the kitchen will make all the ingredients cry! We don’t want this new student!”

The three heads roared together and Kurno ruthlessly announced Mu Gen’s fate.

As a result, everyone’s attention was focused on Olivia…or the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon egg on his hand.

Unlike the pragmatic Mu Gen, Olivia paid great attention to beauty. Before preparing the scrambled eggs, he first carefully selected the plate then the green vegetables for garnish, and even carved a flower out of carrots.

After making all the preparations, he calmly heated the pan, picked up the egg with one hand, and slammed it hard against the pan. Olivia was about to beat the egg into the pot and even picked up the spatula to fry it when he was stunned:

In the pan was a cub in the place where the egg liquid was supposed to be.

There was even half an eggshell on top of its head with its eyes not even open.

Sitting in the frying pan, the little guy chirped comfortably.

Olivia was dumbfounded.

He took the wrong egg! T-this is a hairy egg!

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TINA V1C052: Examiners
TINA V1C054: Delicious Meat Buns, Chirp!

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