TINA V1C054: Delicious Meat Buns, Chirp!

TINA V1C053: Argos
TINA V1C55: Oli Transformed!

“T-t-this is a living Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon!!!” It was Miss Mu Lansha who yelled earlier than Kurno. This examiner is from the Life and Breeding Department who never spoke slowly nor softly like a spring breeze, but coldly without any emotion in it. With a meticulous bun and tied to the top button conservative black dress, except for her face and hands, there was not a trace of exposed skin. The impression on this lady is staid, conservative, and strict. The examiners had been with each other for many years and no one had seen her panic until today.

The pale cheeks had a girlish blush as Mu Lansha clenched her fists: “I want to say…if there are eggs, there’s definitely a living Crescent Dragon, a Crescent Dragon that has been extinct for many years…I knew it, I knew it…I knew I’ll find it one day…”

Her voice was so excited that she began to tremble.

“Constant temperature that won’t overheat or overcold (←the schoolbag that Olivia has always carried on his back)! Accurate shelling action (←Olivia’s egg smashing action orz)! Before peeling the shell, he even remembered to prepare fresh vegetables for the born dragon to eat (←the garnish vegetables prepared by Olivia on the plate)! I want this student!”

Miss Mu Lansha fiercely slapped the table.

In front of the Dean of the Imperial Military Academy.

“I found…good stuff~” Without blinking, Dean Argos just leaned comfortably in the chair. Turning his head slightly, he smiled at Dean Ode who was sitting in another high-back chair: “A lucky cub…isn’t it?”

Blankly staring at the screen, Dean Ode said nothing.

“Aiya! Examiner Mu Lansha, please calm down and take a closer look: This is the exam room of the Cooking Department, and below is the kitchen! The kitchen! Not your incubator. The examinee who hatched a Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon below is not your examinee, but mine. This year, our topic is scrambled eggs…”

Kurno was not as agitated as Examiner Mu Lansha. Although there are still two heads staring at Mu Gen’s pan and shaking their heads, the female head in the middle is already calm. Turning the other two heads straight, Kurno stared at Examiner Mu Lansha to express his determination not to give in.

“What!? Do you want to eat the eggs of the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon…?! Didn’t you know? The Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon is an extinct creature from the legends!? This is an endangered protected species in the interstellar!” Glaring at Kurno, the vindictiveness behind Examiner Mu Lansha also burned.

The chef and farmer were originally good friends, but the chef likes to eat rare materials and the farmer is from the National Endangered Species Breeding Center…note that they can’t be good friends anymore.  ̄▽ ̄

In the examiner’s room, the two examiners also fought.

Outside, Olivia stared at the “hairy egg” in the pot with black lines on his face.

“This…this…” How should he fry this “hairy egg” into a scrambled egg? With the spatula in his hand hanging in the air, Olivia hesitated.

“Horned beast!” But Mu Gen recognized what the hatched little guy was: “Oli is amazing. The eggs laid by these beasts are so hard that they often can’t even hatch themselves~”

At this point, he actually praised him (≧▽≦).

“This…I just knocked it lightly, nothing else!” A little embarrassed, he scratched the back of his head. Olivia’s originally irritable mood suddenly became clear because of this compliment.

“The horned beast’s egg has been on the spacecraft for too long and I’ve been a little worried when they’ll hatch~” This time, it’s Mu Gen’s turn to be embarrassed: “But since you can hatch it, they should be ready to hatch.”

Olivia ==: So Uncle Alpha just asked us to come to the exam with eggs that we don’t know if they’re about to hatch or not.

“Ah! You have to pull it out!” Seeing the little beast sitting in the pan with a blank look, Mu Gen hurriedly took it out. He used the rag next to them to gently dry the hot oil on the cub’s body and then gently placed it on the plate next to it.

Seeing his actions, Olivia was thankful that he didn’t stir it just now: A kind person like Mu Gen must not want to see cruel scenes of killing.

As he was thinking that, Mu Gen already checked his pot up and down:

“Fortunately, I took it out on time. A little later and Oli’s pan will be gone.” Pointing to the pot with a corner slightly missing in an inconspicuous place, Mu Gen breathed a sigh of relief: “Horned beasts have good teeth since their birth. They can even eat stones and sand as well as steel and iron.”

As if to confirm Mu Gen’s words, the horned beast cub placed on the plate began to move: Softly lying on the plate, it licked all the vegetables that Olivia used for decoration. Then ate the other ingredients prepared by the examiner in advance (including the ordinary eggs prepared by the Academy). When he finally had no food, he crunched again and started gnawing on the plate!

“They hate to eat gold products and don’t like to eat cloth, so if you don’t want them to chew on something, you have to lock it in something made of gold or…” Picking up the cub that was still gnawing on the plate, Mu Gen smiled and stuffed it into Olivia’s cloth backpack.

Olivia was stunned: So…the reason you said “hurry up and take it out” just now was not because you’re worried about the cub at all, but more about the pan and spatula…right?

In any case, Olivia’s exam has been lost due to this unexpectedly hatched egg. Except for the pan and spatula, as well as the oil on the bottom, nothing else was left.

Mu Gen then gave Olivia the egg prepared for him.

“Oli, here, scramble the eggs.” Mu Gen looked at Olivia and smiled.

“…en.” Feeling strangely appeased by Mu Gen’s smile, Olivia took the egg, reheated the oil, and then skillfully scrambled the eggs.

Cooking this kind of thing requires talent and Olivia was probably born with such talent: Knowing when the temperature of the oil was just right, when to pour the egg on the pot, and what kind of stir-frying method was needed to scramble the eggs to make the perfect scrambled eggs. He finally turned off the heat in time when the egg liquid is just about to solidify, but not yet fully. The residual heat from the pan made the eggs inside become the perfect yellow.

“Is it tasty?” Picking up a small piece of the scrambled eggs, Olivia expected Mu Gen to taste it.

With his mouth bulging and not speaking, Mu Gen gave him a “like” gesture with his hand!

Then Mu Gen came to him and held a piece of the scrambled eggs he just made, motioning for Olivia to open his mouth.

With the corners of his mouth twitching, Olivia firmly rejected him.

According to the examiner’s instructions, all examinees must leave their finished products on the table and then leave the exam room.

The Cooking Department exam was originally not crowded and it didn’t take long for only a few plates to remain quietly in the exam room.

Olivia’s plate was eaten by the unexpected horned beast, so he had to use the pan as a container. However, he was clever and borrowed vegetables from Mu Gen and cleverly decorated the pan, making it look great.

This pot was seen by Dean Argos at a glance. While sitting, he took a fork and slowly tasted the scrambled eggs made by Olivia, his brown eyes almost narrowing, looking very happy.

“Is it delicious?” Examiner Kurno stared at him, her saliva almost coming out, but the other party was the Dean of the Imperial Military Academy, s-she dare not grab it~

“Delicious, very delicious. The heat is just right, not hot or cold. The original flavor of the egg is perfectly brought into play with the oil that just fried the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon, the taste is really good!” While giving a very high evaluation, the blond man finally finished all the scrambled eggs in the pan with a very fast but very elegant speed.

“A great freshman. Tell him that he’s accepted into the Imperial Military Academy.” After receiving the handkerchief handed over by his guard, Argos gracefully wiped the corner of his mouth and dropped these words as he walked away.

Before leaving, he didn’t forget to pick a piece of the black scrambled eggs from Mu Gen’s plate to eat.

The Imperial Comprehensive College examiners who was left in the exam room looked at each other, almost suspecting that they heard the wrong thing.

In the exam room of the Cooking Department of the Imperial Comprehensive College, the Dean of the Imperial Military Academy announced that he admitted a person. This is…truly…

Does the Imperial Military Academy have a Cooking Department——Kurno thought about this question seriously.


The children went to take the exam and they can’t be like the other parents who stood stupidly at the gates since they have to maximize the use of their resources. After observing the nearby surroundings, Alpha quickly made a decision.

“Mu Gen and Olivia are going to school soon, so we need more money.” Alpha stated his purpose.

“So the topic of this meeting is how to make the most money in the shortest time.” He then set the theme for the meeting.

“Rob?” Eta said immediately.

“Dismissed! We are no longer military robots but household nanny robots. Robbery is not in compliance with the behavioral norms of nanny robots.” Alpha’s dark screen immediately flashed a warning red light.

“Go and stand on the side of the road…” Mengmeng weakly raised his wings.

A group of robots immediately flashed him with red lights.

When they stood on the road just now, Mengmeng received two coins while Robot A received three garbage bags ← he looked a lot like a sanitation robot. As for the other Alphabet Series robots…well, it’s been very empty around them.

There’s no one at all, not even a robot.

“Go make buns?” This time, it’s Robot A: “I’ve discussed with Mu Gen to open a restaurant on a new planet before, so it’s better to take this opportunity to sell food at the school entrance.”

“Robot A.” After hearing those words, Alpha suddenly spoke with a cold voice. Mengmeng thought Robot A’s suggestion annoyed Alpha.

Also, it’s unimaginable that a cool robot like Alpha would sell steamed buns!

Mengmeng was inclined to think that way, but then Alpha continued: “Very good suggestion!”

Mengmeng was stunned——

“During this period in the spacecraft, we practiced the process of making buns fifteen times. Everyone already mastered the method. At this time, there are many parents at the Academy entrance which is a potential customer base!”

“Beta, you’re in charge of buying the flour; Epsilon, you’re responsible for storing the flour; Eta, you’re responsible for buying kitchen utensils; Pi, you’re responsible for buying packaging bags. As for me and the others, we’re responsible for grocery shopping.”

Alpha aggressively divided the tasks, but after listening to it for a long time and not hearing his name on the task list, Mengmeng was a little anxious: “Where is Mengmeng? Chirp! What is Mengmeng responsible for?”

Alpha’s dark screen flashed at him: “You go buy an apron that you can wear and you’ll be responsible for selling buns in a while.”

Everyone was happy.

In this way, while the children are working hard in taking the exam, the parents are also struggling.

However, their steamed buns were not popular at first since the fragrance was all wrapped in the white dough, especially since the buns made by the robots were very tough so the fragrance didn’t come out at all! In the end, Mengmeng changed the situation.

“Selling steamed buns, chirp! Delicious steamed buns, chirp!” Wearing a little pink apron, Mengmeng also fought to sell the buns. At first, someone just wanted to give him money so he forcibly gave him a bun, and then was taken aback! Mengmeng’s meat buns quickly became famous!

In the end, there was even a looting scene at the school gate and the cute apron was even taken away. Pitifully lying on the ground, Alpha picked him up.

When Mu Gen and Olivia finished the test, they saw the Alphabet Series robots standing in a row with Mengmeng hiding among them.

“Olivia, Mu Gen, buns for you to eat.” Mengmeng carefully took out two buns from his pocket. When the buns were made, he quietly hid the two most beautiful and most stuffed buns.

“Ah? Where did it come from?” Olivia raised a brow.

“I made it with Mu Gen’s dad and uncles! Delicious meat buns, chirp! Long-horned dragon beast stuffing!” He said this all afternoon so Mengmeng habitually advertised.

Mengmeng often took something for him to eat, so Olivia took a big bite indifferently, and then——

His eyes widened!

This, this taste——

Isn’t this just like the Crescent Moon Emperor Dragon bone soup he made…just a thousand times richer?!!!!!

The author has something to say:

I almost forgot I’m writing a food novel orz

It was all dark dishes before, 囧


Regarding Water Reed’s comment, here here, I can’t help but jump out~\(≧▽≦)/~

The original comment is:

In fact, I’ve always wanted to see the story of Louis and Meng Jiuzhao’s past lives written by the author in “Primitive Once Again”, but I was relieved when I saw this “There Is No Afterlife.” I always feel that these two are stories of Louis and their previous lives. They grew up the same as orphans, locked and abused in their childhood, and have an unknown Kantas blood…as well as the bloody and blackened adult version of Olivia in the dream, so I think he’s Louis! He had a miserable childhood like Voldemort! Moreover, such an Emperor Louis had already formed his adult personality so it’s unlikely that he’ll fall in love with Meng Jiuzhao, so they probably met when they’re cubs and fell in love later, and maybe left later because of their differences.

The reason why Meng Jiuzhao became the last person on Earth was probably that he’s waiting for Louis to return. 5555555 The author once said that Louis I died happily. Now I understand. The lover who he once thought left him has been waiting for him and is still in love with him. In death, he even protected his lover ping ping ping. Besides, he left a sweet and happy life for his relatives and friends and partners that Louis I didn’t have in his whole life. Thinking about it this way, what the author wrote was a sweet and complete story!!

I plan to add this novel to the other one ~\(≧▽≦)/~. I beg the author to give these two different endings and not separate them anymore, to still be warm after they grow up into indomitable and powerful people and still be together! Looking forward to their development, give them a great future worth looking forward to


In fact, for an instant, I felt like we resonated with each other  ̄▽ ̄

The title for this novel was actually prepared for Louis.

It sounds very sad, I know many readers say that and the cover is also very scary, I know all that.

But I really can only think of this title. The author has always been casual so when I want to write a story, this title is the first that enters my brain.

I want to write about the past of Louis and A’Tu, but I don’t want to write about their tragic life, because their previous life is indeed a tragedy.

Therefore, I called it “There Is No Afterlife”, meaning that they can be together happily in this life.

With no afterlife, there would be no “Primitive Once Again” in the story, so this title is an imaginary situation.

Assuming they have no future life, they will be together for the rest of their lives ^^

So Water Reeds is right. In fact, this story was originally written as a previous life version of the previous story, and it was pierced by you.

I’m a little excited~

If it wasn’t to write about Louis and Ah’Tu, I don’t think I’d write about dinosaurs in this story. After writing so much, I should change the subject~

Secondly, I have already said that I have always wanted to write stories about three kinds of people: dinosaurs, plant people, and robots.

This time, I wanted to write about robots so Mu Gen had his family.

The robots also have no afterlife so I still want to use this title.

Also, I heard something like this: “You won’t meet the disgusting person again in the next life so you don’t need to care about them in this life; you will never meet the person you like in your next life, so cherish them.”

Therefore, there’s no afterlife and they cherish the present, so I’m still using this title O(∩_∩)O.

Finally, Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs said that one day, Mu Gen discovered that everyone else had eggs, but he and Oli didn’t have them, so Oli said: “None? Come! Give birth!”

In summary, “There is No Afterlife” is like this~

Forgive me for a lot of nonsense today~


Translator’s Note:

Sorry guys but I actually haven’t read the first book and the “Primitive Once Again” title is just the mtl’ed title that I arbitrarily gave the first book. It’s actually 原始再来 (yuánshǐ zàilái) and I’m not proficient enough in Chinese to know what the correct translation is, I just relied on google and a bunch of dictionaries.

By the way, this book is officially published and there’s no translation available, I think. And right now, I have no intention of reading it, so I’m sorry if the author’s note is really confusing. You can just ignore it though if you don’t care but if you do, you can also go to the author’s website to find out about it. That is, if you can read Chinese anyway, why not read over there instead of here.

But if you ask me, I still think it’s interesting. The author’s other book might be talking about the future life or next life of Louis I and Meng Jiuzhao though I don’t know if they can remember it. I briefly read the intro on the other book and could only think of it as reincarnations? Like, they possessed memories of their past lives? I don’t know anymore. I’ll read it or maybe even mtl it if I have the time.

TINA V1C053: Argos
TINA V1C55: Oli Transformed!

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